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    Script to loop thru a number of folders and pulling particular cells into a master sheet

    Hello. I used to have a VB script that worked with Excel..years ago. I now have Office 365 and want to do the following. Loop thru a number of folders and pull particular cells from particular tabs and import them into a master file. For example .... folder layout is .... main folder (static...
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    vba logic to open up several files within a folder and perform 2-3 steps

    Hello. I am trying to do the following. Within c:\123 folder. - i have 100 files. I need vba code to open up file 1, perform a few steps, remove a tab, rename a tab, autofit the columns, save and close, and then loop to the next file until file 100 is completed. I have the following code which...
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    Exporting 2 tables using 2 queries into one Excel file (2 different tabs)

    Hello. I have the following script that is working. A ID table is opened, txtDist= ID command pulls one ID at a time. Query output is named output and then transfered to a output tab in a output.xls file Renames the file and then loops again until it finishes the entire ID table. I want to...
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    Export Access Table data to Excel - DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet function

    Hello. I have a vb script in Access. Its been working fine for years. Basically the script uses a bunch of OpenQuery & TransferSpreadsheet Export commands. DoCmd.OpenQuery "Sample Query1" DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel8, "Sample Query1 Export", "c:\text..xls", True...
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    Equivalent of vlookup in MS Word

    I have a table in Excel with one column named employee ID Number. I have a table in MS Word. I want to enter employee ID Number in MS Word table and all other relevant columns populated from Excel table. Is it possible? If not, what other method do you recommend?
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    Click on a cell - acts like a filter

    Hello. I am trying to click on a single cell...and all the similar values (to the cell I clicked) .. those results return on a separate tab. Please see attachment. Only issue real data has 1000 of entries vs. my sample
  7. M

    A table with symbol and their frequency to create Huffman tree and extract binary values to excel worksheet

    I have a table in excel with different values in it. I have extracted each value and its count from that table using countif function. Now I need to create a macro code that can generate binary codes for each element using Huffman's algorithm in VBA. Please guide me through, Is it possible to...
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    VB to edit VB in Multiple Excel Files

    Hello. I am trying to do the following. I am in folder ABC. I have 50 files, a.xls b.xls c.xls, etc... I want to write a script to open up file A, go into the VB, unfortunately the VB has a passcode, enter the passcode, go into module 1 and replace the one line of code with another "static" line...
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    VB Code - loop a copy and paste a specified number of times

    Hello. I have a simple worksheet for an example... I want to populate R2:R6 with audi, then copy R7:R11 with benz, etc... The real dataset I have in Column S is 100's of rows, but if I can get code using the above, I'll modify it as needed. So copy Audi to column R..starting in R2 for a...
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    Excel VB Code to open another excel file (variable)

    Hello. I have the following code that works. Sub sbVBA_To Open_Workbook() Dim wb As Workbook Set wb = Workbooks.Open("C:\Users\testuser\Desktop\export\order1.xls") My question is... can the current vb code be changed to accommodate any file name? Meaning I will export one file to the...
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    Excel VBA - How To Sort and Total Data in a Summary Tab

    Hello. I am trying to do the following. Lets say I have a order tab. Main Part # is listed in column A. Qty is next. The Main Part # consists of 4 parts which is columns D - G. I have the mid and left functions working to populate D-G... and the below screen shot. What I want to a...
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    How to parse data from a cell

    Hello. What formula would I use to parse the following. JC-RO-06-L367-E201-J166-MK5C40-M14XT The number could and can be different, but the section I'm looking for the characters following the MK. So in this example I would want the formula to return 5C40. Another example...
  13. D

    Question about formulation of some desired output with CountIFS?

    Hi Everyone, I need to formulate following two desired output whose explanations can be also found in EXCEL I have copied here. I though I can use only countifs to formulate them but I could not get it worked. I will be glad with your help. Thanks you in advance...
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    I need to write following Excel formulas in MS Project. Could you please help?

    Hello Everyone, I need help from you to write formulas in MS project. I had a file in Excel. But I need to use MS Project because of management decision. MS Project formula language is different and I do not have any experience about it before. I will be really glad if you can help me about it...
  15. R

    Replacement to SUMIFS

    Hello. I am trying to use if statements and/or sumproduct instead of sumifs. When using sumifs, my macros bog down..... I am trying the following: =IF(AND((AT2:AT1000=AT2,AW2:AW1000=AW2)),SUMPRODUCT(AV2:AV1000)) Basically, if the range of at2:at1000 = the value in AT2 and if the range of...
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    Copy Command in Access 2013 VB Issues

    Hello. The following command in an older version of Access used to work: RetVal = Shell("cmd /c copy /y C:\users\abc\desktop\output.xls C:\users\abc\desktop\split files" & txtDist & ".xls", vbHide) Copy an output file from access which is working and then moves it to the split file folder and...
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    sumproduct formula returning wrong value or 0

    Hi, I have below formula that returns column number in a table however in some cases based on the slicer selection it returns 0 or wrong value. Did anyone come across similar issue and have a solution for it? =SUMPRODUCT(('Source...
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    An Issue with Data Model is preventing Microsoft Excel from opening this book error message

    Hi, I have Windows 7 and MS Office 365 Pro Plus. Anytime i click save or any button in excel i get "An Issue with Data Model is preventing Microsoft Excel from opening this book. Try restarting Microsoft Excel." error message. Did anyone had similar issue in the past and solution for it. Thanks
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    Trying to fetch data from HLOOKUP

    Hi Experts, I found myself in a situation, I Have two Sheets Data in Horizontally and want fetch some details from them vertically as following: Sheet 1 <tbody> Vauxhall Ford Hall Gearbox 500 450 600 Engine 1000 1200 800 Steering 250 350 275 Ignition 50 70 45 CYHead 300 290 310...
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    Compare 4 columns to find duplicate rows and copy one column data from all duplicate rows

    <tbody> ID First Name Last Name State Reference 1 Mark Brown CA 2257849635 2 Shawn Jack CA 2245787962 3 Smith Black CA 7789654123 4 Mark Brown CA 2257849635 5 Smith Black CA 7789654123 6 Mark Brown CA 2257849635 </tbody> I have huge data (10,00,000 rows) in the above format. Need...

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