merge worksheets

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    copy from multiple wbooks (with inconsistent headers & data) into one master wbook

    Hi All, I have been trying to create a template that can allow user merge multiple worksheets from multiple workbooks into one master workbook. The content being copied into the master workbook should be based on the header pre-defined in at Row 1 (not case-sensitive). I found on the net to...
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    Merging Workbooks into Master & move the subworkbooks into other folder

    Hi Excel Experts, Am trying to code down macros that can do the following:- 1. Copy sheet from multi workbooks (in same folder) into 1 main (Compiler) excel workbook (separated by tabs) 2. Each time after the sheet is copied into Compiler workbook, the source file should be moved to another...
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    VBA/Macro to Combine worksheets in a workbook into 1 sheet

    Hello Excel Experts: I have search this forum before i made a new post since none of the threads is exactly working for my problem. I have an excel file which contains costed bills of materials (BOM) of products, each worksheet is named by its SKU/model number. My data has consistent/fixed...
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    Consolidate Worksheets into a Single Worksheet

    I have a Workbook with several hundred worksheets, which I need to merge/consolidate into a single worksheet. I found some code that I was able to slightly modify for my purposes and works perfect with the exception of some formatting of the data problems. I have a test version of my workbook...
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    VBA to get data from separate workbooks by matching file and tab names

    Hello, I have a workbook - let's call it "Final" - with sheets labeled 52, 53, 54, ..., up to 81. I have separate workbooks in a folder on a network drive labeled meas52.xlsx, meas53.xlsx and so on. Each of those "meas##.xlsx" files contains three worksheets with information that I am trying to...
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    VBA to merge all worksheets, need to carryover number format too

    Hello all... I've been using the below code to merge worksheets and it has been very useful but now i would like to modify it to carry over the number formatting. The reason i need it to do that now is that my data has a general field with a large number sequence. it's an ID# not a numeric...
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    merge worksheets

    I have a large spreadsheet with one primary worksheet that contains information about locations of alumni from our high school. Several class representatives have similar spreadsheets but may have different headers. I need to merge their spreadsheets into mine. Is there an easy way to do this?
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    Merging worksheets from one Workbook into another Workbook

    I have a Workbook with 6 sheets and a lot of code behind which I have installed on a couple of PC's as standalone. In developing the s/w further I need to merge a new worksheet and the code behind it with the original Workbooks. I know I can copy worksheets from one Workbook to another but this...
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    Merge data : Paste value/add, skipping calculation cells?

    I have 2 spreadsheets that are identical from reports that I ran from my datawarehouse. The data is the same, it is just for different revenue centers (for mystical reasons, the DW is not set up to run 2 revenue centers at once, so I have to run the same report twice). I want to combine the...
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    Merge similar worksheet from multiple workbooks

    :confused:Hi, I've searched but can't find anything that I understand. I have six workbooks with similar names, Store_Accuracy_1, Store_Accuracy_2, etc. I'm trying to copy a worksheet with similar names from each workbook into one workbook. Having a hard time understanding the language on...
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    How to merge two sheets in a file?

    Hi! I have a file with two sheets (tabs). I would really like to have all the information in one sheet, but can´t figure out how to make the first sheet the first page of my doc. Would appreciate the help. Thank you
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    VB Code - Merge 5 sheets create Run-time error 1004

    Dear VB-experts, I have 5 worksheets that are updated regularly in a folder and then brought into a new summary workbook using vb code. This works all fine. My problem is when I try to merge the 5 sheets to one summary sheet in the summary workbook using vb code. Code: Sub Step_5() Dim ws...
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    Merge 2 worksheets based on unique ID

    Hello... I have two worksheets that relate to each other by a unique ID. I would like to create a third worksheet by pulling data from sheets 1 and 2. Please note: I need to be able to adjust the macro as to what columns I need to be sent to the results worksheet. in other words, I cannot copy...
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    Merging Multiple Sheets into a Consolidated Sheet

    Hi, I've been trying to Consolidate Data from multiple Sheets to another sheet in the Same workbook. ive hunted around for a while but cant find anything to do this. all the sheets (8) have the same headings but not all cells would be filled in. it would be a simple Copy paste, for my...
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    Pivot table - combine show details reports

    I have created a pivot table to show me when a unit runs within more than one course (i.e. how many times it is listed in my master file). Unit | Count of unit unit1 10 unit2 8 unit3 8 I have sorted the data in the table in descending order and when I click...

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