mismatch error

  1. B

    VBA Worksheet visibility when equal to cell range

    Hello, I am working with a large workbook where a roster of people have a worksheet for every name. The goal is that i can divide this roster up in to teams or different ranges for each team. When a macro is activated it only shows the ws names that are equal the specified range in the...
  2. K

    VBA Mismatch error on calendar meetings

    Hello, I've followed a tutorial online to create meeting invites in Outlook from Excel. As far as I can tell, I've followed the tutorial exactly (besides changing the details to my spreadsheet). Currently, it's working. I run the macro and it creates all the meeting invites with the correct...
  3. M

    Type Mismatch Error with Index Match with Dates at VBA

    Hi. I want to find first date at Column C between today and next 15 days. I try many methods but always see Type Mismatch Error I declare as Variant I convert Date to number with CLng or CDbl, but See error again? What is Problem? Sub IndexMatchDates() Dim A As Long, P As Long A =...
  4. C

    Userform Data Mismatch issues

    I Have created a user form that auto populate fields 2-11 with data from the range on sheet1 ("Data12"). all of this is based on the Serial number inputted into form field number #1 which is a dropdown list that uses the range in colum 1 of the sheet which holds all the other data the only...
  5. B

    Error is thrown when I enter a name in the input box with an apostrophe in it e.g. Son's

    Hi, I am having an issue with the code below. Every time it runs and I enter a company name with an apostrophe an error is thrown that reads 'type mismatch run time error 13'. I am fairly new to vba, I have however tried to double up on the quotation marks *If Evaluate("isref('"" & ActNm &...
  6. A

    .Find Type Mismatch Issue

    Aloha all! I've ran into a Type Mismatch Error when trying to 'set the last row' of a sheet. What I've done was create a separate public function that the original code should use. However, when it goes to the public function, the error arises. What I was hoping was the public function would...
  7. 3

    ByRef argument type mismatch

    Hi, I have the following code. However this line of code throw an error message. col_Arr = return_column(rng_column_loop, previous_Month) Error message: Compile ErrorByRef argument type mismatch The function requires range as argument. I passed in range. So why was the mismatch? thank you...
  8. bobkap

    Run-time error 13: Type mismatch

    I have a macro running through 300+ rows of data just fine then suddenly I get the Type Mismatch error and I just cannot figure out why. Here's the portion of my code that's causing this. It bombs out on the If statement. Any help would be most appreciated. rownum = 2 counter = 2 For counter...
  9. J

    What's wrong with my code?

    Hi guys, I've been building some code for a spreadsheet which has a whole host of individual weighted words. When a user types in a particular sentence into the (Sheet: tester) "Search_box1" field, upon clicking a button I want each word in "search_box1" to be referenced in a separate sheet...
  10. L

    VBA Type Mismatch on Worksheet Change event

    Hello All, Here's what i'm trying to do: I have a userform which prompts the user to populate numbers when a drop-down value on column D is "Yes". And based on the entered number, current row will be replicated. However, I am running into Type Mismatch error 13 after the row is replicated...
  11. A

    Type Mismatch within UDF

    I have 2 UDFs which are suppose to work in tandem. 1 finds the holidays for a given year (HolidayLookup), then calculates their week number and assigns them specific prorated values for the type of holiday (like for the week of Christmas, your goal is 30% less). This part works great ironically...
  12. D

    Type data mismatch in VBA

    How do I get around this problem? Some of the cells are text, some formulas, and some numbers (but the numbers are formatted as text). Sub Apply_Color_To_Text2() ' Declarations and Initialisation Dim Row As Integer, Col As Integer Dim CurrentCellText As String Col = 1 ' Loop Through Rows 2...
  13. T

    Type MisMatch, but can't figure out why...

    Hello all, I'm very new to VBA... I understand that generally a type mismatch means you have a variable defined wrong. But I can't figure out what it is! There's an Excel sheet with a grades. Test 1, Test 2, Test 3, etc. I'm trying to calculate the final grade with specific curves with their...
  14. B

    Date format in cell does not match date format in formula bar

    Please help. I'm having trouble getting the date format in the formula bar to match the date format in the cells of my worksheet. I have my dates formatted in my cells as m/dd/yy however the formula bar shows m/dd/yyyy. I'm trying to get the formula bar to return only the 2 digit year format I...
  15. D

    Use selected items from a ListBox - Mistmatch error

    I am trying to use specific values from a listbox. I have managed to move this into a different one. But Iam not able to use this values so I am trying to put all the values in a collection to later use them. But i keep having a Mistmatch error In the ListBox i have the name of different files...
  16. A

    excel not responding - updating Historian Client Excel add-in, ends in Type Mismatch (error 13) error

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet, which pulls data from Wonderware Historian into Excel, which I later graph. The spreadsheet has a few very small macros, but it now takes a very long time to open. Excel starts by (not responding) [not even calculating, pretty sure], and ends with the Type Mismatch...
  17. T

    Why I received type mismatch error when running elseif statement?

    I did not run into any problem when I used `Range` function for a specific observation (e,g, `Range("A4")`. But when I wanted the same result to be replicated for each row, I changed to `cells` function (e.g. `Cells(x,15)`), and received "Type Mismatch" error for ` ElseIf Cells(x, 1) <> "" And...
  18. S

    Runtime error 13 - Mismatch

    Hi, Im trying to Call a macro in vba automatically when the value of cell A3 is changed. The macro runs, but when its finished I get the Run-time error 13 - Mismatch Now I read on different places that this means for instance a string and a number are mixed up in a formula. I just don't see how...
  19. J

    VBA Lock Cells - Error Type 13 Mismatch - Multiple Cells

    Hi, I have a Yes / No data validation list in column A. When Yes is selected I want rows B - T to be locked and want it unlocked when it is empty / no is selected. The below code works brilliant but only when one cell is inputted with Yes. When multiple cells in column A are inserted with Yes...
  20. R

    Run-time error '13': Type mismatch

    I'm very new to VBA and am trying to create a sub that pulls stock prices from one sheet in my workbook and calculates the percentage change between the prices in another sheet. The code isn't fully built out yet. I am trying to build step by step and have run into a problem in my...

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