microsoft word

  1. F

    Select Range, Copy, then Paste

    I have the following code where I am selecting a range from excel, opening a word document, then pasting it to that word document. However, the code does not copy and paste the data, and I am not sure why. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks!! Sub Report() Dim wdApp As...
  2. C

    Exporting from Word Content Control Boxes to Excel

    Hi, I have 6 word documents with a total 399 Check Content Control boxes, 399 Date Picker Content Control boxes along with a Rich Text Content Control box at the top requiring a name stored on a SharePoint site. These will be opened by 1000's of people, renamed and saved back to the same folder...
  3. S

    VBA on MS Word - Save Append Log file

    Hi There I created a MS Word Macro enable document to update the users Outlook Email Signature and copy it to the Email location. All this is working Now I Want to save values to a Text file (log file) but it must append the text entry into one main "Report.txt" I got the code to save...
  4. J

    Copy from Excel to Word Doc as Multiple Images

    I have a spread sheet that consolidates multiple worksheets into one. Then, the user sets the page breaks. Next, the user can hit a "PDF" button and it will export to pdf. It looks great - exactly as it does in excel. But, I cant quite seem to get the Word export to work. When the "Word"...
  5. C

    Microsoft Word Mail Merge of cell formats

    Hello, I have had 2 instances recently where I have struggled with merging excel into a mail merge and the format did not merge correctly. In the first, I had a per diem automatically calculated, which generated a very long decimal point. I formatted it to 2 decimals, however when it...
  6. J

    Copy from Excel Paste as Formatted Text in New Word Document

    I am attempting to export my data from excel into word, but I need to paste it as formatted text (rtf). Does anyone know how to do this? I would also like to change the orientation to landscape, and set the margins to .75 on all sides. Any thoughts?? Sub printer() Const...
  7. R

    VBA Question

    Hi, I'm very new to VBA. I'm using it to try to create an Excel spreadsheet out of specific pieces of information extracted from a 100-page microsoft word document. This is what I have so far: Sub GrabUsage()Dim FName As String, FD As FileDialog Dim WApp As Object, WDoc As Object, WDR As...
  8. D

    Word VBA referencing Excel, Works on one computer but not another

    Hi, I've created a Microsoft Word (2010) VBA code that references an Excel workbook. You would have the Excel workbook open prior to running the Word macro. Basically, the Word document deletes certain paragraphs based on information in the excel document. I have this macro running perfectly on...
  9. J

    Excel to Word AutofitContent

    Hello, I have the below code that will copy a table in Excel and then paste it into Word. However I cannot get it to autofitcontents to the page: Sheet2.Range("F6:L" & (46 - Application.WorksheetFunction.CountBlank(Sheet2.Range("F6:F51"))) + 5).Copy...
  10. J

    Microsoft Excel to Microsoft Word

    Hello, I am just wondering if some one can help. I need to create a performance template for a number of business. The template is going to be generic for all business. At the moment I have linked charts from Excel to Word along with specific text. The problem I have it with tables. I wanted...
  11. L

    Automatically extracting data from a standard format Word file into Excel

    Hello, I'd like to understand how to extract specific rows from a (Standardized format) word file into an Excel spreadsheet. Here's the Word file I've uploaded to Box... ... however in case someone doesn't want to download the file for...
  12. M

    Excel to Word Formatting

    Hello, This might be more of a Microsoft Word question but I thought I'd ask it here anyway. I copy and pasted a few Excel cells into word with the link and merge formatting function so that I can make changes to the word file from excel. The problem I am having is that Word keeps adding...
  13. J

    Question for VBA in Word

    Hi Guys I'm amending a document, there's an additional Ribbon named Add-Ins, inside this ribbon are the Macros, which is great. But when I hover my cursor over the Macros it has the previous company name. I.e. "[COMPANY NAME] Toolbar : product_image" Any idea how to amend this? The ribbon...
  14. L

    Microsoft Word Forum? Mr. Word?

    Does anyone know a good forum for help on Microsoft Word? I am utilizing my new found skills with Excel and out-sourcing it to Microsoft Word, but naturally running into troubleshooting issues. c'est la vie.
  15. G

    Method 'Cells' of object'_Global' failed and I haven't a clue

    Hi I have been trying to automate some bureaucratic processes in my work. I have created a fair few macro's in my time but I am no master of vba. I have created a macro in word which is suppose to open an excel workbook, find the next available empty row and paste variable values into that row...
  16. M

    VBA problem calling MS Word

    Hi I am having a problem that is driving me nuts. I have not worked a lot with binding to other apps but I have searched and searched and tried different suggestions/variants to no avail, would GREATLY appreciate any help. I tested the following code natively (without the added binding) in MS...
  17. S

    How to Prevent Artifacts Appearing in MS Word?

    Hi Forum, I have a problem that I am sure has a simple explanation. I often make tables in Excel and copy/paste them into word for presentations. Sometimes various artifacts appear in the table in Word that are invisible in Excel. Also, sometimes small portions of borders disappear when the...
  18. Futile Crush

    Making individual headers/footers in MS Word

    Hey guys, I'm editing a story in Microsoft Word, and wanted to know how you can make specific headers and footers that don't copy onto every sheet. For instance, making each page Chapter specific (Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc.) If there is a way to do this without some bloody difficult code, that...
  19. worlein0209

    Copying Information from Excel to Word

    I have an order form which I made in Excel. I want to copy information from the order form (Called "OrderForm") to a word document (called "Quote Template.doc"). I have figured out how to get Excel VBA to open the existing word document. Now, I need to go back and forth between the two and...

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