match data

  1. O

    Match a Large Data Set Based on Two Criteria

    Thanks in advance and I will post feedback on any suggestions. I've just started using this site again as I've needed to VBA Code again and it's just so great how everyone wants to help because of their passion for VBA Coding! I've looked through the posts and searched the net, but I haven't...
  2. D

    Match from Array

    hi all, I am stuck in a macro. find below my requirement: I have a VBA array such as CodeClean = array (AB, BC, ZA, CT, YR, UT..........) I want to enter few data in an inputbox. The data are like BC, CT If the any individual entry in the inputbox does not match with value provided in array...
  3. J

    Find Duplicate Texts among rows using macro

    In My sheet there are 2000 names & their Father or husbands names are there in Column A & B. Column A is the name & Column B is thier father's name or husbands name. I want to find the duplicate values among the 2000 names. But I cant use the Conditional Formatting - Highlight cell rules -...
  4. O

    Complex lookup returning result of a formula

    Hello all! I have two worksheets with partially overlapping data and I need to get a number of dates, that fall between two dates when certain criteria is met: Sheet 1: Sheet 2: What I'm trying to do is: - match a combination of cells in the first sheet, for example Red&Tree, with the same...
  5. G


    In column A, I have a set of codes that I would like to validate are in column B. I need a formula that will tell me what codes in column A are in column B. Second, what are the outlier codes in column B that are not in column A. Column A is the "source of truth" for the data. There may be some...
  6. J

    Matching data from one sheet to another

    Hello all, I have read through a hundred posts and thats why I'm here. Apologies to the readers of redundant posts but I can't seem to get any functions to work. So here goes ... I have sheet2 which has data I need transferred to sheet1. Both sheet1 and sheet2 have a common field, product #...
  7. O

    Macro or Formula that Returns a Value Based on Adjacent Cells

    I am looking for a formula or a macro that will fill a value in column B if the value in column A is matches any of a set of values. For example, Mike manages John, Christine and Harriet and Susan manages Bob, Steve and Vicki. I have tried using nested IF formulas and they don't work right, as...
  8. S

    VBA code to copy a row of data from one workbook to a master workbook based on unique cell value

    Hi, as my name suggests, I'm not that cluey when it comes to writing VBA. I have read through a huge number of posts and still can't seem to get the code I need. My scenario is: I have a workbook (AAA System File) that has worksheet (Master Summary) with data in it from B6 to AF6. The value...
  9. A

    Help with WorkSheet_Change

    Hi All, I have an Excel worksheet where one of the columns should only contain entries that begin with a number, for instance, a cell with a proper entry might read: 1 BOOK (or 2 CASES or 3 BOXES for that matter). I would like it to be the case that with any entry that does not begin with a...
  10. C

    Find All Matches Update Missing Info

    I have to enter in manually the dates for E-H and update the matching vins manually. I have been trying to create a macro that would find all matching VIN's in column B and then fill in missing dates from E-H that have already been entered. I keep running into issues with the code I have been...
  11. A

    Can I identify a specific permutation of responses to a survey and display it?

    I very much appreciate any and all help in accomplishing this objective as follows: I have an online survey which has 9 list box questions. The only options for each question is "A" or "B". When the form is submitted I will have one row with some "9 column permutation" of "A's" and "B's". Each...
  12. D

    How to find cell value based on other cell value using VBA?

    <colgroup><col span="5"></colgroup><tbody> <tbody> 0 1 2 3 4 5.0 12.0 13.00 14.0 2.00 1.0 4.00 #NA #NA #NA 15.0 3.0 9.0 7.0 17.00 8.0 6.0 11.0 10.0 16.00 </tbody> The top row contain the cell information I am looking for based on rows 2-5. My objective...
  13. H

    Match 2 names EXACLY

    2 columns contains names which I am trying to MATCH EXACTLY & get the result "MATCHED" or "NOT MATCHED" in another column. Rule: First 7 alphabets & last 5 alphabets should MATCH EXACTLY. Ex: C3=AAABBBCCCDDDEEEFFFGGG D3=AAABBBCZZZZFFGGG E3=MATCHED In above example: if D3=AAaBBBCZZZZFFGGG...
  14. M

    #N/A retruning in MATCH formula cell - need to change to 0

    i have a long match formula that is returnin #N/A when there is not matching data, i want to turn the #N/A to 0 (zero), can any one help? i have been given the following code, but VB keeps erroring on it - Selection.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeFormulas, 16).Select Selection.FormulaR1C1 = "0"
  15. J

    Populating a code field with the description field

    I have a list of codes and I want to populate the field next to it with the description of the code. I have the list of codes and descriptions in another table. How do I match them up?
  16. H

    Stock Register

    I am making stock receipt register. I have in Sheet1, 'Vendor', 'From', 'Till' & 'Quantity'. In Sheet2 I want total of 'Quantity' by selecting same 'Name', 'From' & 'Till' using filters. Thanks in adv.
  17. K

    saggrigate data on latest date and upon conditions meet

    I have a sheet with following data Row 2: Level, Slab Area, status, casting date. P2 , 212 , casted , 2-5-11 P3 . 486 , P2 ,500 , casted , 2-5-11 P2 , 100 , casted , 5-1-11 P1 , 200 , casted , 9-2-11 GF , 400 , casted , 7-3-11 I need...
  18. E

    How to populate cell based on multiple criteria from another workbook

    :confused: My Problem is as follows: In Workbook 1 I will enter two pieces of data. In cell A1 I will enter (County Name) and In cell B2 (Plan Number). In Workbook 2 I have a database as follows: Col1=PlanNumber Col2=County Col3=Value. I need to populate cell B3 in workbook 1 with matching...
  19. T

    Match data between to workbooks and pasting a range of cells

    Hi all, i'd really appreciate some help. I'm trying to match values in column A between two sheets in seperate but open workbooks. When two vlaues match in "A" I need to paste a range (e.g E##:G##) from the the same row into the other. I would like to run the function from the sheet i'd like...
  20. G

    sorting and matching data, then giving a corresponding output

    I have a array of data that import from a sports analysis package, in the form of letters and numbers, e.g. A1, BC20, DD31. I want to search through this array of data (in rows) and find particular combinations, for example, any within these ranges DA23-DA26, DA31-DA34, DA39-DA42 (these ranges...

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