1. I

    Exactly HOW secure is Microsoft Access?

    I am very curious in comparison between Access and Excel the security differences in each. Without the advent of quantum computing, I understand getting into a binary excel file that has a 255 character password is nearly impossible. However, in contrast, ACCDB is clearly not binary format - nor...
  2. R

    Using VBA to rename multiple of file names in folder but also taken parts of it out? Would this be possible.

    These file names are generally all the same but the numbers being completely different and I am just looking to place a ‘I’ at the start of the file name and removing the numbers at the start of it? The old name would be XS123445567_A_RT_Y 34019 and I would like to rename it too...
  3. T

    IF statement = the second occurrence, then paste that corresponding row's second column

    Can someone help me find a shorter formula. I would like the corresponding row's first column to appear in successive columns in a second sheet. Each F number (ie F1, F2, etc) refers to a person. the cells to the right of each person refer to a job that they will be doing (ie Team 1, Team 2...
  4. D

    Conditionally format cells to red color if cell 4 rows to the left is not blank

    Hello everybody, I currently have the following list: I want to create a formula (probably through conditional formatting i'd imagine), that basically says: If the cell 4 turns to the left of any designated cell (A1) in row E is not = blank, color the cell in row E with a red...
  5. R

    vba code no longer working after 8 years: did Excel or vba change?: lngRowsVisible

    Hi all! In 2011, the kind & infamous Moderator Jerry Sullivan gave me vba to achieve adding or deleting rows to have a proportionate sized sheet to print after filtering rows (in this post...
  6. H

    Help with Macros

    I very new to using Macro. Can some one please help me with a code to open all the below applications once I run the Macro. Calculator Adobe Reader DC Cisco Jabber Microsoft word Micrsoft excel Microsoft power point Microsoft outlook Snipping tool Notepad Any help is really appreciated Thanks
  7. A

    Power BI Certified Courses

    Hi, my company is prepared to put me through a Power BI course and have asked me to find a course that fits our needs: > Preferably a week / 2 week classroom based intense course > Certification included, Microsoft 70-779, MCSA or MCSE exams as part of the course > Preferably a Microsoft gold...
  8. B

    Microsoft Access 14.0 Object Library

    Hi, I have an Access Macro. In this macro, Microsoft Access 14.0 Object Library is ticked in Reference. I want to un-tick this reference. However while doing so I get pop-up as ‘Can’t remove control or reference; in use’. How do I find out what objects in my macro are related to this reference...
  9. A

    help with iif statement in access

    Hi all, I know access is not the best at formulas, but I have certain customer names were they can have the name entered slightly differently ( like Microsoft, Microsoft Inc, Microsoft UK).. Is there a iif contains formula so that if the customer name contains Microsoft then return the word...
  10. S

    Possible to prevent the Microsoft Excel Objects folder tree from expanding on its own?

    Within the Visual Basic Editor on the left side there is the Microsoft Excel Objects folder tree that contains all of the sheets in the workbook. The workbook that I am working in has many sheets and it "pushes down" the Modules folder and Class Modules folder, forcing me to scroll down to see...
  11. M

    ODBC Microsoft Access Driver Login Failed

    Hello All, I have an excel workbook which is linked to an Access Query via the Data>Get Data Essentially, each morning, as new data becomes available I right click and hit refresh and it updates for me. The past couple of days I have started to receive the following: "ODBC Microsoft Access...
  12. J

    microsoft excel has stopped working.

    It always happen when I closed the excel and open it again by clicking the assigned macro
  13. J

    microsoft excel is recovering information

    i cant open my userform becauses of the "microsoft excel is recovering information" .. it will onlly show when i clicked my assigned macro .. can help me guys ? im not an expert of this
  14. S

    Run-time error 3343 - Is there a solution

    I have the following code but have not found a solution online. Has anyone figured out a solution? or would this relate to an authentication issue from my company's server? how do I get around that? I have the following references: Microsoft Access 16.0 Object Library Microsoft DAO 3.6...
  15. P

    VB Assistance with Counting the number of rows with Data (within a datarange)

    Hello - I have a worksheet that will use a datarange of A2:A1000 within a sheet name of "ABC" I would like a variable that will return the number of rows that contain data. Anywhere between 1 and 999 is possible.
  16. T

    error message

    I am using Excel 2019 which I just download from Microsoft. I deleted the old Microsoft office which had word and excel because I was getting an error message. I am trying to enter stock symbols in column A and in column B I have the following =xlqprice(A3, "yahoo"). I have used this formula...
  17. J

    Use VBA to install Excel Microsoft Scripting Runtime Reference

    Hi all! I'm trying to activate the Microsoft Scripting Runtime Reference within my code as I'm using FSOs in other parts of the code. I don't get any errors, but it's not activating the reference either. The path below is my actual path. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance! Sub...
  18. rediffusion

    How to use `Google Code Prettifier` to VBA macro in Microsoft Excel?

    Cross-post! I have some VBA macro for "Inserting Note" in Microsoft Excel. I want this prettifier to be inserted in my macro for creating a note with highlighting, is it possible (Interested in highlighting such as on StackOverflow)? Watched a video 1, 2, - on YouTube but the manual is not...
  19. J

    Microsoft office Pro plus 2016

    Hi Guys, I have installed the Microsoft office professional plus 2016 on my personal computer (with a subscription of course) and i signed for the insider. My question is: Is it different from the office 365 pro plus insider?? Curious, because i am using certain keyboard shortcuts like Alt+B+M...
  20. VBE313

    VBA is Adding Microsoft Excel Objects??

    Everytime I am opening my workbook, I am getting a catastrophic failure, and then the Microsoft Excel Objects duplicate on each tab module. What am I doing wrong?

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