Filter by Multiple Multi-Select List Boxes

Sean Chamberlin

New Member
Dec 6, 2005
I have a form that has several list boxes with multi-select enabled & several text boxes. The idea is to use a combination of entries across these list boxes & text boxes to filter a form. I then have 2 command buttons: 1 that clears all search criteria. The other executes the filter.

The code behind the button that clears the search criteria works perfectly. It is as follows:
Private Sub cmd_ClearSearch_Click()
Me.SearchServiceID = ""
Me.SearchServiceName = ""
Me![SearchProduct] = ""
Me![SearchServiceBillStatus] = ""
Me.Filter = ""
Me.FilterOn = False
End Sub

The code behind the button that executes the filter is where I have the problem. I can't figure out how to get it to apply a filter based on selections in ALL the list boxes & text boxes. Here is the code:

Private Sub cmd_Search_Click()

Dim Criteria As String
Dim i As Variant

Criteria = ""
For Each i In Me![SearchProduct].ItemsSelected
If Criteria <> "" Then
Criteria = Criteria & " OR "
End If
Criteria = Criteria & "[Product Name]='" _
& Me![SearchProduct].ItemData(i) & "'"
Next i

Dim hasOne As Boolean

hasOne = False

If (Not (Me.SearchServiceID = "" Or IsNull(Me.SearchServiceID))) Then
If (hasOne) Then
Criteria = Criteria & " And " & "[Service ID] Like '*" & Me.SearchServiceID & "*'"
Criteria = "[Service ID] Like '*" & Me.SearchServiceID & "*'"
hasOne = True
End If
End If

If (Not (Me.SearchServiceName = "" Or IsNull(Me.SearchServiceName))) Then
If (hasOne) Then
Criteria = Criteria & " And " & "[Service Name] Like '*" & Me.SearchServiceName & "*'"
Criteria = "[Service Name] Like '*" & Me.SearchServiceName & "*'"
hasOne = True

End If
End If

Me.Filter = Criteria
Me.FilterOn = True

I'd appreciate any advice or help. P.S. my searching across this site found examples of how to filter by a single multi-select list box, but not multiple. thanks.

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