1. G

    Help my family overview - Showing multi-select dropdown values from different worksheets on one sheet

    Dear Excel wizards 🧙‍♂️ I hope that you can help me. I want to create an family overview from different individual worksheets. On these worksheets, I have a combination of single dropdowns and multi-select dropdowns as can be seen below. However, when I link fields from the overview sheet to...
  2. G

    Deselect from Multiselect Dropdown (with vbNewLine)

    Hi all, I am trying to understand VBA as I am working on my document. I am getting stuck at the following issue: For two cells (D43 and D56)I want to be able to deselect values from a multi-select dropdown which presents each value below the other. My current code is as following (without...
  3. Dermot

    Code to allow multi select listboxes

    Using the Developer ribbon, Excel allows you to add listboxes and even to make them multi-select, but doesn't give you a way of listing the multiple selections in the worksheet. If you set your listbox up like this your cell link will just show 0 - basically the listbox breaks. (I know the...
  4. E

    Linking multi-select ListBox to Cells Value

    Linking multi-select ListBox to Cells ValueHello, I have a multi-select Listbox1 with 4 valuees: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday I want to link it to a cell such that depending on the selections a column of YES or NO values is produced. For example, if user selects only Monday and Wednesday...
  5. B

    VBA to enable multiple selection drop downs yet maintaining single selection drop downs

    I have a sheet with many drop downs in different cells but all located in the same column. I have the following code that enables me to make just one of those drop downs a mult-select (cell C27). How do I modify it to include more than one cell (ie drop-downs)? I tried putting an OR in there...
  6. C

    syncronize 2 pivot tables with multiselect options

    I have two pivot tables with the same report filters. I'd like to select the filters on one and then run a macro to make the same selections on the other. I've been able to do with with a single selection but if I want to select more than one item (2 or more states, for example) for one or...
  7. J

    Multi-Select Dependent List Boxes Possible

    Here's the situation. I more or less have a tiny "database" (if you'd even call it that) that contains: Brands Products Descriptive Categories Each Brand (15) can contain anywhere from 2 to 30 different Products. Each Product, contains the same set of 15 Descriptive Categories. *** I...
  8. D

    Limiting multi-select listboxes

    I have a mult-column listbox where I'd like 4 items to be selected before it can be accepted. Is it easy, or even possible to limit a multi-select listbox in this way? It would also be great if a minimum number is possible (separate option). Many thanks David
  9. A

    list box help

    Looking for some help extracting info from a list box into a worksheet. Right now I have a user form that has a list box set to multi select with check box style. I would like to extract the record(s) selected by the user to a worksheet... say sheet1, cell a1. Can't figure how to do this...
  10. S

    Filter by Multiple Multi-Select List Boxes

    I have a form that has several list boxes with multi-select enabled & several text boxes. The idea is to use a combination of entries across these list boxes & text boxes to filter a form. I then have 2 command buttons: 1 that clears all search criteria. The other executes the filter. The code...

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