1. D

    display messagebox on time

    I'm trying to get a messagebox to open and display a message, I found this code below but it doesn't work I've tried putting the Private Sub in the workbook and the Sub Display Alarm() in a module but nothing happens. Private Sub Workbook_Open() Application.OnTime TimeValue("17:24:00")...
  2. R

    Letter Log Reminder with condition in other cells.

    Hello everyone, I will try to explain again. I'm trying to make a reminder for my letter log and I have more than 1 condition before it includes the letter number in the Msg Box. I have multiple sheet so I need to make the Msgbox appears everytime I click the sheets. I here's my code I...
  3. M

    VBA Message Box - restrict to one occurrence

    Hi All I have a simple msgbox macro which is called upon each time a worksheet is activated. Users could select any worksheet in any particular order at any given time. Currently, the message box appears several times over should the user interchange between different sheets in the workbook...
  4. K

    VBA - Message Box is Criteria not available

    Hi. I need some help on if something can be done. I have a spreadsheet with many rows of data. I added a macro that users can select 2 criteria to filter the list by selecting choices from drop down fields and "clicking" a button. This works fine. My problem is if there is no data in the...
  5. R

    Macro to refresh workbook, clear sheet, refer to path and import columns

    Hi, In my worksheet, I would like to add a macro which does the following at once: 1) refresh the active workbook, 2) clear the contents of a specific worksheet, 3) import columns data from a closed workbook, 4) refer to the path of the closed workbook based on cell data in the open workbook...
  6. K

    Add message box when wrong info entered

    Hi.. I am getting tied up on something. I have a protected worksheet that only allows data in to be added to certain cells. I want to add a macro button to unprotect the entire sheet that required the user to enter the correct password. That is working, but I want to add a pop up message box...
  7. T

    Excel VBA Create a link to another worksheet only if a cell is populated

    Hi, I am trying to create a button that I will click and it will transfer me to another worksheet but only if a cell is populated. If the cell is not populated I want a message box to warn me and not go any further until the cell is populated. I have so far done this but it just takes me to...
  8. K

    VBA code that returns the results of macro in a MsgBox

    At the end of running my macro I would really like it if a message box appeared displaying the results of the macro. The message box would say "X" number discrepancies were identified, or "0" discrepancies were identified. I am having great difficulty making this happen, i would really...
  9. T

    Macro to open two XLSM files from Names and Filepaths in cell

    Hi Everyone, I want to be able to open two XLSM doc from a folder. The Two File Names are in sheet "Welcome" Cells "B11" and "B12" but don't or might not have the .xlsm ending. the filepath is in cell B10 and will look like this "C:\Users\Tonypc\Downloads\New folder" I would like to first...
  10. T

    Display contents of array in messagebox

    How can I display the contents of an array in a messagebox? This fails on the MsgBox line. Dim MyArray(1 To 3, 1 To 1) As Variant MyArray(1, 1) = 1 MyArray(2, 1) = 2 MyArray(3, 1) = 3 MsgBox MyArray Thanks
  11. A

    messagebox to prompt another messagebox

    I am having a difficult time figuring out how to have a yes/no messagebox selection open another yes/no messagebox. Is this not possible and I need to use a userform?
  12. B

    VBA preventing adding a name to a list if the name is already in the list

    I use the following code to enter a name selected from a listbox to the end of a list of names named "nameList" I please need some help to prevent the name being added if it already appears in the list and a messagebox to appear advising that the name was not added because it is already in the...
  13. A

    Messagebox with date and last updated by information

    I'm pretty sure this can be done in VB, but I'm just starting to dabble in VB - so here it goes: When a file is open, I'd like to have a messagebox display the message, "File [filename] was last update by NAME on DATE" I'm assuming VB would be the place to do this? Has anyone done something...
  14. T

    vba to check if any of checkboxes are ticked

    Hi Everyone, I have a set of checkboxes there names are CheckBox21 to 30 I just need a macro that if none of the boxes are checked I get a messagebox saying "please select one" how can I do this? Thanks Tony
  15. A

    Cannot run the macro "macroname". The macro may not be available in this workbook or all macros may be disabled

    I need help. I am lost. My other workbook with the same data but from last year works fine with the buttons I made. This new workbook does not work. All macros are enabled under Trust Settings. I tried creating just a new button with a messagebox and this still comes up. When I debug and hit the...
  16. J

    Error on forms

    Hi guys, I have a userform and sometimes if you don't input a value in one of the textboxes, you get and error. I want that when there's an error, a messagebox will disply "Please fill in the missing fields" and then go back to the form for the client to continue using it. I tried: On Error...
  17. L

    MessageBox opens multiple times

    Hello everyone! I have a MessageBox in my application that asks whether the user wants to add a new product to the order or not. If I press 'No', it closes. When I press 'Yes', it does what it's supposed to do, lets me add another product, and so on. The problem is that once I press no, the...
  18. V

    VBA Message Box

    I would like to make the combination of UserForm and MessageBox but stuck with the code, can anyone help to rewrite the code correctly? Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() If MsgBox("Are you sure?", vbYesNo) = vbYes Then Dim lRow As Long Dim ws As Worksheet Set ws = Worsheets("Sheet1") lRow...
  19. E

    find empty cell from specific cell ranges and display result in msg box.

    Hi, i have a case where i wanted to find if there is any empty cells in the specific range of cells. if the macro find any empty cell it should show the cell names in message box or the empty cell can be highlighted, if there is no empty cell then"NO EMPTY CELLS FOUND" should be displayed in...
  20. E

    Cannot create MsgBox in VBA

    Hi Does anyone know why I cannot create messagebox in VBA, it seems like I might miss a Library.... Whatever I try to code it ends up With a text in red... Sub basic_messagebox() Answer = MsgBox("Do you wish to be terminated ?", vbYesNo) End Sub Best regards Espen

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