I need to write following Excel formulas in MS Project. Could you please help?


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Jul 21, 2020
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Hello Everyone,

I need help from you to write formulas in MS project. I had a file in Excel. But I need to use MS Project because of management decision. MS Project formula language is different and I do not have any experience about it before. I will be really glad if you can help me about it. In the table I have made the columns yellow which has following formulas.

Those three formula I need to write;


IF(OR(E2="Adjustment";E2="Secondary Work";E2="Technical Secondary Work";E2="Production";E2="Engineering Control Work");WORKDAY.INTL(H2;2;1);IF(OR(E2="Quality Control Work";E2="Assemble");WORKDAY.INTL(H2;1;1);IF(AND(E2="Primary Assemble";M2>G2;M2<N2);N2;EĞER(VE(E2="Primary Assemble";G2<MIN(M2;N2));MIN(M2;N2);IF(AND(E2="Primary Assemble";G2>MAK(M2;N2));WORKDAY.INTL(H2;2;1);"cant be calculated")))))

Formula 2:

Formula 3:
IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("Adjust";D3));"Adjustment";IF(ISNUMER(SEARCH(" TN ";D3));"Technical Secondary Work";IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("Production";D3));"Production")))

Paylaşım Prototip.xlsx
1EmployeeWeekTaskTask DescriptionTask TypeDurationDate for assigning the taskPlanned Task TerminStatu of TaskReal Finish DateTime PeriodFinal TerminCalendar Termin based on Time PeriodTermin based on Vehicles
2Johnwill continue1224Primary Assemble F40-9999 Illustration EditionPrimary Assemble1423. TP28.
3Jonathanwill continue1564Primary Assemble BVN003 F41-9888 Electrical CablingSecondary Work2223.7.2029.7.20OK7.8.2028 TP31.7.2017.8.2017.7.20
4Harry will continue1767Primary Assemble Quality Control Work F39-5555 Lighting EditionQuality Control Work523.7.2024.7.20OK25.7.2026 TP27.
5Hanswill continue2334Primary Assemble Adjustment F41-9888 Electrical CablingAdjustment923.7.2021.8.20Working30 TP25.
6Alicewill continue7886Primary Assemble Production F88-3579 Heating workProduction423.7.2027.7.20OK28.7.2021 TP29.
7Marrywill continue5331Primary Assemble 30C-8456 creating a new groupPrimary Assemble2023.7.2014.9.20Waiting33 TP18.9.2016.9.2018.9.20
8Karhanwill continue1005Primary Assemble 30C-6578 creating a new groupPrimary Assemble3223.7.2014.9.20Waiting33 TP18.9.2016.9.2018.9.20
9Sitovicwill continue9564Primary Assemble TN 30C-1234 Controlling a new groupTechnical Secondary Work823.7.2014.9.20Waiting33 TP16.9.2016.9.2018.9.20
10Boriswill continueChecklistF40-9999 Checklist Primary AssembleChecklist2020.8.2029.8.20Workingcant be calculated
17Final Termin (L2)
18Week (B2)
19Task Type (E2)

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