1. B

    VBA code to sumifs and split across Business Case and Managers

    Hi Can someone help me with below requirement. I have base data in sheet1 with Business Case ID's and Managers etc as below. X to AI columns will have Jan to Dec data. I am only allowed to present some sample data due to confidentiality. X Y AI AJ AM AN 1-Jan 2-Feb 12-Dec Yes/No Manager...
  2. Martin_H

    Slightly modify the code [VBA]

    Hi team, I would like to slightly modify the code below, which is a small part of bigger macro: If Month(Date) < 3 Then MsgBox "Not yet available.", vbExclamation Exit Sub End If So basically, if today's month is February and I am trying to run macro specified only for the month of March...
  3. S

    Return date based on month and year from data

    I have a set of data that consists of one column of dates and another column of values that corresponds to the date next to it. I would like to have a formula that you can search for the lowest date based on the month and year. So if I have February and 2020 as the criteria, and the data is...
  4. B

    VBA code to align data monthwise/Horizantally

    Hi All, Can someone help me with below requirement. I have data sheet1 where there is "Month" header is column "I" and "COUNT" header in column "M". Sample data looks like below. Number Name MONTH COUNT 121 Ram February 40 132 Carey February 32 125 Salim February 40 127 Kumar...
  5. D

    Macro to utilize drop-down

    Hi everyone, I have a macro which edits and populates a template (which has other macros in it) and I need to populate a drop-down value for the month. The value is a numerical value of the current month, so I entered a code which would go to the cell "A15" and populate with the numerical value...
  6. D

    Formula that cumulatively adds months based on start and end date

    Hi, First time posting on here so apologies if my request has anything missing. I have a list of projects, each with a start and end date in one excel sheet. In another sheet I have months as the column headers, and rows containing "new projects" and "active projects". I have filled out the...
  7. MrDB4Excel

    Month Conditional Formatting

    If a range in a column contains a specific month using the format Mon-01 June 2020 then I want to set conditional formatting on that range. Different conditional formatting would apply for each of the other 12 months, plus the one column “R” labeled “Expected Conversion $ To Kč” would have the...
  8. V

    Dates to month with if conditions

    Hi All, Thanks in advance, we have the following sheets sheet1 Time and dateEmail AddressOptiontest5-5-2020 12:52:30goldy@zyx.comcall15-5-2020 12:58:38vin@fdfs.comcall 25-5-2020 13:14:23pate@dfd.comcall1Option 15-5-2020 13:15:34lucy@fdfd.comcall35-5-2020 13:25:03goldy@zyx.comcall26-9-2020...
  9. B

    Format decimal as number of months

    Hey everyone, I want to format a decimal/fraction as a number of months. For example, I'd like to enter "=1/12" into a cell and have it show "1 month," or enter "=1.5/12" and have it show "1.5 months." Is this possible? Thanks!
  10. E

    Monthly increase

    I need a formula in my excel sheet that increases in value by 2.16 every month. e.g. if cell A2 is "5" in January it must automaticly be "7.16" the first of February and "9.32" the first of March and so on. Is there any formula to make this happen? If a parameter to get yesterdays month existed...
  11. M

    VBA Match Month & Year in Row to Month & Year from another cell

    Thanks in advance for any help! I'm trying to locate the month and year contained in a row of one worksheet that matches the month and year contained in a cell on a different worksheet. Then copy the matching column to a third worksheet. With the below, I'm receiving a "Type Mismatch" error on...
  12. C

    Month Sum based and dates and a name

    I have a spreadsheet called "Scrap Detail" where we log what items we scrap and against what work cell. Column A has the date and column B has a drop down to select the Cell. The value of the scrap is then totalled in Column F. We then have different work cells within the business where I have...
  13. Geo1126

    IF Last month

    Hi Guys, I think this is pretty basic, yet I still havent been able to figure it out. I want a formula that returns a cell value, if another cell value (date) occured last month. if the month column is blank or not last month return NA. A1 has date B1 has value I wanted formula to capture C1...
  14. P

    averaging months

    what i want to do is. i want a foumula that will let me to get a rolling average for a month as i add numbers for each week. that total will be in one cell. I want it to be able for it to figure a average for week 1,2,3,4 so that I will have a current average each week. Example: week 1...
  15. M


    Hi I have a Workbook which has a sheet for each month and a totals sheet. I'm trying to get Year to Date totals based on the month. ie in cell E1 on the Master Doc tab the month is Jan then in C5 it shows the value from C5 on the Jan tab. If E1 is changed to June 19 I want C5 to show the Total...
  16. B

    Count unique number in column B for specified month.

    Hi All, I'm wondering if someone could help me on this! Is it possible to add month instead of range. Like count unique number in column B for the month of Sep, Oct or Nov. Note that I have column C which has dated when claim number was issued. A B Test-Count | Auto-Num...
  17. K

    Pop up message box

    Hello all, I have a workbook that uses multiple command buttons to get to the user forms and writes data to multiple sheets. I was wondering if there is a way to get a message box to pop up when I click on my midnight command button and "01" is displayed in cell "C4" on the main page where the...
  18. P

    VBA AutoOpen sub to worksheet # based upon the current month

    Good EveningEveryone :), I would like to create an AutoOpen sub that automatically opens up to a specific worksheet based upon the current month. For example, we are currently in October, so I'd like it to open up toWorksheets(4). If its November, I'd like it to open up to Worksheets(5). If...
  19. P

    averaging months

    I have a situation where i have 12 months in a row acroos my worksheet.( Jan-Dec), and i have 6 catgories with total number of students that attend across the top. each month has 4 dates. so what you have is each month they meet weekly and i have a attendance number. I another place on the...
  20. A

    set up blank pivot tables for future

    folks, I am trying to set up a model that will report for the next twelve months. Each month is on a separate worksheet. I need to show salesperson and sales amount in one of the graphs. Given that sales people may or may not achieve a sale in any one month, I thought that using a pivot table...
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