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    Linking multi-select ListBox to Cells Value

    Linking multi-select ListBox to Cells ValueHello, I have a multi-select Listbox1 with 4 valuees: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday I want to link it to a cell such that depending on the selections a column of YES or NO values is produced. For example, if user selects only Monday and Wednesday...
  2. B

    VBA to enable multiple selection drop downs yet maintaining single selection drop downs

    I have a sheet with many drop downs in different cells but all located in the same column. I have the following code that enables me to make just one of those drop downs a mult-select (cell C27). How do I modify it to include more than one cell (ie drop-downs)? I tried putting an OR in there...
  3. C

    syncronize 2 pivot tables with multiselect options

    I have two pivot tables with the same report filters. I'd like to select the filters on one and then run a macro to make the same selections on the other. I've been able to do with with a single selection but if I want to select more than one item (2 or more states, for example) for one or...
  4. J

    Multi-Select Dependent List Boxes Possible

    Here's the situation. I more or less have a tiny "database" (if you'd even call it that) that contains: Brands Products Descriptive Categories Each Brand (15) can contain anywhere from 2 to 30 different Products. Each Product, contains the same set of 15 Descriptive Categories. *** I...
  5. D

    Limiting multi-select listboxes

    I have a mult-column listbox where I'd like 4 items to be selected before it can be accepted. Is it easy, or even possible to limit a multi-select listbox in this way? It would also be great if a minimum number is possible (separate option). Many thanks David
  6. A

    list box help

    Looking for some help extracting info from a list box into a worksheet. Right now I have a user form that has a list box set to multi select with check box style. I would like to extract the record(s) selected by the user to a worksheet... say sheet1, cell a1. Can't figure how to do this...
  7. S

    Filter by Multiple Multi-Select List Boxes

    I have a form that has several list boxes with multi-select enabled & several text boxes. The idea is to use a combination of entries across these list boxes & text boxes to filter a form. I then have 2 command buttons: 1 that clears all search criteria. The other executes the filter. The code...

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