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  1. G

    How to copy Cell A1 and B1 to 45 rows in new columns?

    I have a workbook with 351 sheets, I need a VBA code to copy cells A1 to new column from R5 to R49 (in all sheets) and Copy from cell B1 to new column from S5 to S49 (in all sheets) Here is the code that merge everything else (skipping the fist few lines) Sub Combine() Dim i As Integer...
  2. S

    Different Word Template based on cell value

    Good evening, I am needing some VBA to select the correct word merge template based on a cell value. I receive a spreadsheet with all of the data to perform a word merge. Not every row will be the same template. I need the template used to be determined by the value in column "A" For example...
  3. S

    Merging data from different excel files into one worksheet

    Hi, I am trying to merge data from a number of excel files (60+) into one spreadsheet. The header rows are the same, however, the number of records in each file is different. Can someone please help with a VBA code that can copy data from each file and add them all to a single worksheet in a...
  4. K

    VBA to Merge Sheet1 of Multiple Workbooks in Same Folder

    I see a variety of code for what I am looking to do. Ron de bruin's code is almost exactly what I need, but need help with part of it as the row range must be dynamic. I have 20+ workbooks with different names in one folder. I need to stack the data from each workbook into one worksheet in a...
  5. C

    VBA Pasting/looping

    I have a vba code to get info from multiple workbooks then paste them consecutively in one worksheet. I want the macro to paste to cell A1 everytime i run the macro, after clearing contents of the previous time i ran it of course. But instead it pastes to the last cell used from the last time i...
  6. T

    How to combine rows with duplicate info into one based on a column

    I'm looking for a more efficient way of combining possible duplicate rows depending on the column "Product." Some rows will not have duplicates. Here is a sample of the data I'm working with. In reality, I am working with thousands of these rows and over 40 columns...
  7. J

    VBA required to merge data from multiple workbooks into one master file

    Good afternoon. I have a number of files that will be placed into a network file and will all have the same format. There will be a separate tab for the following: Risks Assumptions Issues Dependencies These will all be placed in a specified folder each week and I want to be able to take all...
  8. S

    Identifying the first row after filtering within a for loop

    I have a Master file which monitors shipment progress for my company. I update this on a weekly basis with progress on existing shipments (shipments which are already in the master file) and input new shipments. These updates come in the form of a update sheet which is in the same format as the...
  9. W

    Merging text with wildcards into one text line

    Hey Everyone, I hope you can help, I haven't been able to find an answer to my question elsewhere. I am looking for a way to combine text with Wildcards or special Characters (%) into one value. For example I have 10 lines of text: <tbody> ******1*****EA*P </tbody>...
  10. I

    Excel Validation rule to prevent cell from going below a certain percentage based on value of another cell.

    Hello! I'm trying to create a quote template in Excel. The issue happens when sales wants to give a discount, but then give too big of a discount on the price. To solve this issue we've duplicated the price in another hidden cell and reference that cell in the validation rule. The idea is...
  11. G

    Merge Multiple workbooks into one workbook

    Hi All, I found this code online. For the most part it works to what I want it to do. But there are a couple of issues. 1 - I would like to add code where I can open a window to select where all the multiple files are located not just hardcoded. 2 - The line of code where I asking to...
  12. S

    combine contents of multiple cells in single cell

    would like to combine contents of multiple cells in a single cell as shown below cell A1 asdf cell A2 zxcv cell A3 qwer requirement is cell B1 should have asdf zxcv qwer thanks existing Required <tbody> asdf asfd zxcv qwer zxcv qwer...
  13. C

    Merge Range of Cells

    Hi, I have been trying to merge a range of cells. I have tryed with .Merge & .MergeCells and it keeps telling me there is an error LastRow = Cells(Rows.Count, "D").End(xlUp).Row If LastRow > 2 Then Range(Cells(2, 2), Cells(LastRow, 2)).MergeCells = True Range(Cells(2, 3)...
  14. J

    I can't get my consolidation macro working

    Hi, I am really new to VBA and I have created a number of workbooks that Project Managers are required to complete and submit to a folder each month: M:\Business Change - Projects\PMO\JAMES - TEST\Demand Management\Resource Forecasts The only tab they are required to complete is the one titled...
  15. M

    Sum data from multiple closed workbooks based on multiple criteria in XL10

    Long story short I have 153 identically formatted .xlsx files which multiple people enter data into. I am creating a 'master report' workbook that needs to pull that data and combine the totals from those sheets. I'm using excel 2010 on a windows 7 enterprise machine. The source workbooks...
  16. S

    Merging all in folder to ACTIVE/CURRENT XLS - I am sure its straight forward - but its baffling me.

    Morning all, I have searched for an 'all files in a folder merge to 1 doc' code and found this brilliant piece of code (below) I am struggling to get it to merge into the current excel doc. (I know the 'Set BaseWks = Workbooks.Add' line is what I need to change but I am struggling to get the...
  17. T

    Merge ranges from specific sheets by adding the sheet name as the first column

    I have quite a number of sheets whose names end in _A or _B. I would like to merge all sheets ending in _A or _B under one another., only ranges A:C until last value in column A. (There is always a value in cells in column A, but not necessarily in corresponding columns B and C, that is...
  18. N

    Merging 2 datasets with vlookup to a higher or lower value?

    I have been struggling to find a formula that works for the example below (see question mark!). What i am trying to do is merge 2 datasets. The problem is that the common identifiers are not always exactly the same but quite similar nevertheless. I tried using the vlookup function making the...
  19. E

    Need macro to copy & update data from 8 workbooks to a single workbook, without duplication

    As part of an office task organization to keep track of our progress with prospects, we're trying to create a spreadsheet that we can update as needed. This is related to a previous thread I had started, relating to a macro which will sort entries (rows) into other sheets in the workbook...
  20. B

    Combine data from several columns into one while removing duplicate values - with formula

    Okay, so, I have a problem that has caused a bit of hair-pulling on my side, especially as all I have been able to Google results for is how to concatenate two cells with an ampersand: Basically, I have three columns, A, B and C. These columns will contain variable amounts of data, based on the...

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