multi criteria

  1. Y

    Multivlookup function

    Hello Team MrExcel, It's excited to post a query here, I hope would get a solution here. I have a question about vlookup, How to pullout multiple values on a cell? Expecting data pull out as below by using Vlookup, which will help me a lot. Need your help! Could you pls help...
  2. K

    Conditional Formatting w/ Multiple Criteria involving Workday

    I'm using Excel 2013. I have a column of "Closing Dates". I need anything in that column dated today to highlight in red, 3 days in the future highlighted in green, and 5 days in the future highlighted in yellow (anything older than today has no highlighting). The RED formatting is easy...
  3. D

    Formula to create date by looking for highest date based on criteria and adding 1.

    Hi, I would like to know if there is a formula that could to create a date by looking for the highest date with the same criteria and then adding 1 day to it to make it greater. For example, in the below table I want the last row in Col E to look at item 932 and see that 11/3/2019 is the highest...
  4. D

    Match multi criteria

    Hello, can anyone tell me why my code does not work? Sub Cross() Dim nombre As Range Dim rut As Range Dim marca As Range Dim modelo As Range Dim patente As Range Dim motor As Range Dim row As Integer With Sheets("DTT") Set nombre =...
  5. R

    Multiple criteria greater than

    Hello experts, I have different license plates belonging to various companies, but that can be "drafted" to other companies. It is easier to explain it sample data: <tbody> License Plate Company Start Date A1 AAA 01-01-2017 A2 AAA 01-01-2017 A2 BBB 01-12-2017 </tbody> On another sheet...
  6. B

    VBA Copy to another workbook if match multiple criteria.

    Hi all, Im trying to figure out how to loop through a who workbook and copy value if for example B5 value match Sheet name in the other workbook, then i should copy value from E5 to that sheet and place it under the right column so if its for August month it gets the data from then it should...
  7. C

    Multi-criteria lookup while assigning single number to a numerical range

    Hello all - trying to create multi-criteria lookup with <= and > logic. Think it's some sort of array index/match combo but cannot find any examples and haven't been able to piece it together. Given a single number, I need to assign it to the appropriate range while also accounting for Name. I...
  8. D

    AND and OR operator for multiple conditions

    Dear Excel Experts, Please help me to understand. I have the below formula. I coded with understanding that:- 1. If in E2 meet the first condition, which is the value is "terminated", then automatically return result "Yes". 2. If E2 value is not "terminated", then moves on to the next part...
  9. K

    Assistance With Multi-Select Code

    Hi all, Newbie here in need of some help..... I have a cell which is a data validation dropdown that will eventually contain a lot of values. What I am trying to do is make this multi-select. I have already entered some code to make it multi-select but in the following format: Value1, Value2...
  10. T

    Look Up Confusion

    Hi I am trying to put together a temporary picking form and are currently having some issues and hope someone can help. I have currently 3 tabs Tab 1 is the main tab that will be my temporary pick sheet Tab 2 and 3 is where I will have data but this will be all together. I need to identify what...
  11. X

    Formula Explanation SUM(SUMIFS

    Hi can someone help me understand this. Im just kind of looking for a text based explanations as to what is going on here... =SUM(SUMIFS(Sheet1!J:J,Sheet1!D:D,"Mailroom",Sheet1!I:I,"OT",Sheet1!A:A,{"IMAG","INQC","MAIL"})) Thanks in Advance!
  12. R

    Vlookup based on lookup value and multi number criteria

    I have been stuck with this problem for a while. What I am trying to do is return a reason based on an Order. How it works is that an Order is placed and may have multiple line items which would have a total number of units but when the Order is actually selected, it is done so randomly but...
  13. M

    Having difficulty counting rows when using multiple conditions

    I have a list of publications and the academic departments of the coauthors for each publication. I'm trying to get a count of interdisciplinarity--the number of unique departments contributing to any single publication. I'm really struggling with this and I can't figure out what I'm doing...
  14. T

    Multiple Criteria Multiple Rows output in Excel using vlookup or index?

    I have a peculiar doubt...Is it possible to search multiple rows in an excel sheet that satisfies multiple criteria. For Example, in the following table(First row is the header); If i have to search for data matching two criterias, Name= "Tom" AND Car= "AUDI" and get all the Service details...
  15. Z

    How should I tackle this problem?

    Hey so I just wanted to see what the opinions are on how I should tackle the probelm I am trying to solve. Below is what my table looks like and I need to paste in a number to its corripsonding cell. The program should find out what the crop is (found on another worksheet) and then find out...
  16. S

    AutoFilter using wildcards in Array seems limited to two fields.

    Hello I am wondering if the AutoFilter when used with Array of fields using wildcards has some limitation. In example below, if I use two entries in my AutoFilter, the filtering works fine but if I use a third entry, the "4-*" here, the filtering is not working anymore. I suspect Excel is...
  17. D

    Vlookup with extra criteria

    Hi, I've looked around but can't find anything that helps me solve my problem. Source columns: LookupText | SourceDate Lookup columns: LookupText | LookupDate | Value I want to return Value where LookupText is the same and SourceDate is <= LookupDate Any help would be very gratefully...
  18. S

    VBA: loop thru all worksheets, pull values

    Greetings, I am trying to make a macro that will be able to run on a workbook that contains multiple worksheets. It will loop through all of the worksheets and copy values then insert them on a new sheet. The first value is always in J2. (it is a date) The other values are located in columns...
  19. V

    Pivot Tables and multiple column criteria counts

    Hi Everyone, I need some help. I am using Excel 2007 (and excel 2003), and I have a pivot table that looks like what I have below. What I am trying to achieve is get a count of all the accounts for each rep and then a count of each account that has a total. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =...
  20. B

    Meeting multiple numerical and text conditions to return text

    I have 2 worksheets, first, I have a worksheet describing my network. Effectively dividing it into smaller parts. Only the combination of County, Highway and Municipality are unique, while 2 value combination in any of these 3 columns can repeat numerous times. Column E and F give the physical...

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