1. B

    Partial match when look up value is lengthier than corresponding value in a table or a range

    I have table as below. In first column name of the company and in next column corresponding manager Name. Company Name Manager Name Amcor Amol Thermax Sagar The look up value of company name is not exact match in this case. e.g. It is "Thermax Ltd" The company name from table is a...
  2. M


    Hi everyone, Last time I reached out to you, I felt the love with so many responses so quickly. I am a teacher and I’m trying to look for ways to streamline my duties. I'm currently reviewing the courses I teach - focussing on equipment used, and duration for each module. I have been asked...
  3. R

    Vlookup and Match-Need VBA solution

    I am facing a problem with vlookup and i think could not solve using the Excel formula The column H values to be checked in Column A and if the words in a cell match, then it should collect the adjacent values and display in Column C and D with comma seperated. The column H values to be...
  4. M

    Help with index match sumif and more.

    Hi there, I’m a teacher who is looking to prepare better for the academic year. I teach a range of courses which require different amounts of time to setup and I’m keen to get a better understanding of the set up times for each course I teach. I have attempted todo this is a matrix format, but...
  5. E

    Match & offset or index/match?

    Hi, Trying to match a value and return the a value offset to the left. The values to search in are in the columns B to E (as per the table) I want to return the Level in column C I know two values (these come from another tab) 1. The row heading (Red names) 'Risk template'!F5 2. What I'm...
  6. M

    Match formula to exclude criteria

    Hello! Wondering if could have feedback on writing a formula that excludes specific criteria from a list. I started a formula that saysIF(ISERROR(MATCH(cellA1,lookupcolumn,0))=FALSE. I’m confused by ISERROR. That essentially returns true if there is an error or false? I want to write a formula...
  7. P

    Match and Merge data having same pattern with a delimiter

    Dear Helpers, I am looking for VBA Solution which is very peculiar situation and crack my head to do it as Simple but could not do that. I request this could be done by a Macro and seeking your kind Help. - Overview Sheet 1 contains Column A and Column B - Column A has unique values to be...
  8. M

    Count Zero's Across Rows if column A Matches

    I could really use some assistance in trying to figure out how to count the number of times the value 0 shows across many, many columns, if the value in column A matches between the two sheets. Once I solve this, I hope to reuse the formula further and query how many times it is greater than...
  9. X

    INDEX and MATCH through 2 Sheets.

    I am having a complete mental shutdown right now. Basically I'm trying to get match&index to look at sheet 1's SKU and match with Sheet 2's SKU to display the QTY from sheet 2, int Sheet 1's (DISPLAY Column) I got it to work using only 1 sheet with the formula =INDEX('magento...
  10. E

    Move rows of data depending on whether or not they match rows in other columns

    Hi everyone, I'm working with template spreadsheets that get populated via copy/paste and compare volumes of assets in hypothetical what-if scenarios. In the daily workflow, the user manually inserts this information from another tool into Excel and does further analytics. However, the what-if...
  11. S

    Conditional Formatting of Partial Data

    I’m looking for help on how to conditionally format several worksheets in a workbook. Each worksheet already has a different type of conditional formatting in areas that I would not want affected by the new conditional formatting. I have two columns (A and B) with approximately 50,000 cells...
  12. T

    Compare 2 columns and one of them has partial value of the other

    I have a macro that compares the column of a table with the column of another (both are extracted from an application), and returns me which values do not exist in both. However, the Table4[MSG_DESCRIPTION] column has a limit of 50 characters, and the Table3[Title] column has 500 characters. I...
  13. A

    Pulling List of Rows from other sheet dependent on matching Cell Value? HELP See Pictures!

    Hello, I have a workbook with Sheets 1 and 2 with data on them. This template is on Sheet 3. The template uses the cell D5 to pull data from these different sheets to populate. You type a project number (Proj#) in D5 and the rest should populate. On "Sheet 1", I have a listing of all the...
  14. D

    Extract all rows from a range that have specific text from lookup

    Hi all, I have an excel file with multiple rows and columns used for planning jobs. The columns contain job descriptions, job numbers, Worker names etc. Few jobs require 2 people to complete and have 2 names on them ex: Luke and Mike. Out of all the jobs i want to extract the jobs for specific...
  15. T

    Excel IF Formula

    Hi everyone, I need help with this formula. What I'm trying to do is, if the result from a different spreadsheet has the word: 1) "elapsed" anywhere in the sentence, then put in words "Elapsed Time" 2) "consecutive" anywhere in the sentence, then put in the words "Elapsed Time" 3) "hours"...
  16. E

    Index & Match functions in VBA

    Hello guys, I'm trying to create a small VBA script but i m stuck with the index / match functions. I have this error: "Compile error: Object required" for the Match I'm pasting my code below: ' Define params for index and Match functions Set ws.Release =...
  17. D


    For some reason my match is exactly 1 cell down from where it needs to start and I have not been able to figure out why. Customer A should come up 1,2,3 but I'm Getting 2,3,4 =OFFSET('Customer Info'!$A$1,MATCH($B$1,'Customer Info'!$A:$A,0),1,COUNTIF('Customer Info'!$A:$A,$B$1)) Thank you.
  18. P

    Search in Range created from a condition or first searching

    Good morning, everyone, the present problem: It consists of 2 parts: First part of the problem. First we have two sheets: Sheet1 and SP2 In Sheet1 we have key elements column B which contains codes from row 5 downwards and then we have row 3 to the right starting from column L which contains...
  19. G

    formula to match next value if value is in row above.

    I have this formula, I am running into an issue when I want the nth value, but it matches the nth value for another column, then does a match to get what value in this column. Visual is below. Column B matches the index of Column C to return a value based on the value. I want it to show what the...
  20. B

    Match then highlight and return value.

    Hi There, How can I have the return value highlight in another workbook before being matched and copy into first workbook. =INDEX(Return_value_range, MATCH(Lookup_value, Lookup_value_range, Match_type)) Thanks in advance

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