1. S

    Index/Match Formula - Sum if falls between a date range

    Hi all, Please can someone help? :-) I am trying to find a tidier version of the below formula - what I am trying to do is basically add up the values in row 2 for the week before. The displayed dates are Mon-Fri (not inc Sat-Sun). Note, the below formula would be in cell F3, so on the 2nd...
  2. A

    COUNTIF, MATCH, and OFFSET in Array

    Hi all, I hoping for some advice here. I am trying to calculate the success rate of members of staff. I have each student's score in a number of subjects (A2:J6) and there teacher for each subject (L:U) I want to COUNT the total number of student scores over a certain amount (e.g. >5) for the...
  3. A

    Vlookup and match

    Hi all, I have the following table. In Cell B5 I'll have the value of Region 1 and in Cell C4 I'll have the value of T1.3. I'd like to have a formula that will return "Yes" if T1.3 is in the row that contains Region 1. Row Column R Column S Column T Column U 44 Region Priority One...
  4. J

    Look up a value for which 2 pre-conditions need to be met (ID and Year)

    How can I look-up the share (Column G) for the needed ID and the corresponding year? See attachement.
  5. A

    Match and Display Text

    <colgroup><col><col span="2"><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Eng1 Eng2 Eng3 Lowest Miles Eng 40 39 52 39 </tbody> I want to match the 'lowest miles' number to the three ENG numbers. When matched, I want to display the ENG1/2/3 under ENG
  6. P

    Help Matching Two Columns and Showing Non-Matching Values

    Hello, I am working on a project and it has been a while since I've had to use any VBA, so I'm saving the time and asking. I have data on two separate worksheets. I want to compare column B on Sheet 1 with column N on Sheet 2. Any values that do not match between the two columns I would like to...
  7. Y

    VBA INDEX MATCH Application to display value in Textbox

    I am trying to use Index Match to replace Vlookup Function so my textbox displays date format. If I use Vlookup my textbox shows numbers. I tried the below code but it is not displaying the value in the textbox once I run the code. Can I please have your help to make the code work? Dim TBL As...
  8. F

    How do I make the color gradient of my surface chart to match my "heat map"?

    Here is my surface chart and the colors clearly does not match those in my heat map How can I fix this?
  9. F

    How do I make the color gradient of my surface chart to match my "heat map"?

    I have this "heat" map here and this surface graph here how do i make the gradient on my surface graph to match the heat map dynamically?
  10. R

    Lookup that will not duplicate already treieved code

    Hi, I need a formula that will look down column D and match 'TLC' and column C for 'NG' - returning the first EIN match from column A. I will need to drag down the formula and return the next EIN match from the above criteria, but avoiding any duplicates that have already been returned above...
  11. K

    How do I use Index & Match to reference a separate sheet?

    I have the following test code that is working where column H is equal to what's in column B versus column D Range("H2:H17") = "=INDEX(D2:D17,MATCH(B2:B17,B2:B17,0))" Column B Column D Column H A Test1 Test1 B Test2 Test2 C Test 3 Test3 D Test 4 Test4 E Test 5 Test5 F Test 6...
  12. H

    Complex INDEX MATCH - Now Add Max

    Hi All I have a couple of Index Match formulas that are working well for me but I've realised there may be more than one result to find and I only want the latest date. My formulas sometimes have two match criteria and two index location, but I'm not sure how to return the highest valued...
  13. R

    Particular Indirect and Match formula

    Hi Guys, I need help in order to change the indirect match formula, I have these data to Match. <tbody> #FCE4D6[/URL] "]Values #FCE4D6[/URL] "]Roma Sub 1 #FCE4D6[/URL] , align: right"]85000 #FCE4D6[/URL] "]Pisa Sub 98 - 287 #FCE4D6[/URL] , align: right"]176700 #FCE4D6[/URL] "]Pisa...
  14. J

    Output first Match Found if Cells contain Duplicate Text

    Suppose I have several a range of cells, each cell of which contain a string, and I want a function to look at this range and output "FALSE" if all strings in the range are unique from each other and I want it to output the first duplicate it finds if there are at least two cells with the same...
  15. G

    INDEX MATCH + LEFT Function

    Hi, I'm trying to go from the top formula to the bottom one. I have to match H9 (which is a string of 8 characters) to column A which has the same set of information as in column H but with an added number at the end. So I need to be able to match H9 to the leftmost 8 characters in column A. I...
  16. V

    Modify / Edit in Formula - Match and Result

    Hi All, We have the following sheet Excel 2010 32 bit ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP 1DanialChrixRockyRickylogghunDanialChrixRockyRickylogghun 2RonaldoPamelaDonaldmessysanjusafiRonaldoPamelaDonaldmessysanjusafi 3shikarghurandyjohnvijjurodishikarghurandyjohnvijjurodi...
  17. T


    Hi I am currently using this formula. =IFERROR(INDEX(Transfers!$J$5:$J$999999,MATCH(A68&$A$61,Transfers!$F$5:$F$999999&Transfers!$H$5:$H$999999,0),MATCH($A$3,Transfers!$E$5:$E$999999,0)),0) It works great except it does not sum multiple matches it only find the first match in the table. I need...
  18. E

    Countif with Index on a Pivot Table

    Pulling off Pivot Table example: <colgroup><col><col span="2"></colgroup><tbody> </tbody> <tbody> Part Number Company 1 Company2 part 1 60 61 part 2 50 52 part 3 40 60 </tbody> Looking to do a countif on the entire row based on the part number with greater than or equal to 50. So...
  19. C

    Searching a table with three filters giving an adjacent value back.

    Hello, I have a workbook with multiple sheets. On one sheet, I want to create a search box. This will have three cells to enter the numbers to match to (done via a drop down list). I need the result to look at a table on a different sheet, match the three numbers and return four different...
  20. K

    Formula for conditional formatting

    Using Excel 2000</SPAN></SPAN> Hi,</SPAN></SPAN> Here the below is my example I need formula for conditional format to highlight result in 3 different forms highlight 2 match, 3 match or 4, for example if I put in the cell C3=1 & in the D3=2 it should highlight in the column C6:D44 all 2...

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