1. S

    Is it possible to create groups of modules and show the real name?

    Having to open the module to find out its purpose is a bit bureaucratic, especially when having to do it several times. Is it possible to show the true name of the module and also create groups of modules?
  2. A

    VBA: Edit Module Across Multiple Worbooks

    Hi All, I currently have 200 Excel Workbooks saved in a Folder, and would like to replace the Contents of an existing VBA Module in each Workbook with updated Code from the same Module in the Master Template. Does anyone have any VBA that would be able to do this? Thank you for any...
  3. R

    VBA to include modules in emailed workbook

    Hi there, I am using the code below to email out a report (using task scheduler & macro launcher to email our daily). The report I'm emailing out contains macro buttons, relating to two modules (Module1 and Module2). The code below works as far as sending the workbook as an attachment, but...
  4. M

    Size limit on Modules in VBA?

    I'm nearing the completion of a macro-enabled workbook that has many modules. I remember seeing some forum posts online that talked about there being a size limit to modules. It seems that the unofficial word is that the limit is 64K for each one. One post I saw suggested to type the...
  5. B

    What are Class Modules

    Hi, I am new to MS Access and have never used Class module in Excel VBA either. My question is more regarding Access, can anyone please help me understand what are class modules. How they are different from regular modules. What are the advantages of a class module or why and when should we...
  6. M

    Which is a better technique, More modules, few routines in each modules

    As I trying to get my coding better, I've been searching for advice regarding which is a better technique. More Modules, each with a unique name referring to the (perhaps) one to five related modules, or fewer modules with more routines in each module. I have figured out it's easier to have a...
  7. A

    VBA - Add In with Modules/Subroutines

    Hello, I am working with different tools based on workbooks at work. Now I don't want to write/update the code, which is over some workbooks the same, again and again in every tool. The solution should be to write this tool, which is exactly the same in every tool, in an add in, and connect...
  8. T

    Calculating % based on items filled in a column?

    Hi. Here's an example table below and the column I'm trying to count and calculate. Looking for some help... <tbody> A B C D E F Number of A Modules Number of B Modules Number of C Modules Number of D Modules Number of E Modules % of Penetration of all Modules 1 550 - -...
  9. T

    Personal.xlsb visible but not opening.

    Hi all. I hope you can help me as I am having a bad, bad day I was editing a long macro earlier in VB editor and when I returned to it, my macros have all disappeared. The PERSONAL.XLSB file is still visible in C:\Users\tt*******\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART which I hope is a...
  10. dispelthemyth

    Extracting modules from a different workbook via VBA? (corrupt file)

    I have a corrupt file that i cant expand the project view on meaning i cant get to the point of seeing the modules and right clicking to export (it is password protecting and i am able to enter the password successfully) Is there a way to export these modules using VBA when inside another workbook?
  11. N

    Can Userform, Modules and Class Modules of Excel be exported to Word ? with all the sub routines written in Userform, Modules and class modules

    Hello Before implementing i thought of asking the following Can Userform, Modules and Class Modules of Excel be exported to Word ? with all the sub routines written in Userform, Modules and class Modules of Excel using Excel 2013 Thanks and Regards NimishK
  12. H

    Module Usage

    Hi - I have a general questions about whether it's best to put all your code into 1 macro, or create separate modules for each procedure and then call them? thanks!
  13. J

    VBA Updae Cell References

    Hi, I'm sure this will be a dumb question because I'm sure I already know the answer. I have written a dozen modules of code in a spreadsheet and now the main sheet used needs to be edited slightly. This means inserting 6 rows to it so all my code references are now out by 6 rows. I don't...
  14. D

    How do I move code from sheets to modules?

    At the moment, all my code is stored in two sheets and I want organise my code a little better by moving some of it into modules. I don't know how to move it to modules and have it still work, for instance, have the command button still run the code when it is clicked. How do I do this?
  15. H

    Multiple Modules?

    I have like 15 Modules in my workbook, I have no idea why 14 of them are there. I don't know that much about VBA so I don't know if they are needed. I do have a bunch of buttons connected to macros. Is this a glitch?
  16. T

    List contents of modules in ListBox

    Howdy, How can I list in the ListBox or TextBox (in the UserForm) the modules from a .xlsm file In ListBox1, list the modules and in the ListBox2 or TextBox, the contents of the selected module in Listbox1. Is that possible? I have seen on Youtube or forums, that I can list the modules in a...
  17. H

    which module to use

    One of my workbooks has become corrupted, I printed all the vba, and now I have to retype it all, do I need to put each back into the modules or can I just write each sub one after each other in one module?
  18. JenniferMurphy

    Add-In modules vs Code Modules

    Is there a way to have an add-in module deactivated for one workbook, but still active for all other workbooks? The only way I know of to deactivate an add-in is File | Options | Add-Ins | Manage | uncheck the add-in in the list. This procedure causes that add-in to unchecked for all workbooks...
  19. rhino4eva

    option explict

    Option Explicit Dim fileloc As Long fileloc = "G:\Infection Control\CDRNE\CDRN Prism Data\MLVA data\IC RAW EXPORT TABLE" I want t use this fileloc string in several subsequent modules but I get an error message Compile error Invalid outside procedure Any ideas please
  20. A

    Macro Location Control

    I have a number of spreadsheets with many macros, one in particular with nearly 400. Whilst the sheet and the macros work fine, when I edit macros I note that the later ones are "saved" in separate modules. My tidy mind says that it would be neater and easier to search and edit if they were all...

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