1. Y

    Create book with reference to initial sheet

    Hi! I have an inventory sheet with data. Then I have a book, where each page has multiple cells relating to a line item on the inventory sheet. Rather than manually link 100 pages, how to I duplicate each page and have the multiple cells magically refer to the next line item? Thank you!
  2. W

    Multipage and checkboxes

    I really hope this is possible. I need to program a command button to send an email via Outlook... I have multiple tabs on a multipage (each tab labeled as a product type) In each page I have a long list of product in as checkboxes. I need the "Submit" button to find all of the checked boxes...
  3. Z

    Multipage hide and unhide VBA!AiCZb_GZ2FZegdwGDeVB_yPLnEh0Jg?e=XcDm5Q I am trying to figure out how to take the items checked on a treeview and have them match the caption of a tab on a multipage userform. In the attached woorkbook below is a moch-up of what i have in my project. The criteria userform...
  4. J

    Objects not visible in multipage userform while in edit mode

    Excel VBA beginner I've prepared a userform with a two tab multipage area. I added several labels, textboxes and combo boxes within the first page but had not yet started any code work. I clicked outside the multipage form to edit some other objects and now I am unable to see the multipage tabs...
  5. L

    Multipage Userform

    Hi, I have a table that stores data. It has too many fields to fit on a userform. My question can a multipage form allocate the data to the same row in the table? Thank you
  6. M

    Multipage Mousemove Event

    Hi. Looking for guidance on how to use mousemove event on a multipage? Im trying to have a image as a button, and hover over changes colour. Below code works for a userform mousemove, but can find a solution when over a multipage instead Thanks Sub ExitButtonInactive_MouseMove(ByVal Button...
  7. M

    Adding Checkbox to Notepad

    I have a userform with a multipage, and on each multipage I want to add a command button which opens another userform with a textbox to add notes. So far I have the notes linked to a cell on a hidden page, say "K5", and when there are notes on the page I want a checkbox to be enabled so the user...
  8. K

    Userform Appearance While Running and in Designer Mode

    Greetings everyone! I searched throughout this forum, and I'm sure I may have missed a similar post. If it exists, I'd be most appreciative if you'd direct me to where I may find it. :hungry: So, here's the scenario. (I) Within a userform, I have a multipage with several tabs, all containing a...
  9. M

    Should I use Index/Match?

    I have a dashboard where col B is academic terms and col D is their total fees. I have a hidden sheet with the breakdown of their fees that I want to load on that multipage. When a user double clicks a term in column B a multipage in a userform pops up. So if Semester 1 is double clicked the...
  10. M

    Dynamically Changing Multipage Label Caption

    I have a multipage with a label on page 1. I want the label to reflect what is in cell B5, but it doesn't do anything no matter what I try. Any ideas? Private Sub FeesForm_Initialize() Dim ws As Worksheet MultiPage1.pgTerm1.lblTerm.Caption = ws.Cells("b5") End Sub
  11. M

    Better way to use Multipage Textboxes

    I'm using a Multipage (13 pages) on a UserForm and on each page I have 8 text boxes. These text boxes get calculated and the resulting value is entered into a cell on the worksheet. I have one set of controls (Enter, Calculate, and Clear) on the UserForm section. The 13 pages represent...
  12. M

    Updating multipage tab captions automatically?

    I have a sheet and when you click on cell B4 a multipage userform opens. I was able to get the page captions to reflect a particular cell (i.e. Page1 = B4, Page2 = B5...) but they only change once you click on the page. So when the form opens it first says Page1, but when you click it, it...
  13. S

    Programmatically creating Pages and Textboxes in a Multipage control using VBA

    Hi all, I'm trying to programmatically create a page and a textbox within a Multipage control and I am receiving the following error - "Run-time error '13': Type mismatch The code is as follows: Private Sub btnReset_Click() Dim pagNew As Page Set pagNew =...
  14. R

    VBA Webbrowser control disappears from multipage site after switching between Page1 and Page2 multipage sites

    VBA Webbrowser control disappears from multipage site after switching between Page1 and Page2 multipage sites.Is there a solution/code to this problem witDisappearshout using the Tab Strip control?
  15. J

    MultiPage UserForm sees runtime error 380 invalid property value

    Hi All I am trying to get my Excel VBA UserForm to launch at page 3 on initialisation. To accomplish this I inserted the following code into my project:- Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() UserForm1.MultiPage1.Value = 3 End Sub This produced the following error 'Run Time Error '380': Could...
  16. R

    Module, UserForm, & MultiPage Managment

    I'm working on a fairly large (for me) project, using one (main) UserForm with a MultiPage. I was working under the mistaken belief that, So most everything went into the UserForm Module. Things were going pretty well until I noticed the "fine print", Ummm... right. :roll: When I saw...
  17. berty2000

    Pull picture into userform multipage

    Hi Im trying to pull images from hard drive locations into a userform multipage, but it displays the image behind the multipage. I'm trying to put the picture in Image1 on the userform. This is what i got so far. Sub Addpictures() MultiPage1.Value = 0 Set img =...
  18. P

    How do I code the input of data input on a Userform Multipage control to fill in a worksheet?

    So I have a userform that has a multipage control for user to input date that will be sent to a worksheet once a command button is pressed. How do I code the command button to send the data to the worksheet? Normaly it would be an ******* event that say takes the data from textbox1.value and...
  19. A

    Adding Multipage Dynamically

    Hello All, I am stuck while adding multipage dynamically to a blank userform. First I tried following code: Dim HolCalMulPg As MultiPage Set HolCalMulPg = Me.Controls.Add("Forms.MultiPage.1") Above code added a multi page with two pages. Now I changed the code to below...
  20. H

    Trouble on Userform with Multipage

    On my userform i got a Multipage with the same function BUT with different Code so i match to the cells where to take action My command Button works As they should But my Label functions Kill's Mee On a Normal Userform i see Both Values when i run userform but Not on Multipage then i only see...

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