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    Count left working days in current month

    Good day everybody, I am facing a relatively trivial problem, but somehow I can not continue. Aussprache lernen I would like to know how (dax measure) many working days are still available in the current business month from today (in Excel/ Power Pivot). I have the following table...
  2. C

    Automated Daily Production Report - Excel

    I am in need of a vba module that would allow me to do the following: I currently have a workbook which is Titled "Aspen DPR 10-19". The "10-19" changes based off of current month-year. This Daily Production Report has a tab titled "Monthly Report" and also has a tab for each day of the month...
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    Custom Sorts in Pivot table

    Hi there I wounder if someone can point me in the direction as I have a brain freeze. I have a large dataset of around 12000 records with around 16 columns . I have a start date and end date in 2 columns and I convert that into another column with the month as text from the From to cell date so...
  4. B

    Changing the month in a sheet name

    I have several files that I use every month. I have two sheets which include the current month that I am working on. For example, I'm starting the November file and I need to rename a couple of these sheets from Sept to Oct (I do commissions so we I am preparing the Oct commissions to be paid...
  5. D

    Missing Chart Data Labels

    Hello, I have a table with some data on the y axis and months on the x axis. It looks something like this (I am unable to publicly share the actual chart or data): <tbody> A B C D E F G H I J K L M 1 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 2 Plan 10 15 20 20 20 15...
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    Change date to month in ACCESS

    I have a Complete Dt column with the date formatted as 10/8/2019 and I need a formula to convert this to the name of the month. Any ideas? I tried this but all I get is January in the column. Format(DatePart("m",[Completed Dt]),"mmmm")
  7. M

    LOOKUP formula

    Hi everyone. I have a lookup formula that must search for waybill numbers based on the company that is selected for invoicing. The company name is located in C13 (on the invoice sheet where the formula is located as well) and the list of waybills is in sheet Data Input in column B. Column D on...
  8. D

    VBA to search a column for the first instance of a date within a designated month

    I'm sure that title makes this sound far more complicated than it is (at least, I hope so). To give some background, I have a spreadsheet that lists data chronologically. Out of that data, I have a formula that utilizes just the data from the current month, for example...
  9. V

    Week numbers but in the same month only add up

    Hello All I am trying to add up multiple rows of date to show the outstanding sales for each week At the moment I am using the formula WEEKNUM using the daily date The issue I have is that the WEEKNUM sometimes rolls the date into the next month which I can't have I have to be accurate to...
  10. R

    Sum cells in different sheets - do not update relative location if cell moves

    Background: I am trying to build a rough what-if tool for team resource planning. I have separate sheets for different projects. I have a summary sheet that has totals. I can sum cells for a given resource across the sheets to show all planned work by person for a given time period, however if...
  11. P

    If Statement

    Hi - looking for help please I have 2 columns which vlookup values within my tab, they are Team Name last month / Team Name this month. I wish to know if these change and report in Column 3. I have about 7 different team names - for this example - North, South, East, West
  12. H

    Calculating The Impact of Volume and Conversion Rate Changes

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to calculate the impact three ever changing variables are having on our month on month performance. We have 10 buckets that are filled with applications and the scenario is: The total number of applications changes month on month The % of total applications that sit...
  13. A

    Making the formula Dynamic based on Date Range

    Hi All -- I was hoping you can help me make the following formula dynamic based on a date range.. I have this formula : =INDEX(LINEST(I62:I73,J62:J73),2)*12 I have a table of dates (end of month dates) and two columns with numbers which I need summed up based on the most recent 12 months...
  14. L

    Excel Formula to Calculate Values

    I have a Excel Document with two tabs. The first tab is a commission log where I calculate the amount of commission payable and the date it was then paid to the person. I then have a second tab for the statistics so it counts how many orders were generated in a particular month (formula...
  15. B

    Not sure how to do this easily?

    Hi I have created a work book which is basically which is a stock control book which covers a fiscal year. my problem is that the prices are set in one column for each month by linking each month to the next separately this allow or price changes at the beginning of each month. For each month...
  16. T

    If Lookup?

    I have one file with two sheets. One sheet one in row one I have one column as name, column two as a number and column three as a month of the year. On my sheet two I have the same three columns. How can I pull just a single month (like Jan) from the sheet one to sheet two? Doing this using a...
  17. R

    PIVOT Setting or Option to Provide Percentage of all column items TRUE from each Month

    Hi Folks, Need help on the Pivot setting or option I can use to allow me show the percentage of TRUE on the column from each month see sample result below. RAW Worksheet <tbody> A B C D 1 DateM SLA Met 2 Sep TRUE 3 Sep TRUE 4 Sep TRUE 5 Sep TRUE 6 Sep FALSE 7...
  18. D

    Month by Number

    Hello, I am wondering if there is a way to calculate months mathematically. For example, if this month is October (10) and I want to go back 3 months to July (7), is there an easy way to show this? Here's what I have: <tbody> A B 1 10 <--using "=MONTH(TODAY())" 2 Oct <--using...
  19. C

    Open 2 Matching Files in Folder & Loop

    Dear Experts, I've problems modifying below codes as they codes cannot finish to the end : 1. I've in folder many project files for current month and last month 2. Each file name has a standard format like 02015-201909-Flex*.xlsm (this month), and 02015-201908-Flex*.xlsm (last month), while *...
  20. A

    Copy data range to a dynamic target worksheet and range

    Hi everyone, I am a VBA beginner, I have written a macro using codes from different threads here and watching youtube videos, it sounds easy to copy and paste data, however, there are some tricky requirements as the source workbook, the target worksheet and target range change based on the...

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