1. J

    Query for a numeric range in a string field

    I'm building a spreadsheet from a MSQuery that has a string field in the data. Inside this string field contains numbers and text. I need to only query a numeric range in this field. For example, the field can have values like 90019A or 903 or 908C or 900123. I need to query anything in a...
  2. M

    MSQuery Wizard

    I can't run a Query using the the Query Wizard in my profile on my laptop, which i was doing regularly before. It just opens Msquery in the background and just freezes. If i log in using a different profile on the same laptop it works perfectly Any ideas on how to resolve without re creating...
  3. jmacleary

    Adding a new query to a shared workbook (OK I know they're bad!)

    Hi folks. For my sins I maintain a large number of excel workbooks, several of which are shared. These shared workbooks were written using (I think) excel 97 and have some msqueries in them, which run fine each time the workbook is opened. I now need to add another query, but excel 2007 (my...
  4. L

    Excel MSQuery back on itself

    I have a spreadsheet of which I have built VB code to import a couple of text files and then use MSquery to combine these into one table of data. My question is that currently it references itself in a specific location ie. With ActiveSheet.ListObjects.Add(SourceType:=0, Source:=Array(Array( _...
  5. N

    A Sum If formula, but copy row and don't total based on one value in column ???

    Hi, I need to extract rows from a master spreadsheet based on the department name which is located in column A. For example: <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Department STOCK_CODE DESCRIPTION QTY_IN_STOCK ORDER_NUMBER ORDER_DATE NAME...
  6. N

    Excel filter / MS Query Criteria - Formula

    Hi All, I am currently using this formula for 1 cell =SUMPRODUCT(--(SOPLIVE!$A$66533:$A$69522=A11), --(SOPLIVE!$H$66533:$H$69522="Oct-2017"), SOPLIVE!$C$66533:$C$69522) This is correct and does what I need it to up to a point.... The SOPLIVE sheet is connected to a Microsoft Query. I need to...
  7. G

    how to change userid/password in multiple queries simultaneously

    I have a workbook with several queries to an external db. For all of them, I let Excel save both UserId and Password (not a big security concern, at the moment). Quite often I need to run the same set of queries against different db schema, that is, by logging in using different UserId/Password...
  8. swaink

    Ms Query Data Type mismatch

    Hi All I have a data set in an Excel Spreadsheet table and am querying that table from another workbook In the data set I have a column showing the UK postcode with no space, I need to extract only the postcode down to sector level and add a space In my query I have used select...
  9. P

    Using MSQuery To Bring Entries From Multiple Tables Together

    Hi, I am trying to create, using MSQuery in Excel, a single table which shows all entries for a single customer over the year. These entries will come from 12 monthly tables, on separate worksheets within the same workbook. However, I am having trouble joining the tables, as when I try to do...
  10. E

    Can only Refresh MSQuery as Read-Only

    I have excel data files saved on a shared drive that users have read-only access to. When users go to refresh the connection they get this error: "Unexpected error from external database driver()." Followed by a prompt to select the workbook for the query. If users select "Read-Only" the...
  11. D

    Range of parameters for Excel MSQuery with SQL DB2

    Hi Experts, Been trying to look all over the net for this solution for months already but to no avail. :( Wish I can have some answers from the experts here. Here's my story. I have a long list of insurance policy numbers which I extracted via MSQuery into Excel sheet. Then, I need to get each...
  12. A

    MS Query, Join 2 data sources using partial match

    (Excel 2007) I've been trying to track down the exact way to do this, and I just can't seem to get it. So stop me if I'm doing this all wrong. I have a ODBC data source which consists of a lot of manufacturing BOMs (Bill of Materials), now a customer wants us to make a list of all their boms by...
  13. D

    Connect to an internal named range or table in excel for MSQuery

    Someone on this forum recently told me about MSQuery which I'm really existed about. He did say it was fiddly but I can;t event take it for a test drive! I have a tab in my workbook called "DataBase" with all the data. I have selected the whole thing and given the range a name "DataBase". I...
  14. J

    Evaluate text field as numeric through MSQuery

    I am querying data from a third party database via MSQuery and need to evaluate a text field as a numeric field in order to set a range criteria. The text field has either null values or numbers. Is there a way to switch the field from text to numeric in the query? Thanks in advance for any...
  15. P

    Join two queries using MSQuery, returning into an Excel workbook

    In short I would like to join two queries using MSQuery, returning into an Excel workbook. It’s the joining of the two queries that I’m struggling to figure out. The underlying data comes from a workbook that has two sheets, each sheet containing a table. I cannot amend the workbook or...
  16. B

    Union SQL and Excel Data

    I currently have two data sources 1 A SQL Data table 2 An Excel data table Both tables have the same fields. Is there a way of unioning them in MSQuery so I can return all the results in one table? I had a go below but it didn't like it SELECT * FROM "dbo"."VMS_Nominal_SUMMARY" UNION ALL...
  17. N

    Cannot see the SQL query designer

    I am new to theis forum and I have carefully searched other posts and no one seems to have the same problem I have. I'm new to the powerpivot scene but I've been working side by side with Excel and Access for quite a long time. I'm following a book about powerpivot and the tool is really...
  18. R

    Dynamic SQL query creation

    Morning everyone I am attempting to create a self updating performance spreadsheet for my sales team. We use a transport planning system called Manpack and I can use MS Query to interrogate this system and pull back any data I want. My reps sign up new accounts and they are given an account...
  19. M

    Compile Error involving Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.x Library

    I am trying to use VBA to pull data from Access into Excel using MS Query. I found a good bit of code to use in doing this here: However, when I paste this code into my module and then make the path modifications to use the database I'm working with, I get an...
  20. A

    MSQUERY - optimal running

    happy new year to all. I am in a quandary this morning. the organisation i am working for at present has a nasty habit of dumping information on a weekly basis into spreadsheets on the network. The business unit that I work with then adds the new data to the previous weeks and reports on a year...

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