1. WildBurrow

    Filtering records on criteria AFTER filtering out blank rows

    I'm circling the drain here. I have a table with 53 columns and 302 rows. Column A is populated with sequential serial numbers, while Columns B through BC are blank. Once a record is created, Columns B through BC are populated with specific information. I need to create a filter that will...
  2. B

    Filtering Top 20 by Value with Criteria

    Since I am currently working on this project at work, I cannot post the data on this forum but I will try my best to explain the problem. I am looking to pull the top 20 dollar amounts from a range, based on an additional criterion. For example, one field contains either of two possible...
  3. M

    Help with filter combined with 3 indirects

    Hello, I have a working filter that looks like this: =filter('2022'!A:E,('2022'!D:D=B1),('2022'!C:C=C1)) I tried converting to also use indirect so that I could make a filter that I could change with a dropdown with matching years for tab names...
  4. G

    Alternative to "FILTER" Func with Multiple Criteria for Office 2019

    Greetings All I am out of ideas on how to implement a "FILTER" Func with Multiple Criteria for Office 2019 which does not support the function while Office 365 does. I have following example setup on O365 Excel and works like a charm. I have (2) Workbooks - Workbook A [DCI Invoice.xlsx]...
  5. G

    Filter Function Formula

    I have the following formula, I'm trying to get it to use the entire array range if the criteria in the if statement is met. The if statement is true but I can't get the 'include' part of the filter to work so it does the full range. Any suggestions...
  6. F

    Filter Function using character in a string

    What is the correct syntax to use with the new 365 FILTER function to filter on a character within a string? In the example below, I would like to search for all ADIDs (column E) that has an "R" as the second character...
  7. Chris_010101

    Filter messes with VBA

    Hello, I am using the below code, which moves a row to another sheet based upon the value of a drop-down list item. However, if the data on the sheet the row is moving to is filtered, instead of adding the copied row to the first blank row at the bottom of the data, it overwrites a row of...
  8. T

    creating a report that uses multiple subreports and filters the data it shows

    I'm in need of a report that can show info from multiple unrelated tables, basically I need to combine all sales with the pickups and payments for a person I select and be able to print it all off, all my information is stored where it has a buyers name column I should be able to use, but I'm...
  9. L

    How to use Macro in a worksheet with filters? To move items

    Hi! I would like some help, I'm trying to create a spreadsheet for moving items using macro in a table that has filters. I'm trying to use the macro to move products, "FROM" the initial position that the object is in (Cell C3), to "FOR" the final position that the object will be (Cell C5). I...
  10. L

    Update existing formula to read any cell with a value/is not blank

    I have this formula that pull from a set of data only cells that contain a dash =FILTER('Billing Plans'!H:I,ISNUMBER(SEARCH("-",'Billing Plans'!H:H))) However, I want to repurpose the formula to include ALL cells in that range, not just cells with "-", and just exclude cells that are blank...
  11. T

    Sumifs using unique and filter functions

    Hi Everyone, I have attached a spreadsheet and highlighted in yellow the column K I would need to be filled with a formula (spill formula only so that it is completely automated). Column I and J: This is a spill formula using Unique, Filter and Choose function. Column K: I would need a spill...
  12. K

    Adding cell contents to an array reference in macro

    After years of using base excel, I am just now learning how to use VBA to make my work process more efficient. I run weekly reports showing last weeks data, the financial weeks run Monday to Sunday. The data I pull contains data from the day I pull it, I don't want to include this data. I want...
  13. D

    DAX Keepfilters on two tables,

    Hello, I'd like to run to filter my result by two tables but using keepfilter so the external filter context is kept, < EVALUATE...
  14. G

    Filter Function - Ignore Criteria when blank

    Hello, I've got a filter formula that I'm using I noticed if any of the cells are blank (like L1, M1, N1, or O1) then I get a #calc error. Is there a way to ignore those criteria when the reference cells are blank...
  15. M

    Trouble building multiple constraint filter in excel

    Hello everyone. Awesome forum! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday. I was wondering if any of you could help me with this problem I have been having in excel. I am creating a filter function based off of raw data to give me data from that raw data given two date constraints and two...
  16. J

    Simplify my macro trigger so my table stops flickering?

    Hi All, I'm looking to simplify my macro which is triggered when a value within a drop down changes. The macro then finds all rows within a table that do not contain that value that matches the drop down and calls a macro to hide rows that do not match. As this process contains a few steps in...
  17. D

    DAX filter on two tables

    Hi, I'd like t filter by two tables, very simply I have : Green and 10+ :=CALCULATE([Total Units]...
  18. A

    If filtered range is blank, message box

    I filter my data based on entries in field 8 and once I have that filtered I want a message box to pop up to let me know if there are any new entries. The filtering works, and I know that the message box criteria is wrong since cell H2 won't be blank. It's just not in the filtered range, but...
  19. S

    Combine filters and do a summary table based on filtering

    Hi, On the report view I have created some basic drop down lists. Whenever I choose a district and then a municipality I would like to have a summary table on the bottom of the page (please see attached) which will count how many observations I have for the specific district, municipality. I...
  20. R

    Excel VBA copying specific rows and pasting them to specific sheet. Without double inserting the data

    Hello, I am using vba in windows. I have a excel project. I need to have a list of projects, the status of the project color codes the row. Data is sorted by macro that sorts data by its color. I want to have page where all the projects are listed and then one sheet for each status, which are...
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