1. C

    How to group filtered data

    Hi! I'm looking for some help in grouping sets of data for when a filter is applied. Example below: Says below is the original set of data - I would like to be able to filter by tests that have "failed". Is it possible to keep all of Test number 2 & 4 showing when I filter for "fail"...
  2. S

    How to combine IF and FILTER formulas to copy text from one column to another

    I am coding qualitative data from call center agent notes, and I'm trying to adapt another researcher's Excel method. I've adapted it a bit for my own purposes, and I just can't seem to get this last piece. I'm using Excel for Mac version 16.81 So, I have all my agent notes in Column A. In...
  3. V

    row to column - vba or code or formula

    we have the following data and we have copy the sheet1!B2:C2 and pasted on Sheet2!B2 and transposed it, again we have copied the data from Sheet1!B3:D3 and again pasted on Sheet2!B3 we will copy the data and check last filled row in sheet2 and paste transposed data in sheet1 data may be long...
  4. G

    Choose function under the filter function isn't working properly

    I am using excel365 online and but have excel2016 downloaded onto my computer. I am getting error messages but not sure why. The formula that I have is as follows: =FILTER(CHOOSE((1,2,3),'Employee_Name'!A:A,'Employee_Name'!J:J,'Employee_Name'!B:B),'Employee_Name'!G:G="Bob","") I have changed...
  5. M

    create table from data on second sheet

    Please tell me to go away if you like. I have a table full of names (starting at B3 to H3), column A has which sites to work at. I need to 'transfer' the data in columns D to H from this table to another sheet depending on the site in column A I think this is a VLookup or a filter formula...
  6. opazzo

    Can VSTACK return formulas instead of values ?

    I want VSTACK to return the FILTER formulas across spreadsheets (same location), not the values. Is that at all possible?
  7. T

    Sum-Unique - filter

    I am trying to do the following on a summary tab: 1. Perform a summary calculation of common part numbers 2. Display the total qty as a unique row displaying the total qty of the duplicate part numbers into col "A" on the "SUMMARY" TAB 2A. If all the rows of duplicate PN qty are 0 then omit...
  8. S

    Substitute FILTER function in Excel 2007

    I have a table like the one attached. I need to get distinct values in column S (client name) but only of the records having a specific column A (supply code) value (OTT23 for example). Is this feasible without using FILTER function? Any help is much appreciated.
  9. L

    VBA Filter all unique values and sum totals

    Hello- I have a file that changes monthly that I need to utilize vba to filter all unique values (that will change every month) in column D and add up values for each unique value from column L. Any help would be appreciated! Below is a sample of what it looks like. The dates change monthly.
  10. B

    Find column by header AND filter by another column?

    I'm working on a table that references another and returns the number of employees in each of several regions, by year. The source table includes a row for each employee, with a value of '1' in the column for each year they worked: Destination Table: Year Region Employees 2020 a 1 2020 b...
  11. D

    DAX Filter by values found in a column of another table

    I hope this illustrates what I would like to do i fist have a virtual table filtered for just green products, and then a second for just red , I would like to filter the second table to show only customers or whatever that are contained in the first; EVALUATE VAR ttable = CALCULATETABLE (...
  12. SanjayGMusafir

    Filtering a list further

    Hi Experts This is the power of Excel - That you start to believe can I go 1 level further. Recently I had a thread - where @Eric W @ISY @Fluff gave me the solution. Due to my system...
  13. SanjayGMusafir

    Filter Unique Values out of a Multi-Column List

    Hi Experts, I wanted to get a one column list out a range. So far have been able to extract a multicolumn list. But I want it to be one column list so that it could be filtered further for unique values. Got kind of stuck somewhere. Please help Thanks in advance Underneath is the formula I...
  14. G

    How to filter a table with two email columns against a list of emails

    Hello! This sounds so basic, but I swear I've searched for a long time and can't find exactly what I need. I have a list of (usually thousands of) contacts with multiple columns (E.g., let's simplify to: first name, last name, personal email, work email, phone) that I need to clean against...
  15. F

    If Column is X, display text

    I have a list of names and all the countries. Column 1 is filled with names and the following columns represent all the countries of the world. In each row, there's an 'X' under the country that person has visited. On another tab, I'm listing some of these names using the formula FILTER. In the...
  16. R

    Inserting a mailto link into an email body to a customer, based on a cell value.

    I really don't know how to state this one better. I'm creating a spreadsheet that will take a customer's email address and Generate an email to inform them who the contacts for their selected job area are. I designed a sample spreadsheet: And my goal is to produce the email so it has a link...
  17. R

    Filter Formula

    Hi, I requrie a formula in sheet 2 cell AW2 through to AW99 to search using the data shown in Sheet 2 Cell A2 (to A99 as it will repeat on each row) This will then search for the same data in Sheet 1 Cell C2 to C99, and return the first occurance of the value shown within Column N that matches...
  18. mohsinbipu

    Get summary results (Textjoin, Unique value) of a table

    I want to get a summary of the unique value under a condition. Like in the below table- 1. For article BD-01, the Sorted (A-Z) unique area code is 11, 12, 15. 2. Then for these Unique codes, there are some product codes. 3. Now I want to Join all Area code and their Product codes with separator...
  19. B

    Pivot Table question - could be impossible to implement

    Hi, I have table queries which are appended into one query. see below I have a sheet which some fields are taken from above (some not shown here) see below Columns 1 - 3 are Pivot Table fields Merged cells in merged column 4 is formula cell - The result of the formula will show text of the...
  20. Pi Man

    Pivot table field Inclusion/Exclusion

    Hi All, I am building a data set from a download of data from our Reporting Tool. To ensure the data reconciles: - For 2023 Plan I need to take All Country Data - For Actual reporting, I need to exclude one of these My Question is - How can I build a Pivot Report based on the whole data, with...

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