1. T

    Break even formula for a minimum value

    Hi everyone, I have the following table with two different adjusters: X and Y. A3, B3, C3 are all fixed values and D3 and E3 are input variables. Then, the Final Change (F3) is the following formula: =((B3+(C3*E3))+(A3*D3)) My goal is: figure out a formula to find out the minimum Assumption Y...
  2. R

    I want The lowest (minimum) and the highest (maximum) amount of total sales with criteria

    hello guys , i have a data that include this columns , and i want to know the lowest and highest sale for city 1 in these 5 month , that's mean formula must sum the sale of city 1 for 5 month Individually and show the lowest sale ABCDEFGH1monthcity codesalecity codeThe lowest amount of total...
  3. P

    Extract min/max values from a range of cells which share the same day

    I have 3 columns: "A" contains the day, "B" contains the hours, and "L" contains some values. For each day, there are 24 hours and these are associated with either negative or positive values. I would like to extract the minimum and maximum value of only the positive values (i.e. >=0) from...
  4. P

    Minimum If with dates

    Hi, I have a list of weekly dates in Column A and Costs in Column C. I am trying to find the lowest value of C if the date is before this week (as the values constantly go up, using min gives a misleading result as every week starts at £0. My formula (array) is as follows: <k11,c:c,""))[...
  5. H

    Code needed for Max & Min Values

    I have B2:B10 which are dynamic cells & keeps on UPDATING (based on time criteria) Corresponding MAXIMUM & MINIMUM values required in E2:E10 & F2:F10 Code required to accomplish. I am using Excel 2007. Thanks in adv. Sheet1 <colgroup><col style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold; WIDTH: 30px"><col...
  6. O

    Using MIN function in column with blanks

    I have a scoring sheet that lists scores in a column but never know how many names will be entered and want to find the minimum score in a column with several blanks above the formula
  7. H

    Randomly Distributing A Pre-Determined Sum Over 12 Non-Contiguous Cells

    Good Afternoon, Does anyone know of a way to distribute a certain number (say 25,000,000) over a group of non-contiguous cells, while adhering to a floor, or minimum number, for each respective cell? Also, formulas in the past have been "biased" toward the upper-most positioned cells (so that...
  8. F

    Minimum range of variable

    Hello, I have a "variable" (I think its called), called LastRow. And LastRow will find the latest row with data in special column. But if LastRow is empty. It will cause problems and delete information. Can I in some way set a minimum LastRow range? All help would be awesome! LastRow =...
  9. B

    Miltiple if and roundup question

    Hi All, I have formula with calculating order and after round in up to nearest 100. I have issue with one additional argument - if result is bigger then 0 but smaller then 500 round up to 500. As my minimum order is 500 after this its just 500+100 ect... any suggestions ? :confused...
  10. H

    If statement until..

    Hello, I'm wanting help with an IF statement. I am wanting to say If value in column G is equals or greater than the minimum (column C ) then 2750 until the value in column G is less than or equal to Max (column D) then 4000 =IF(ISBLANK(G3),"",IF(G3>=C3,2750,IF(G3<=D3,4000))) This is...
  11. D

    Subtotal minimum number that isn't zero

    Trying to get the following, but cannot figure the formula to get my desired output described. Subtotal(5,H4:H15) - the minimum number in a filtered list that isn't zero. Likewise, Subtotal(4,H4:H15) - the max number in a filtered list that is below 400 (or whatever I decide) Any thoughts...
  12. E

    Return A Cell With Multiple Criterias

    Need all your help. Thank you in advance. <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col span="9"></colgroup><tbody> Cells A1: Total B1: 16000 C1: Total D1: 17000 E1: Total F1: 16500 G1: Total H1: 17250 Row 2 K2: NO M2: NO O2: NO Q2: YES These cells can either be...
  13. E

    Double axis bar chart with different minimum values

    Hi All, I'm try to do what's set out in this post, EXCEPT I want to set a different minimum value for the two datasets I'm graphing...when I set minimum axis value to 0 on the left axis and to 1,000 on...
  14. B

    Minimum Value of 1.00 in Cell

    I have a cell that does not have a formula, but i need it to have a minimum value of 1.00 in it. it can have larger number in it, but no lower than 1.00, it must always have a value in it. Thanks for the help Chad
  15. B

    minimum maximum value formulating

    I am trying to put a corresponding value in a certain cell from a value in another cell. It will require me to do a "if this number is between two numbers in two columns" then it states the value to be inserted in a certain cell. I am having a problem figuring out what kind of formula to use...
  16. G

    Certain Cap

    How do I Cap if i want lets say -50% the minimum and +50% the max?.
  17. wsnyder

    Get Minimum Time Where Criteria May Be In Two Different Columns

    Hi, Using Office 365. I am trying to determine the minimum time an event occurred in the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) The problem seem to be that the the event may exist in either Col V or Col W as the event updates from Old to New Value, some events may repeat. Any other thoughts how I can...
  18. R

    Min of 5 cells before different from 0

    Hello everyone, thanks for your time in advance. My first column are numbers, for example: A1: Column 1 A2: 10 A3: 2 A4: 10 A5: 10 A6: 5 A7: 0 A8: 0 A9: 0 A10: 5 A11: 5 A12: 5 ... Then in my second column calculates the minimum of 5 cells before that are different from 0. For example the cell...
  19. R

    I am trying to add exceptions to a formula

    Dear Sir or Madam: My name is Robert, and I have just one more Excel formula issue before I fall asleep. The following formula works perfectly, but I want to add exceptions to it. I need Excel to find a cell that contains "minimum", "maximum", and range" with any other words except the...
  20. A

    Finding column header

    Hello, I have data in 5 columns having header. Now in 6th column I have value which in minimum of that particular row. Based on this minimum value I need to get corresponding column header in 7th column respective to each row. Similar to table shown below: <tbody> A B C D E Minimum Header...

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