Tracker Question - Looking for a Macro that auto changes cells based cell intersection


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Nov 9, 2012
Good Morning, this is my first forum, so please bare with me.

I am producing a tracker for some people so that we can track and update any training that we need to complete and know when we need to complete it. What i am looking for is as follows.

I a to have a database (I have made already) with my groups names in column A and the training we need in row 1. I am looking to be able to change the cell that intersects a name with a training. so an example is as follows:

xxx Training 1 2 3
Joe 4/4/12 1/1/12 15/8/11
Jane 5/2/12 12/12/11 21/3/11
Jerry 4/4/12 1/6/12 2/2/12

So, what i am wanting to do is put in Jane, training #2 and change the date from 12/12/11 to 5/4/12 (or any other date) by searching for the name and training and having a macro auto update the cell. Is this possible at all? or is this just a fools dream.

I know how to do search and such to find and compare 2 cells based on the search through column 1 and it brings up column 4's data and column 8's and compares them with another cells, but nothing with changing it automatically. I'm still new with excel right now, with some basic and moderate level knowledge.

Thanks in Advance!!

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