1. B

    Find missing values in two lists

    Hi all, This should be a simple problem but I seem unable to sort it: I have a list of numerical and word product codes in B44:B60, e.g HJK/5566712/19 A macro button on each row can copy the data from B44 over to H44 when sent to another department. Hitting the button again undoes the...
  2. D

    Find missing checkboxes in userform

    hi all, The following code showing my userform contains approx. 170 checkboxes. Sub macro1() Dim ctl As Control Dim j As Long 'Dim msg As String j = 3 For Each ctl In UserForm1.Controls If TypeOf ctl Is MSForms.CheckBox Then If UserForm1.Controls(ctl.Name).Value = False Then Cells(j, 5).Value...
  3. I

    Missing values per case

    Hello! I am new to excel and have learned a lot from these messages boards and hope to keep the learning momentum going. I have a large dataset with over 25k rows and hundreds of columns. I would like to delete rows (participants) who have over 50% missing values per variables. Each column...
  4. C

    Missing menu

    Ok Something happened to my excel over the weekend while I was not at home. If I just double click any excel file the menus are missing but if I open Excel first and choose the file all the menus are there. I cannot figure out how to add the pictures I took of the screen so I can show you...
  5. A

    32 to 64 bit

    Someone has asked if an App I have can work in their 64 bit Office. (I think it's the online one). I installed 64 bit office 2010 onto my laptop to find out. Running the xlsm file brings up a pile of problem but I did manage to alter all the Functions to ptrsafe Functions. Then there are lots...
  6. willow1985

    Excel stating not a valid formula when the same formula is working in another spreadsheet...

    Hello, I was hoping someone would be able to help me with the below formula: ="CC "&AGGREGATE(14,6,MID(A3:A1000000,4,9)/(LEFT(A3:A1000000,3)="CC",1)+1 I have the same formula in another sheet: ="IAR "&AGGREGATE(14,6,MID(A$4:A$999952,4,9)/(LEFT(A$4:A$999952,3)="IAR"),1)+1 and it works just...
  7. N

    IF formula

    This formula is supposed to test if one cell value is less than another, if so, show nothing, if not, then do a percentage calculation and show that, what am i missing? =IF((AZ2<$AX$7),(""),(("BA2/AZ2)*100"))) Happy to share the spreadsheet if it helps, it's nothing personal. Here's how it...
  8. B

    Your Microsoft Access database or project contains a missing or broken reference to the file ‘OSAMAXA.dll’ version 1.0.

    Hi When trying to open an access file, I am getting below message. If I click OKAY on this, I get further pop-ups with similar type of messages. Only the dll name is changed. I guess, this is about missing dll, but not sure, also how does I fix this. Can anyone please tell me what does this...
  9. G

    Missing Time Stamps add blank row

    I am trying to figure out how to build a macro to spot missing sequence and add in a new row when found. There should be 1440 data points in column A The date and time formatting goes as followed 10/10/2019 7:41 10/10/2019 7:42 10/10/2019 7:43 10/10/2019 7:44 10/10/2019 7:45 10/10/2019 7:46...
  10. T

    Number of missing months between two anniversary dates

    Hello, Used the following formula but the results I'm getting is not what I'm expecting. =DATEDIF(A1,B1,"m")+DAY(B1)/(32-DAY(B1-DAY(B1)+32))-DAY(A1)/(32-DAY(A1-DAY(A1)+32)) For example: Cell A1: 3/30/2018 Cell B1: 3/1/2019 The number of months missing should be 12, but I'm getting 10.06...
  11. S

    Need a Power bi Dax function to giving missing data in related table

    Hi All, I HAVE 2 tables. Table 1: CMDB Table 2: CPUutilization report Table 1 is static report with list of unique Server name Table 2 consist of data for entire month with date, Server name and it's Avg utilisation % for each day. The issue is Table 2 will have some Servers missing on daily...
  12. D

    Enabling macros

    Why do some worksheets request permission to enable macros whereas others don't? I can't seem to find any consistency, so must be missing a basic setting. Thanks!
  13. G

    Can anyone help on how to extend and amend a V LOOK UP

    Hi Im very new on formulas / V LOOK UP'S and worked out whats below so far and it compares data in column J against data in column B and then put a "0" in to identify missing. =IF(IFERROR(VLOOKUP(J1,$B$1:$B$9999,1,FALSE),"missing")="missing", 1, 0) What im trying to do is do the same but...
  14. G

    Can I improve a worboook to work more efficently

    Hi I have a workbook that compares missing data and duplicates and put in column F if missing and column N if duplicate. At present it looks up to line 9999 and its extremely slow and sometimes misses missing and duplicated data. My data will not always go to line 9999 and wondered if I...
  15. J

    Find missing numbers and post.

    Hello everyone and thanks ahead for your help! I am using Excel 2016 and in my spreadsheet, in column A starting in cell A1 I have sorted numbers from 1 to 1000, no duplicates and no blank cells and no data beyond last number. There are however missing numbers. I would like Excel to when I...
  16. G

    Assistance needed in amending a macro.

    Hi I had this macro that compared data between sheets 1 and 2 and marked "OK" "MISSING" and "DUPLICATE" What im trying to amend it to do is to mark "OK" and "DUPLICATE" on sheet 1 still but when data is on sheet 2 but not on sheet 1 I need it marked "MISSING" on the row concerned on sheet 2...
  17. szita2000

    I'm in trouble all tabs missing, ribbon greyed out

    Hi Guys. I am in major trouble. This morning one of the files I made seems to be broken. When I load the file (xlsm) with or without macros enabled, All the tabs are missing and the whole ribbon is greyed out. When I go to the VBA editor, I can see the worksheets, the modules and all...
  18. sharky12345

    Set focus to field on userform and activate relevant multipage

    I'm using this to set the focus to a field which is empty; For Each ctl In Me.Controls If TypeName(ctl) Like "Text*" Or TypeName(ctl) Like "Combo*" Then If ctl.Value = "" Then Call MsgBox("You have fields with mandatory data missing", vbCritical, "Missing data") ctl.SetFocus Exit Sub End If End...
  19. willow1985

    Text and Data reference formula in a text box

    I am trying to put the following formula in a text box ="Total: " & Data!B8 But I keep getting the following error: "The formula is missing a range reference or a defined name." Could anyone tell me what I am missing? I thought this was pretty straight forward..... Thank you Carla
  20. K

    Determine missing zip codes from a range for sales territories and determine valid zip for state.

    Originally our sales territories were set up with zip code ranges. Our new requirements are to have each zip code listed, based on a limitation on the new version of the territory tool we use. So I need to take our existing range lists and convert them, without duplicates, to list each zip...

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