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  1. D

    Question about formulation of some desired output with CountIFS?

    Hi Everyone, I need to formulate following two desired output whose explanations can be also found in EXCEL I have copied here. I though I can use only countifs to formulate them but I could not get it worked. I will be glad with your help. Thanks you in advance...
  2. D

    I need to write following Excel formulas in MS Project. Could you please help?

    Hello Everyone, I need help from you to write formulas in MS project. I had a file in Excel. But I need to use MS Project because of management decision. MS Project formula language is different and I do not have any experience about it before. I will be really glad if you can help me about it...
  3. R

    Replacement to SUMIFS

    Hello. I am trying to use if statements and/or sumproduct instead of sumifs. When using sumifs, my macros bog down..... I am trying the following: =IF(AND((AT2:AT1000=AT2,AW2:AW1000=AW2)),SUMPRODUCT(AV2:AV1000)) Basically, if the range of at2:at1000 = the value in AT2 and if the range of...
  4. P

    Copy Command in Access 2013 VB Issues

    Hello. The following command in an older version of Access used to work: RetVal = Shell("cmd /c copy /y C:\users\abc\desktop\output.xls C:\users\abc\desktop\split files" & txtDist & ".xls", vbHide) Copy an output file from access which is working and then moves it to the split file folder and...
  5. D

    sumproduct formula returning wrong value or 0

    Hi, I have below formula that returns column number in a table however in some cases based on the slicer selection it returns 0 or wrong value. Did anyone come across similar issue and have a solution for it? =SUMPRODUCT(('Source...
  6. D

    An Issue with Data Model is preventing Microsoft Excel from opening this book error message

    Hi, I have Windows 7 and MS Office 365 Pro Plus. Anytime i click save or any button in excel i get "An Issue with Data Model is preventing Microsoft Excel from opening this book. Try restarting Microsoft Excel." error message. Did anyone had similar issue in the past and solution for it. Thanks
  7. A

    Trying to fetch data from HLOOKUP

    Hi Experts, I found myself in a situation, I Have two Sheets Data in Horizontally and want fetch some details from them vertically as following: Sheet 1 <tbody> Vauxhall Ford Hall Gearbox 500 450 600 Engine 1000 1200 800 Steering 250 350 275 Ignition 50 70 45 CYHead 300 290 310...
  8. P

    Compare 4 columns to find duplicate rows and copy one column data from all duplicate rows

    <tbody> ID First Name Last Name State Reference 1 Mark Brown CA 2257849635 2 Shawn Jack CA 2245787962 3 Smith Black CA 7789654123 4 Mark Brown CA 2257849635 5 Smith Black CA 7789654123 6 Mark Brown CA 2257849635 </tbody> I have huge data (10,00,000 rows) in the above format. Need...
  9. A

    How to get only numbers from junk text in Excel

    I want to get numbers only from a junk text field in Excel, where number length is >9 digits, if in same text have more than one number combination in a same cell so this will split in different cells Example : Cell (A2) : ABC999989898998_XYZ0998(TUV)44848333423_RKT2323_6669866666 Result ...
  10. K

    Insert data into specific cells of a word table from excel

    I need to insert data into specific cells in a word table that already exists from an excel spreadsheet. The columns will always stay the same just the rows referenced can change. I will always insert values from column A such as A3 into my first word table in the first row,second cell. Does...
  11. S

    Lock certain cells in excel

    How to lock certain cells to prevent editing in Excel?
  12. Q

    Chart : Data Label Problem

    Hi everyone I've created a bar chart using a data from the cells. When the cell show 18.96 on the data label it's also show 18.96 which is fine with me because that is what what it to show on the chart. But when the value is 55, 60 or even 100 it will show 55. , 60. and 100. on the data...
  13. K

    MS excel Query with 3+ tables and 2+ outer Joins

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to use MS query via ODBC connection to pull data from one main table while joining two tables (left joins each) to enrich the data. I know that MS query wizard only supports one outer join, but from what I've read, the correct SQL code will work. Think of it like this...
  14. haka007

    Need Help in Formula or Macro Code on MS Excel

    Hello Members, I got a problem like this Now my query is in those two files there is a column named "Expiry Date". Now, how can I change that Month & Year also to I,II,III... with their respective names, like whichever is the nearest...
  15. S

    How To Sum the Excel Cells with Different Conditions?

    Hi all! I would like to sum the cell values from D7:M7. Initially I have unique values for those cells but I want to add those cells based on my criteria, because each cell has different conditions to satisfy. For example, D7=IF(D7<=W7,D7,W7); E7=IF(E7<=W8,E7,W8) etc., D7, E7 - cells with...
  16. M

    Excel Database merging to Word letter

    I have a templated letter in MS Word and information stored in an Excel file. I am wondering if there is a way to automatically merge certain fields in the Excel database to replace certain portions of the Word document. I also need to print an envelope for each modified letter. Does anyone...
  17. J

    HELP - Job at stake !

    I am a systems person and not a programmer. I need to have an MS EXCEL template that will automatically save itself every 5 minutes. If I don't get this done today, I am FIRED ! Please assist. We have two different workstations - one has MS EXCEL 2003 and the other MS EXCEL 2007 - I can...
  18. A

    Excel create new filed question

    Hi, I have 2 work sheets in the same file sheet one contains following info name, address, city, state, phone sheet 2 contains following information I downloaded form Australia Post webstite City, PostCode I want to add a extra column to sheet 1 that contains the post code for that city. I...
  19. Z

    Macro to move duplicate rows to another sheet

    I am trying to write a macro that will move all duplicate rows based on column 3 into another sheet. For example: Column 3 xyz qwe abc def abc def gh The last 2 rows are to be considered as duplicate and need to be deleted from this sheet and moved to another. My knowledge in macro scripting...
  20. T

    Macro related problem....please help...

    hi i hv created a macro for a wrkbook involving three sheets. the first being the master sheet the second is a pivot table sheet. now by the macro i aim to automate the process of selecting the data from the pivot table sheet and copy it to the third sheet and then format this data to a preset...

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