1. D

    Lookup/Match Based on Multiple Details (non-VBA)

    Hey guys, I am trying to set up a spreadsheet to fill in time slots based on day and time information. There are two sheets in the workbook (Calendar and Log) Here is how I have it set up: The name of this sheet is Calendar A B C 1 Wednesday (August 19, 2020) Thursday (August 20...
  2. J

    Countif using index and match

    Hi, I am trying to extract the numbers against each names from the list. I tried using index-match-countif (in E4:E7) but couldn't add the name criteria (E2) to get the result I am looking for (as shown in G4:G7) Sorry if I am not explaining it clearly. Your help will be much appreciated...
  3. I

    Index and Match on multiple similar tables

    Hello, I need to use Index and Match function for this problem. Need to select the specific table using the first parameter and then a value inside the table by using two other parameters. eg Need to find Shipping per unit using the tables below
  4. B

    Dynamic Column Name Identifier Formula (USING MOST RECENT VERSION OF OFFICE 365)

    File: Dynamic Column Identifier Formula.xlsm I created this formula to dynamically return the column name based on the corresponding column number. That said, it works intermittently once you get to Column AA. I could understand if it was broken completely at Column AA and beyond, but I cannot...
  5. S

    Index and Match

    Hi, i have this employee spreadsheet where i need to find the performance potential based on several criteria i.e. performance rating, attitude and competency. No Employee Name Performance Rating Attitude Competencies Performance Potential 1 MARCUS LIM A 3 1 ? 2 ELIZABETH TAYLOR A+ 1 2...
  6. L

    Formula to find a value by going right, down, and then left.

    I am looking for a formula that will find the value in cell B1 in the row B5:I5. Then go down from that date to the first non-blank cell. Then go left and return the corresponding value/name in column A6:A12 into cell F1. Thanks in advance. I have been racking my head trying to figure this out...
  7. P

    Formula to determine if a date and time are within a range.

    Hello, Completely stumped here. Thought I would take a change and add some experts. I need to be able to reference a table that is attached as an image. I need a formula that can read a cell that says "44027 11:00" find where it is on the reference table and return the code associated with...
  8. D

    Search Range For Text That Matches Part of String After Last Comma

    I am trying to match partial text in a string with text from a range on another sheet. The text fragment in the string is usually found after the last comma. For example: P38 Some Noise Text > Other Noise Text > 12-3456, 7890 Text I Want The range on the other sheet (Sheet2!$B$2:$B$505) will...
  9. A

    VBA - Max Values and Match

    Hi all, I am stuck on a problem. I have need to insert a vba macro into a sheet for my admin team. I want to find the highest value from a range in one sheet and return the value to another sheet if the adjacent column matches. I also want it to return it to the next blank cell in that row...
  10. H

    Multiple match criteria in different columns to return the unique value

    Hi, Can somebody help me with this problem? Thanks, Bobby
  11. I

    Formula for identify related cells based on a common criteria

    Hello everyone I am looking to identify family members who are eligible for a benefit. Let's say govt. has identified a set of eligible fruits that qualify under benefits. If any family member sells one of those fruits, all family members become eligible for benefits. All family members are...
  12. D

    LOOKUP formula problem

    Sorry for the vague title. Trying to get this done in a nice way, but feels more difficult than it looks. I have two tables - Strings and Data. Starting off with data in grey columns and I need to extract verified data to green (already filled as a manual "to-be" example). Values in table Data...
  13. X

    INDEX/MATCH within an Array

    Hi I have a large report that I am pulling into a multi-dimensional array. I'm then using a function to remove dupes and then running various loops summarizing the data from the main array, but I am stuck on one point. I can't find a way to use INDEX/MATCH functions within arrays. ie if I was...
  14. F

    Using Match to return the highest value for a coincidence

    Hi, this is my first post here! The reason i suscribed here is because I was looking forward to improve a formula to match my needs. Let me tell you about it a little: I have this data set: When you put an X on column E it sums always the value that is displayed on there, no matter what...
  15. HawaiianShirts

    Index Match with Constant Row and Variable Columns

    I'm creating a worksheet (Data) that will reference another (Sheet1). In Sheet1, the data will change periodically by being pasted in from a form filled out by someone else. The trouble is that the form has three versions, and each version has a slightly different number of columns. I need to...
  16. D

    How to use VBA to color cell interiors yellow if cell.value in Address table matches cell.value in Postal Town table?

    Hi Folks, I'm looking at a variety of ways (using VBA) to colour cells in an address table whose values match values postal towns in another table. There are two tables: AddrTable (contains 10 columns) PostalTownTable (one column) As the address data in AddrTable can run into many thousand...
  17. T

    Improve formula for dynamics list unique values based on two criteria

    I want to improve the formula for extracting unique zip code for 2019. I am currently using this formula but its very slowly: =IFERROR(INDEX('Project Data'!E:E;MATCH(0;COUNTIF('Dashboard Sales'!G114:$G$114;'Project Data'!E:E)+IF('Project Data'!L:L>=$E$113;1;0)+IF('Project...
  18. B

    Partial match when look up value is lengthier than corresponding value in a table or a range

    I have table as below. In first column name of the company and in next column corresponding manager Name. Company Name Manager Name Amcor Amol Thermax Sagar The look up value of company name is not exact match in this case. e.g. It is "Thermax Ltd" The company name from table is a...
  19. M


    Hi everyone, Last time I reached out to you, I felt the love with so many responses so quickly. I am a teacher and I’m trying to look for ways to streamline my duties. I'm currently reviewing the courses I teach - focussing on equipment used, and duration for each module. I have been asked...
  20. R

    Vlookup and Match-Need VBA solution

    I am facing a problem with vlookup and i think could not solve using the Excel formula The column H values to be checked in Column A and if the words in a cell match, then it should collect the adjacent values and display in Column C and D with comma seperated. The column H values to be...

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