1. C

    MATCH function not MATCHING

    Hi All, First time post but I am completely at a loss where I have decided to ask the internet for help. I have two sheets I am working with and want to populate a cell depending on some conditions. E.g. If cell A1 of sheet 1 matches cell B2 of sheet two then cell B1 of sheet 1 will populate...
  2. B

    Formula using match

    Hello Excel team. I'm looking for a simple formula that matches numbers between sheets and displays a value from another cell from one of the sheets. For example I have a number in B3 on sheet 2(B3 is constant-$B$3). I want the formula to search for the same number in sheet 1, column B and...
  3. T

    Pull data from multiple sheets that match varying criteria

    In excel, I am using this formula: =IFERROR(INDEX(Master!$G:$G,AGGREGATE(15,6,ROW(Master!$G$3:$G$98)/(Master!$H$3:$H$98=$A$13)/(Master!$I$3:$I$98=$B$6)/(Master!$J$3:$J$98=$A$4)/(ISNA(MATCH(Master!$G$3:$G$98,B$12:B12,0))),1)),"") The formula checks Master sheet and returns a value from column G...
  4. N

    MATCH and INDEX help

    Can anyone assist with unpuzzling what I did wrong with this formula? I am still learning how to create MATCH and INDEX formulas. Because of the vast amount of information in the file I would prefer not sharing the cleaned file because of how long it would take to scrub it clean. If I must, I...
  5. T

    Adding additional text to a value pulled from another sheet

    Hi, I am using the following formula to pull names from another sheet that meet a certain criteria. It will only pull a name once, before moving onto the next match. However, for each name pulled, I want to add the word " Replacement" at the end of it. Is that possible? The formula I am using...
  6. T

    MATCH function

    I have two sheets: Master sheet Supporting sheet I am trying to pull any names from column G in Master to column C in Supporting but only if the row meets the following requirements: The values in columns H, I and J in Master match the cells A11, B10 and A4 in Supporting. I only want it to pull...
  7. J

    Most frequently occurring text in array formula

    Hi all, I am trying to create a formula which finds the most frequently occurring text value (all entries all text) in an areay I am using INDEX(D4:D7,MODE.SNGL(MATCH(D4:D7,D4:D7,0))) but this only works for single columns or single rows not a 3x3 or ZxZ array for example Can someone please...
  8. E

    How to have index match sum all matches

    I need a formula that will sum together the values of the 4101, 4119, and 4122 that are labeled March in row 9. I can get it to return the first value the index match throws back, but I am having trouble adding the sum formula into it. Help would be much appreciated.
  9. A

    SUM function not functioning

    Hi, I am able to assemble a cell range (O21:O162) using this formula: =CONCATENATE("O21:O",ROW(XLOOKUP(INDEX(B21:B670,MATCH(TRUE,B21:B670<0,0)),B21:B670,A21:A670))) But when I insert it into a sum function, I get a #VALUE! error. Can someone show me what I'm doing wrong...
  10. P

    How to use a MATCH helper column containing rows from a different sheet and INDEX in an array formula to return based on data in the helper column?

    I am trying to use MATCH and INDEX to improve performance on a google sheet that has way too many XLOOKUP functions. I have a helper column (DH) that lists the matching ROW I need from the Visibility sheet. This formula returns the expected result from column 9 on the Visibility sheet, where...
  11. K

    Sumproduct with 3 tables?

    Dear users, I am trying to do the following but have been unsuccessful therefore I seek your help; I have vendors who buy TVs from certain Towns. The top left table displays the quantities of TVs bought by each vendor who has a record of purchase while the bottom left table displays the...
  12. J

    Change lookup of Match function

    I have some sets in different sheets. I want to use the match function to be able to use the different names of those sheets by dragging down my formula.
  13. C

    Index/Match | Index/Small Formula

    Hello experts, I am looking for assistance with my formula. I am using an index/small formula in the following scenario: I am pasting raw data into Tab A, which includes status (example: Active, Inactive), and additional rows of data. In Tab B, is a summary table, that pulls rows of data from...
  14. B

    Find column by header AND filter by another column?

    I'm working on a table that references another and returns the number of employees in each of several regions, by year. The source table includes a row for each employee, with a value of '1' in the column for each year they worked: Destination Table: Year Region Employees 2020 a 1 2020 b...
  15. L

    VBA Match Cells, Copy Adjacent Cells

    Hi all - I've been searching for days for a solution and have yet to find one that works. Doesn't necessarily need to be VBA, but I think it has to be as formula's don't seem to work. I have 2 sheets "Split Request" and "Hidden". Split Request has account numbers in cells E9:E47. These are...
  16. G

    Error 2015 - Application.Match

    Hi, Looking for some advice on what could cause the variable exclude_yes_no to always be "Error 2015", doesn't seem to matter what is contained in the lookup value and lookup array cell(s). Thanks in advance! For info above this code I have code which sets current_selected_row_title_exc...
  17. D

    vlookup exact AND partial match

    I cannot seem to write a vlookup formula that provides what I need. I am looking to search Products in A8-11 and return price in B8-11. I need to match A2 AND B2 in this search. As you can see, partial results should show for A8 and return the corresponding price in cell B8. Can you help...
  18. skyh3ck

    1st match column header, 2nd lookup a value in same column, 3rd return corresponding value from the very first column ?? need help

    Hello guys i have a data base where i want to first find the column header, 2nd in same column find a certain date, and 3rd return correponding date from same row 1st column. So i have prepared one sample excel file Sheet one - Calc - where user can enter the class and dates Sheet two - Log...
  19. G

    How to filter a table with two email columns against a list of emails

    Hello! This sounds so basic, but I swear I've searched for a long time and can't find exactly what I need. I have a list of (usually thousands of) contacts with multiple columns (E.g., let's simplify to: first name, last name, personal email, work email, phone) that I need to clean against...
  20. N

    Excel Help - If, Match Then X

    If Column A in spreadsheet 1 matches column A in spreadsheet 2, then column C in worksheet 1 equals result from Column B in spreadsheet 2. What’s this formula need to look like? Cannot figure it out. Column A in both sheets have skus. I need to match these up. Then, I need the item...

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