1. B

    Date stamps based on cell value in VBA

    Hi, I wanted to create an excel form that has a drop down menu in column A and time stamps in columns B to E (four). I wanted the time stamps to be entered for each column whenever the Column A' cell has been changed from the Drop down menu - which is Step 1, step 2 Step 3 and step 4. I wanted...
  2. P

    Consolidate Multiple Workbooks into One (with ActiveX controls!)

    Hello, all - I've been given a folder with 1000+ identical Excel forms and I am looking for the easiest way to consolidate the data to eventually enter into an Access database. Also to note there are multiple ActiveX comboboxes and checkboxes in each form, and I'm having trouble finding a way to...
  3. J

    Consolidate Select Cells in Select Worksheets from Multiple Workbooks into Master Worksheet

    I would like to consolidate select cells from three total worksheets inside multiple workbooks into One Mastersheet with the click of a button. I would like it to be setup that once I click the Macro it will just add an additional line to the mastersheet when I put a new Excel file into myDir...
  4. H

    Import Load Multiple Calculated Fields from one Pivot table to another

    Hello, I'm using Excel 2007. I have 60 calculated fields from a pivot table that I would like to use on a new data source. The new data source has 20 new columns that original did not have. The existing calculated fields from the original pivot table will work with the new data set and I...
  5. E

    Sum values until the active sheet

    Hello all, This is my first post here. I've searched the entire forum but couldn't find an answer for my situation. This is what I am trying to do; My sheet names are the dates of the month.. 07 Feb,08 Feb,09 Feb etc.. I want to sum up the values in a cell(for example L41) in every sheet from...
  6. T

    Open Excel File from Outlook to Active Excel Instance

    I apologize from the start if this question gets confusing... Excel 2010 SP1 tested. In Windows XP if you opened an Excel file from Outlook it would open in the last active Excel instance you had selected. This was if you had two or more instances of Excel running. This has changed in...
  7. C

    Running a calculation workbook through muliple data workbooks

    Hi, I've used this site to find solutions to problems before but I can't find a relevatn thread so I'm trying a posting myself. I have 250 Input spreadsheets and one calcualtion spreadsheet. I want to take a set of data from each input spreadsheet, run it through the calcaultion sheet and...

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