1. T

    Sum column totals in marcro

    I'm looking to sum the column totals in column O to T and have the totals appears in Cell O1 to T1
  2. A

    Dropdown list for the Item listed in the PivotTable Field List ?

    Hello everyone, I am almost done with a large dashboard for my company, and I feel a little lost on this final touch I want to add to it. I do not know how to attach a pic, but i will try to explain in a way that makes sense. In my Pivot table worksheet, i can get a slicer and be able to...
  3. M

    Macro to Print PDF with cell value name and change in cell value each time with N number of prints

    Hello Friends, I was searching thread for PDF print macro with n number of prints with changes in cell value each time. But couldn't found it. I have file with 2 sheets. First Sheet is with all details of Invoice up to specific no. of rows. And second sheet is with Invoice Format. Want to...
  4. D

    Excel 10 macro to be used by many pages (one at at time) to perform calculations

    I recently inherited an Excel Spreadsheet which is designed to establish a Handicap Index based identifing the best 10 scores from the last 20 scores recorded. There are appoximately 24 different pages that needed to be updated (one at at time) after their records have been updated. I was...
  5. Z

    IF formula

    Hi hope someone can help? I looked at other posts, see similar requests but not exact. Please assist if you can. Tab 1 - Training Requirements Column B Row5 Designation (E.G. Project Director, Site Agent etc.) Column C Row5 Legal Appointment (E.G 16.2, 6.1 etc.) Column D:BE Represent...
  6. R

    Adding Dynamic Ranges as a Series to Scatterplot

    Hello All, I have 3 columns: | A | X | Y | | 0 | 59 | 61 | |20 | 58 | 60 | |110| 59 | 60 | I want to add a series (a subset of data from columns X and Y) to my scatter plot based only on rows where the value in column A is <101. (The subset I want is Bolded above) This is way...
  7. bobdole22

    Run Access Macros in Excel

    I am trying to run this code, I got from another thread on this forum that is closed. I'm sure it's been used a ton of times. It is supposed to link to an Access file and run it's macro.I have 2007, so my db files are ".accdb" if that changes anything. Here is the code: VB: Dim strDatabasePath...
  8. D

    Macro for Hide/Unhide columns with the same button

    Hi everyone, I work mostly with formulas but am now trying out macros. I've seen many similar questions, but since I'm not familiar with macro's i'm having difficulty applying the concept. I figure this is a good starting point.... Need a macro for each button. The sheet will be protected with...
  9. Z

    Tracker Question - Looking for a Macro that auto changes cells based cell intersection

    Good Morning, this is my first forum, so please bare with me. I am producing a tracker for some people so that we can track and update any training that we need to complete and know when we need to complete it. What i am looking for is as follows. I a to have a database (I have made already)...
  10. D

    Need Help Converting Data in Corresponding Cell.

    I have a sheet of data that has cities (Column C) and zipcodes (Column I). I need to convert the city names that correspond with zipcodes 85044, 85045 and 85048 to read "Ahwatukee" Thanks for your time and any help!
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