1. T

    Smooth monthly trend to achieve assumed average YoY growth

    I am trying to create a formula that will populate 2024 values and show a smooth trend that ends up with the 2024 average being 3% higher than the 2023 average. When I average all of the months for 2024, it needs to come out to $71.71.The 3% assumption would be an input cell. Is there a way to...
  2. Y

    How to make the model to solve with solver?

    I am trying to solve following question with solver, however I can’t figure out how to build the model. Any help is appreciated. I have 8 camions and each camion’s capacity is How8 ton. I want to transport 2500 tons of wheat from point A to 3 silos. Silos capacity and required travel time are...
  3. W

    Dynamic & Scalable Model

    Hello - Thanks for your time. I have a question on what formulas/ideas I could use to achieve the following. I'm working on a Forecast model that has multiple tabs. These tabs represent the different functions in my company (IT, Risk, Marketing, etc). On each of these tabs I have identical...
  4. L

    Financial modeling in Excel

    Hi I was talking to a director of a company and he said they are looking for someone can do Financial Modeling in Excel/VBA and can train others with Financial modeling. I tried to google it and found many links but they are all gear it to Finance. I would love to hear "what is financial...
  5. W

    5 year monthly forecasts

    Is it possible for Excel to determine the monthly percentage for a 5 year sales plan where the only input would be the annual sales goal for each of the 5 years?
  6. D

    Real Estate Rent Roll

    I am having difficulty trying to figure out the most efficient and cleanest way to project and roll up for future cash flow modeling a large list of retail tenants. Each tenant has different lease start and expiration dates, rent-able SF, rent price, renewable options, and rent escalations...
  7. M

    Returning Value from Time Ranges

    Hi Everyone I have a data table that shows a list of times Trailers were tipped, from which site in time order such as <tbody> Date Despatch Site Time of Trailer Unloaded 28/02/2016 MD01 06:13 28/02/2016 KA09 06:56 28/02/2016 MD19 07:42 </tbody> I then on a separate sheet have a...
  8. B

    Help with Tricky Salesperson Revenue Forecast Model

    Good evening, I am currently working on building out a revenue model that takes into account new salespeople being hired, along with their quotas, productivity ramp up (time it takes for them to achieve increasing percentages of their quota), and how this all feeds into increased monthly...
  9. M

    Register: ModelOff APAC Meetups 2015 (AUS, IND, HK, SG)

    This May and June, the ModelOff Team is traveling around APAC to hold local networking events - and you are invited to join the celebrations! Six FREE drinks networking events will be held in Melbourne (May 26), Sydney (May 27), Singapore (June 9), Bangalore (June 10), Hong Kong (June 11) and...
  10. K

    Excel modeling question

    Hi all, Attachment: In the attachment above, I've made a simple logistics model. Column C shows the daily shipments on each date The shipment capacity is 20000 (cell C6) The shipments follow FIFO i.e. For the 45k...
  11. C

    Direct Debit Payment Modeling

    Hi All, I am back again with another dates based query. I am looking to forecast my direct debit payments by week and need to model which week a payment will be taken from my bank account if it falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday... Week1 Week2 Week3...
  12. V

    Trending and modeling Attendance data in a new way; getting probability of attendance per person based on past

    First, this is long, but I want to be as descriptive as possible. This modeling is explores using basic attendance data to enrich decisions (which folks to call to keep attendance up). THE PROBLEM/QUESTION: I need help in #excel.I'm using MS Office 2013 and want to model attendance records...
  13. S

    Incrementally returning a value based on relative running totals

    I have what has turned out to be a challenging problem. I am trying to model emergence timing of eggs based on cumulative temperature units. When the eggs (Column L) deposited on a given date (Column C) have accumulated 1600 tu's (a running total of Column N) I wish to return the original...
  14. A

    Model that can change when data is filtered

    I have built a model that is linked to a sheet of data. What I would like to do is let someone filter the data, say by state and then have the model change from showing all results to just those filtered results. The tricky part is that I need to use the countif and sumif functions to tell the...
  15. A

    Basic Statistics

    Hi, I am using statistics to develop a finacial model on excel. I have created a table that lists returns of a security over a given period of time. I have used formulas to calculate the mean and standard dev of the returns. Right now, I am using the norm.inv function =norm.inv(.05...
  16. W

    Robot Arm in VBA

    Hi everyone, I am trying to model a two-line robotic arm in Excel VBA where I have an object and I specify the pickup and drop-off positions, and the arm moves with constant angular velocities to reach the object, pick it up, and then drop it off. It will look similar to this; Yasser's Virtual...
  17. R

    Big Project-Capitalization tables, modeling, advanced searching.

    So this is a rather difficult project-one with many answers and one where I'll need a lot of help. Please PM me or email me if that seems more reasonable. I'd appreciate any help you can offer. Heres the issue: I currently work with lots of Capitalization tables from different companies. These...
  18. E

    Building & designing Excel models

    I'd like to know if anyone can suggest a product or resource to get a good fundamental education on the process of building/creating Excel models. I know that sounds broad, so let me explain. I've learned a significant amount through MrExcel products and Mike Girvin, and asking questions on the...
  19. Y

    Anyone know about Vumero?

    Just a quick one. Does anyone know about Vumero or have any more info other than what is on their site? How it works or when it's launching? Cheers Yogi
  20. G

    Excel Template for Modeling/Planning Salary

    Hello, Just wondering if anyone has a good, ready-built template for modeling direct payroll, or salary planning for a department. Ideally, something that allows for salary increase on a given date, as well as adjustments for vacancy (due to a position being temporarily open/vacant). At my old...

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