multiple tables

  1. T

    Transpose and Append Multiple Tables in a Workbook Dynamically

    Hi all, I have multiple tables in the same workbook that are formatted with the column headers in one column and the corresponding data to the right (formatted this way for easier visibility of the user). See Tables 1 and 2 for examples. They all have the same naming convention beginning with...
  2. M

    One Userform button to fill in TWO separate tables

    Hey guys, first post here but I have been a follower/reader for quite a while. I currently have a userform that enters into whatever table you double clicked on (Userform opens on double click). It will populate that current table properly no issues. I want it to populate the same...
  3. U

    Merging data from multiple tables for a date period but tables have different date filtering... Please help

    Hi there, I work for an accountancy firm and working with multiple data tables for debtors, work in progress, time and fees. They all have different date periods but I am trying to merge data so each client shows for all the elements. For example for end of Oct, I would like to show what the...
  4. tomsov

    Combining sum result from multiple tables

    Hello, I'm struggling with a combined table result issue as follows and I'm hoping someone can help. I've got 5 seperate sheets, all with named tables that are exactly the same format - the tables refer to customer orders that contain the same data - so order live/dead, order number, part...
  5. D

    SUMIF on two tables

    im confused as to how i should create a formula to get me a sum of a dynamic range based on a value present in both my tables i ve been trying to reference the relevant table columns as range and criteria but im screwing something up. specifically for the example i need the sums of "Rent Soll"...
  6. J

    Search and Results request

    Hi I'm trying to develop a database that will detail results based on product search, which supplier can offer that product, also listing their supplier status. I've starting putting the suppliers within four tables to differentiate the status (Strategic, Preferred, Approved and Development)...
  7. P

    How to export multiple table from Access to Excel with specific sheet name into a single workbook

    Hi Guys, Anyone who can help me how to transfer multiple tables from Access to Excel with specific file name and sheet name into a single workbook only? The code works fine for exporting a singe table but the code stops at "Set xlSheet1" 'SET UP EXCEL Dim FilePath As String Dim...
  8. L

    Excel 2007 Query Join Multiple Table & Show All Records From First Table

    Hi, I've generated a query with 4 tables which consists of 1 main table & 3 other tables that join to the main table. I've joined all 3 tables to the main table & it works fine except for if 1 of the records from the other 3 tables is blank, then it doesn't show the record from the main...
  9. H

    Add Calculated Field/Formula to Pivot Table referenced as a Data Model

    Afternoon, I have a pivot table references multiple tables (when creating the pivot table, i chose "add this data to the Data Model"). I have the relationships I need created, but when I go to select calculations to enter a formula and it's grayed out. I have sales data based of months, and...
  10. N

    Index match based on two tables

    I am using an individual number (Master NSN) on my main sheet to return Team name based on two other tables. I match the tims-nsnnumber from the first table (Achieved10Credits) with the Master NSN. The main issue lies with adding in a second criteria based on another lookup. I aim to use the...
  11. S

    Create Query Linking Two Tables Together

    Hello, I have two tables. One labelled "Records" and one labelled "Comments". I both tables I have an "Account Number" However in the records table, there will only ever be one record for each account. In the comments table there can be any number of records for that account. The idea...
  12. N

    Cross reference multiple tables

    I want to relate multiple table together to a single field, and that way I can use data from multiple tables in a single visualization. Can someone please tell me if this is possible and if so, how? Thanks. The tables |I have contain duplicates.
  13. P

    Using MSQuery To Bring Entries From Multiple Tables Together

    Hi, I am trying to create, using MSQuery in Excel, a single table which shows all entries for a single customer over the year. These entries will come from 12 monthly tables, on separate worksheets within the same workbook. However, I am having trouble joining the tables, as when I try to do...
  14. N

    CHOOSE function with multiple tables and multiple columns

    I am trying to complete a form that extracts information from multiple tables with several columns. The column index is rarely the same, so I can't just hard code a column index number. I tried using the INDEX with MATCH functions to replace the column index number, but #VALUE error appeared...
  15. F

    Pivot Table / Powerpivot Calculated Column and Drill Down

    Hi Everyone, This is my first time posting, so please excuse any accidental forum faux pas. I am trying to create a pivot table that summarizes how many parts remaining at each process sequence. Ideally, when it's complete it'll also be able to drill down on each sequence to see the number of...
  16. M

    Creating a table from multiple PivotTables usable for making a report sheet

    Hi Excel Forum, this is my first post. I'm in deep need of help. I work as a student helper, and my job is to create reports for each of the departments of the school I work for. These reports include showing the changes in Headcounts from quarter to quarter and the distribution of the...
  17. B

    PowerPivot - New Measure - Calculated Field - Two Tables

    Hello, I am using Excel 2010 and have difficulties to do a calculation (whether using measure or column). My database is as follow: I have two tables: System_1 and System_2 Each table has several accounts (rows) with a specified value (column) The tables (or systems) are not the same - the one...
  18. D

    A Quick Way to Make Relationships?

    Hi Everyone, Just starting out with Power BI and I have a question. I've got a large amount of data in a large number of tables in Excel which I've imported into Power BI. All these tables have a time column and another column that contains values for a specific measure. All these time values...
  19. L

    VBA - Hiding and Unhiding numerous rows based on numerous cells

    Hi, I'm new to VBA and Macros so apologies for that! What I have managed to achieve so far based on online forums and guides, is to hide or unhide a column and 'rows in a different sheet' based on a data validation selection in a cell. Example: <tbody> Stages Yes or No Stage 1 Yes Stage...
  20. A

    State table - Should I use the State Abbreviation or a Autonumber for the Primary Key?

    I have a Customers table that holds a customer account number, Customer name, Street, City, State, Zip. I want to make a lookup table for City and a lookup table for State. Should I use the State Abbreviation for the Primary Key or an Autonumber?

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