1. A

    Sorting Dates with General format and time stamp

    Hello All - I have been sent a worksheet with dates from a user in Australia. The date format is: 17/06/2016, so Day, Month, Year. And to be more specific, what I've been sent is: 17/06/2016 18:53, so D, M, Year and a time stamp. There are other dates that I need to merge and sort with these...
  2. D

    merging workbooks

    How does one merge several work books each has 1-3 sheets into 1 large workbook while keeping the formating and VBA in tact?
  3. H

    Merging sheet data to one spreadsheet?

    I have a workbook that has 5 similar Sheets worth of data in columns A:U. Is there a way to create one giant database out of the 5 using VBA? Little out of my element and macro recording ability. Thank you
  4. L

    Merging rows quickly

    Hello guys, im setting up a tool and one of the steps is to merge some data together. It's a large document and my initial idea was to cycle back from last row, and check 2 cells, if they match between the 2 rows, a 3rd cell merges both row values and deletes the old one. <tbody> row nr /...
  5. H

    merging 3 columns into 1

    Hi there, I have 3 columns of data in the following format: 1234 99 1234567 and I want to get it all into one column but in 2 different formats as such: 1234991234567 and 1234-99-1234567. Would be most grateful for any help
  6. V

    VBA for merging cells (both horizontally and vertically)

    Hello there! Some time ago I found 2 VBA code blocks on the internet that allow me to do the following: * automatically merge all cells with the same value in the active worksheet * automatically unmerge all merged cells in the active worksheet without data loss (the original value of the merge...
  7. N

    Merging Column items to row

    Hi, I have entries in columns A - x . I want to have all these entries in one cell with a comma(,) after each of the entry in the column cells. Ex:- A B C D Output required in one cell = A,B,C,D Please help. Regards, Nik
  8. L

    Merge and Rename Worksheets Based on Matching Cell Values

    Good morning, I have excel files in directories that I need to rename based on the value in specific cells in each worksheet and need help with a macro code to achieve this. I would like the macro to loop through the folders and rename each file based on the value it finds in the indicated...
  9. montyfern

    Merging UnEven Names in Power Query

    Greetings! Would anyone out there be so kind as to tell me how to merge uneven names? For example: File1 has 3000 rows or names. File2 has 4000 rows of names. Customer wants the last name and all its' records to merge to one file but there's an uneven amount of names like this: Attached are...
  10. G

    Merge Two Tables and Convert to Data List

    Hello, I have two tables that are maintained separately, but share common elements. Based on those common elements, I would like to merge the tables and extend them into a full data list. The first table has headings across the top (let's call them location groups) that need to be looked up in...
  11. L

    merging columns

    Hi the code below does not give me an error message but does not do the job either? Any help would be appreciated. Sub col_merge() Dim x As Integer Dim y As Integer x = InputBox("first col#") y = InputBox("second col#") Workbooks(1).Worksheets(1).Columns("x:y").Merge End Sub
  12. J

    Merging all files in a folder ?

    Hi, I have several hundred .xlsx files with data I want merged into one file. * Only .xlsx files * Sheets("Sheet1") * Data is in A:F starting at row 2 Best way to approach this? Files are all under 100kb and contain roughly 2000 rows in each Appreciate any help
  13. D

    Makro for merging cells/summing

    Hello, I would like to have makro which will be merging cells based on values on next column plus making sum of this cells in column C So I have: blank A 5 blank B 4 blank C 6 blank D 7 blank E 9 blank F 11 So excel merge cells where blanks are for A,B,C plus...
  14. K

    Excel VBA Merging Cells

    Yes, I'm aware that merging cells in VBA is not recommended and often a nightmare, however it's a necessity for the workbook I'm working on. Please feel free to slap my hand for merging though haha. I'm looking to merge two cells in a column. It needs to be activecell based and not based on...
  15. U

    Copying merging of cells from one line to the next?

    Hello, if I have a row in which cells A-D, are merged, then E-G, H-M, etc. is there any easy way to copy that row so that all rows individually have those same cells merged within them? Thanks!
  16. P

    Merging Left Table to Right Table and Remove Duplicates

    I am merging left table to right table and removing duplicate. My problem for data like 00001 result became 1 only. I already make cells as "Text" and data stays 00001 but during merging tables it is still shows 1 only and the results table also shows 1.Is there any way thay I could make the...
  17. bencar

    How Do I Align Top and Right When Merging Cells?

    Is there a way to automatically align left and align top cells when merging cells? Its annoying when it defaults to center and bottom.
  18. M

    Merging cells

    Hi I need help on coding of prefix on invoice numbering as well as merging cells horizontally and vertically, Thanking you in anticipation Sincerely Yours Mfana
  19. L

    Is my Excel still running?

    Hello, I am merging data using the Kutools Add-in. I have around 200,000 rows which have to be merged to some smaller number of rows. How do I know if excel is still merging or it just froze? I hit CTRL+ALT+DELETE and hit Start Task Manager. Then, under Applications I have the following...
  20. C

    How to preserve cell merging when creating files from worksheets

    Hi, I have the code below which creates a file from every worksheet in my workbook. It works fine however it doesn't preserve any cell merging when it creates the new files - the merging is lost in the new files. Is there some code that I can add into this routine so any cell merging is...

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