master list

  1. A

    Bringing data together from different sheets as it is added

    Hi all, I have a large spreadsheet that contains mechanics maintenance records. there is a section at the bottom of each vehicle page where the mechanic will type the date, millage, work done, parts invoice number and which mechanic carried out the work. There are multiple vehicle pages on one...
  2. W

    Help creating workbook with master sheet

    We are a medical office. I am trying to create a workbook to track missed notes by each doctor. I want to enter information into a master sheet then have additional sheets populated by doctor. Master sheet Info: Patient Name Date Doctor then have a separate sheet by doctor with same info...
  3. J

    VBA - Creating Master List (from different worksheets)

    Hi All, I'm new the forum and have very limited VBA experience. Would really appreciate ANY help with my issue. Right now, I have 3 different sheets of data, with different number and order of columns. I need to create 1 master list that combines the data from 3 of these sheets, thought not...
  4. T

    Create sub list from Master list- not by any criteria

    What I need seems simple but I can't figure it out and searching with no luck on answers. For my construction business, I have a master list of all subcontractors possible to use (312 of them) with all of their contact info. For each job I want a list of the specific subcontractors working that...
  5. M

    How to copy rows from multiple tabs into one master sheet

    Hi All, First post on the site so please bare with :) Im creating a document which is going to be forecasting sales for different products and to save time and not have to manually copy and paste i would like to know if its possible if a macro/vba code could achieve this obviously i don't wan...
  6. B

    Attendence List + automatic update to master list

    Hello! I am not very proficient with excel, and im not even sure if this is possible. I am managing a training session using excel. The file as 3 spreadsheets, the first and second spreadsheets have the list of people coming to the first and second classes (around 16 people per class). There...
  7. G

    master list into sub lists

    I am working on a team list. I have the manager names and all of my agent names. My problem is that the rosters can change anywhere from a monthly basis to a weekly basis. This makes calculations on my reporting much more difficult. Is there a formula to maybe put all the managers names in...
  8. B

    Help w/simple two step macro - Excel 2013

    Hey there, I'm using Excel 2013, and hoping you can help me piece together the code to create a simple macro. I have an Excel spreadsheet that acts as a simple statement generator by populating a number of cells based on a VLOOKUP against a master list of account numbers. The user enters the...
  9. N

    VBA Exclude ROWS from copying to other sheets

    Hi All- I am trying to create Master List (sheet) that will merge all other sheets in the workbook. At same time I need it do following, i got first one to work. Exclude several sheets from showing up in Master list - Done :smile: Exclude Heading rows from all these sheets when i bring it into...
  10. M

    Master List.

    Can someone guide me in the right direction: I have a master List that has 5 columns the uniqueness of one of the columns is that it is the SS Number, what I like to do is this: If I type the SS No. in a New workbook or a new sheet, is it possible to auto fill the whole row to the left and right...
  11. C

    Take listed items from 3 worksheets, paste them all into a master worksheet macro

    Hello, I'm brand new to this forum so the usual apologies if this is not appropriate place or specific subject. I'm working on a project in excel that essentially loops through worksheets, which each have a simple list of items, and copies those items all onto a master list. I'm new to VBA...
  12. G

    Combine text cells using common id numbers

    Hi, I have 15 spreadsheets, each having a column of id numbers for chemicals and a column of corresponding chemical names. Each file is a list of chemicals that cause one condition. Each file is a list of chemicals that are either recognized or suspected of causing a certain health condition...
  13. T

    Populating Master list from multiple sheets

    Hope someone can help... i have generated a list of "Companies on the ASX" (Australian Stock Exchange) There are several work sheets (all populated from data queries) of companies within different sectors e.g all companies within the "energy" sector and so on (one sheet for each sector) i...
  14. N

    Sum Duplicated Cells & Then Delete

    Hello,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> I have read over numerous threads on how to do this, but I am still not able to piece together the correct code to make it work.<o:p></o:p> What I am trying to do is write some VBA code to...
  15. A

    Need help creating a database that will automatically update.

    I'm currently working on a database that will contain employee information. I would like to be able to update the master sheet, but have corresponding sheets for each one of our six locations. That way if I put in a new employee and assign them to LOC 1 (on the master sheet), they will...
  16. N

    Autofil/Create a sub list from a master list

    I have a master list that I use to track all clients, potential and acquired, along with additional details. I want a sublist that is automatically updated/created based on the information added to master list that contains a list of clients based on a certain criteria found in a column in the...

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