1. B

    Filtering Top 20 by Value with Criteria

    Since I am currently working on this project at work, I cannot post the data on this forum but I will try my best to explain the problem. I am looking to pull the top 20 dollar amounts from a range, based on an additional criterion. For example, one field contains either of two possible...
  2. S

    Pulling values from certain columns based on criteria from multiple sheets on the same workbook and populating in a separate workbook.

    Hi All, I have a real problem which I just cannot resolve, struggling to even know where to start to be honest! So.... I have a workbook called "Subcontractor Order Record". Within that work book are 2 worksheets, once called "Order Record", as follows: and one called "Payment Record", as...
  3. M

    Find Max value

    Hi, I'm trying to find a formula that works with older versions of excel (not MAXIFS) to look up the client name in G3 the current month in H2 and give me the highest value in H3 for john in January 2019. I can make this work with a MAXIFS...
  4. A

    MAX(IF and MIN(IF not giving results expected

    Hi all, I have created a MAX(IF command in order to find the maximum temperature, from a table, between two times. it looks like this: <h5,c16:c28226,0)))}, and="" it="" works="" great! <h5,c16:c28226,0))) <h5,c16:c28226,0))) <h5,c16:c28226,0)))...
  5. R

    MAXIF and return another column

    Hi, Please can somebody help? The purpose is to get the Max of column C for each AssetID(column B) and then return whether it’s a Cross Arm or Pole but I’d need to returnall values for Poles and Cross Arm if the highest occurs more than once per AssetID. So just for the below example, the...
  6. R

    MAXIF on dates

    I searched through the many MAXIF posts and can not find a solution to my problem. Lets say I have a two column list, first column is date and second column is quantity. What I am looking for if the maximum value from a particular year. I tried =MAX(IF(YEAR(A2:A12)=2017,B2:B12)) but it returns...
  7. B

    "MaxIF" or "RankIf" formulas?

    Is there a formula to find the highest score(s) for Bob in a list with all of his games, and all of his teammates games? Something like "MaxIf" would be perfect, but I don't think it exists. It seems logical, but I'm stumped. If that is possible, can it be taken a step farther to have a...
  8. J

    Conditional Formatting to find highest value in a ROW if greater than n% to the second highest and also finding the lowest value in a ROW if n% lower

    Hi All, Hope you're all well. I am trying to do the following, if possible. I have found a way around it using formaulas but can't do it using conditional formatting. What I want to do is to find highest value in a ROW if greater than n% to the second highest (say green) and also finding the...
  9. H

    How to obtain MAXIF VALUE and its corresponding adjacent cell?

    Hi guys, I am struggling to come up with a formula that will be able to obtain the MAX VALUE of Column D and the its corresponding cell to the right. e.g. for my deadlift, i want to use 130kg and return the number 5 (reps) in a cell, or for lat pulldown I want 55kg and 7. Any help would be...
  10. H

    How to obtain MAXIF VALUE and it's corresponding cell?

    <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> A 27/06/2018 B Deadlift C 1 D 50 E 8 27/06/2018 Deadlift 2 110 5 27/06/2018 Deadlift 3 130 5 27/06/2018 Deadlift 4 130 4 27/06/2018 Deadlift 5 120 5 </tbody> <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> 28/06/2018 Lat...
  11. N

    Maxifs with LEFT or Right function in the criteria range

    Hi all, not a ton on this since i think Maxifs are for the newer version of excel? Anyway, here is the formula I'm trying to use: =MAXIFS(B:B,LEFT(F:F,3),K1) K1 contains the first 3 letters of a postal code, column F has full 6 digit postal codes, column B has numbers that i want to return...
  12. B

    Array Variables in Excel Formulas

    Hi All, I recently discovered a way to use the aggregate function in conjunction with index / match to identify min / max values for like records in a table (i.e. if I have a table of animals and their weights, I could use this function to identify the smallest dog, or the largest cat, etc.)...
  13. N

    MAX IF Formula not working

    Hello, I'm so frustrated as I know this is going to be something simple.... I have a MAX IF Function, as below, however, it is returning the MAX number of the whole data, and not just of the data specified in my IF part of the statement. The frustrating part is, that when I go into the...
  14. B

    Max and Min over multiple sheets with a condition

    Hello all, I am having some trouble with my latest spreadsheet and havnt figured it out yet. Below is a breakdown of what is going on: I have names in E2:E53 on sheet FY15, FY16, FY17. I have a % in E:E53 on sheet FY15, FY16, FY17. On each sheet, the same name may appear more than once...
  15. A

    Calculated Column. Averageif/Maxif/Minif

    I want to create/assign a new value in to some rows in my data depending on the average, maximum or minimum of an multiple criteria if based calculation on rows other than the current row. I've created a regular xl file to illustrate where I want to go, however, I can't post attachments yet. In...
  16. J

    Finding MAX value based on combination of two criteria

    Hi, I want to show a maximum value of an array (of dates) based on a combination of two criteria (a kind of 'MAXIFS' function). My data is a bit like this ... <tbody> A B C 1 Date Criteria 1 met? Criteria 2 met? 2 01/03/2015 y y 3 15/06/2015 n y 4 21/06/2015 y y 5 08/01/2016 n y 6...
  17. R

    Using MAX IF function with an operator

    Hi, I have been scratching my head at this problem the whole day and have not found a solution to it by myself. Basically I have two sheets, in the first sheet I need to find the latest date a material is to be delivered, but that date needs to be before today's date. The second sheet contains a...
  18. R

    Vinding name based on location and maximum value

    I got stuck on the formula to find the value of a cell, based on two conditions. column A has location, column J has number of days. I now want to find the name with the highest number of days for each different location from column S.(rows in between do hold data, but are not relevant for thuis...
  19. K

    Maxif with critera help

    Dear Great Minds of Excel, I'm having an issue with the conversion from a cell formula to VBA code. I'm using a User Form to enter data and would like the maximum number that matches a particular identifier. I developed the array formula and it works well. But I'm having a problem converting...
  20. Fishboy

    MAXIF and MINIF problem

    Hi All, Long time reader, first time poster here. Basically I am having an issue with reporting some of the data on one of my massive spreadsheets. Ultimately what I am looking to do is have one cell report the maximum time taken to achieve a goal (read from column AJ3), but based on the...

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