multiple results

  1. TheWaterDog

    IFERROR with IF/AND to catch between 2 dates with multiple results......and failing miserably :(

    I know there are people who are going to want to pull their hair out at my stupidity - I want to apologise in advance but I'm so stuck and I don't even know why. Sheet 1 is Schedule Data (B4:Z4999) Start Date is Column Y End Date is Column Z Data I want to be returned is Column B Sheet 2 is...
  2. R

    Index Match multiple results skip the blanks

    Hi there hope someone can help as I am about to lose it because I know there is something simple. I have a table and I need another sheet to return only cells that match 2 given criteria and aren't empty. I have 2 worksheets and need the information from worksheet 2 to show up on worksheet 1...
  3. C

    Match Top Results

    I'm trying to create a lookup or match, where I would enter a State in a cell and of all the options from the original table, it would bring in the first 10 matches based on the state selected So this would be similar to a vlookup or match, but would need to pull more than the first results...
  4. J

    Two Column match, with 1 result return, displaying horizontally.

    Hello, I've tried small, large, aggregate.. I just can't get it right. My goal is to have a list on a separate sheet, but I tried on the same sheet as the data to see if it can be done first. Look for ID within the list and match, check if that ID matches a criteria in another column (other...
  5. S

    Return multiple results based on a variable cell.

    Hi, I want to use the value of a drop down box (already setup) to produce a list of identifiers from another sheet. In the 2 screenshots, the yellow box of the timeline tab will be a drop down box, this will be the responsible units. I want to select a responsible unit and all the ID names...
  6. H

    Return multiple results from duplicate name and date range lookup

    Hello Forum I am needing some assistance bringing back multiple results into one cell if a match is found based on a name match and a date falling within a range on another sheet. Sheet 1: this is my results sheet Column A = list of names Column D = start date Sheet 2: this is my lookup sheet...
  7. M

    Using Index/Match or Vlookup to get one result out of multiple results

    Hi there. My very first post here. I'm an intermediate Excel user and have been working on a project. I have a problem where I am using Index and Match formula to index one result (Using Match formula to determine both the row number and the column number in the Index formula). The problem is...
  8. M

    Lookup with multiple results but only once

    I have a list of vehicles that are scheduled for maintenance work over 8 columns and 1873 rows (including the header). Each vehicle is assigned to a department. Column 'A' has the week number Column 'G' has the department If I enter a week number in cell J1 i am hoping to generate a list of...
  9. K

    Return multiple lookup results in different cells

    Hello, I'm trying to essentially do something similar to a vlookup, but instead of it just returning a single result, I want to see all results. I would like to have each result show in a different column. Here's what I have in mind: Basic Data Set <colgroup><col width="64" span="2"...
  10. T

    Return Multiple Rows of Data without Arrays

    I've got a large table of values, 5000+ rows long, and about 20 columns wide. In that table are multiple items with the same partner name. I need to pull all of the entries out of that table for a specific partner. There may be anywhere from 1 to 20 occurrences of that partner name in the...
  11. B

    VBA: Range.Find returning multiple results

    Hi, I'm working on a project where I need to lookup a name from a list, and then navigate to a worksheet with the same name. I've got this working fine, however when there's multiple matches to my search, Range.Find just finds the first instance and keeps going. So for example, I could have...
  12. S

    multiple results, multiple criteria - is there another way apart from arrays?

    Hi out there! I would like to provide a search function, based on two values. If it was a sum, I would be fine, as I would use sumproduct, however I am trying to return multiple results which are not sums. I would like to attach a sheet - this would be the easiest way of explaining how to do...
  13. E

    search array and return one or more column headings as results

    Hello. I am a first time user. I can usually search for what I need and adapt the solution to my situation but this challenge has me wanting. I have a set of data that I would like to search as a set of columns or an array and I would like to return the results of each occurrence to a cell or...
  14. L

    Array formula, multiple conditions, multiple results

    I am trying to find a formula that will return the data for corrective actions that are repeat issues that are within a date range. I have a summarty table that will contain the repeat issue data once it is pulled from my main table. So I need the formula to look at my main table (contains...
  15. G

    How To Return Multiple Match Values in Excel

    Hello all, Recently i downloaded a template from Microsoftoffice, which helps me to organise the weekly task. However, when i add more than one task on the same day in the spreadsheet (task list), excel only return the first...
  16. M

    Vlookup return multiple items in row horizontly

    Dear All, I have gone through the web and found very useful working samples/examples for my query in which they used index small row and combination of such formulas. but as noob I couldn't figure out the logic and resulted in no solution for my problem. I have bunch of data in sheet "Daily...
  17. L

    Returning Multiple Values Through A Vlookup - Formula or VBA

    Context: I regularly use Vlookups in my work as part of a project, but as you may be aware, they can only return one value from the lookup column. For month-end reporting I need to determine if a particular account as a record in the relevant system inboxes, if it appears in more than one...
  18. J

    Match and return multiple results in one cell

    I have a spreadsheet of students assigned to a specific teacher on a specific day for tutoring and I would like to create a single sheet that list all teachers individually in a row and then shows the students assigned to them for each day. I have tried VLOOKUP, MATCH, INDEX with no luck. Data...
  19. L

    VBA Using LARGE to find Nth Number and return .ROW

    Hello all. I have a project Dashboard that needs to refresh the Daily Numbers in order of Order Volume. Then, after I supply the number, I want to application.worksheetfunction.match/index the client associated with that Nth Large number. Only match/index isn't working for me as there are...
  20. W

    Index-Match/Small based on multiple criteria

    So I've gotten the basic search to work: {=INDEX('Combined Data'!$A$2:$C$1000000,SMALL(IF('Combined Data'!$B$2:$B$1000000=$B5,ROW('Combined Data'!$B$2:$B$1000000)),ROW(1:1))-1,3)} Right now, it's looking just at the $B column of the array, and as it's a huge array with up to 30 instances of the...

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