multiple variables

  1. M

    Use Conditional Formatting to to Highlight Cells with Specific text and IF formula condition

    I have 3 cells that I am looking at: Contact Name Name Word Count Name Fix John John Doe 3 John Doe Bear Bear Joe 3 Bear Joe What I need is to run Conditional Formatting formula to highlight the CONTACT NAME column if the number in the NAME WORD COUNT column is equal to 3 and if the...
  2. L

    How to IF multiple options

    Hi, I have a problem where I have price data from one company and want to allign it to our products. Basically saying, if product A falls under these measurements it is in group 1. If Product A is in group 1 and has a weight of 1 KG the price is 1,00 but if the product is 2 KG the price is...
  3. S

    Multiple inputs from drop down lists to give single output from data on separate sheet

    Hi all, I am trying to have my spreadsheet show costs for running a stadium based on two inputs - Crowd Size and Zones Active. On Sheet One I have two drop down lists - Crowd Size and Zones Active. I also have a Total Cost cell where I require the output. On Sheet Two I have my data set -...
  4. J

    Complicated 4 equation 4 unknown problem - unknowns as exponents

    All, I've read this helpful post here about solving four equations and four unknowns, but my question is how to solve four equations with four unknowns when unknowns are exponents? This is way beyond my math or excel abilities, long story, but I need to figure out some way to program this...
  5. J

    Find Text and Resize Row -- Add multiple "Texts" to find (instead of 1)

    Hello, I am using the following code to loop through my worksheets and find the text "Method of Quoting:" -- once the value is found, it resizes the row to 100 as I need. I would also like to resize the "Source of Data:" row and the "Description:" row. Is there an easy way to add these two...
  6. D

    IndexMatch with multiple values as Match possible ?

    what I am trying to do is; look up E11:E15 for "s" or "x" and return the value from A11:A15 and sum it up I hope you can help thanks in advance see the example; <tbody> .. A ... E F G H 10 % ... CW1 CW2 CW3 CW4 11 25% ... s s x 13 75% ... s x x x 15...
  7. J

    VBA - loop - if cell cotains then .textocolumns

    Hi all I am having trouble with combining the .textotocolumn function with if statements. The posts I have found all have fixed/specified ranges such as destination cell A1 and range A:A. My data insn't always imported the same way. Both the columns and the format varies which is why I would...
  8. S

    Conditional Formatting Based on Multiple Variables - Formula Failing to Register

    Hello, I have been working in a spreadsheet with a really large data set and i need to identify a set based on 2 variables - not date related. Everything I have seen so far has a date in it and I have tried to copy those formulas, but get the error that says, "are you trying to create a...
  9. S

    Multiple variables in MsgBox

    Hi There, I am trying to get a pop up message box to display a list of names that may change each time you open the sheet. I deal with new starters at work and want to have a popup box that finds the users who are starting in the next 2 weeks and haven't already been assigned a laptop. I have...
  10. L

    Return a value based on multiple variables

    I'm working on a spreadsheet and I want to return a specific value based on different variables. In column D the user can select from two different values (Simp or Audit), then in column H they can select one of 3 values (Val1, Val2 or Val3). Based on what is selected in these 2 columns I want...
  11. C

    Work out elapsed time spent at a location

    I am trying to find out how long (in days) a ship is spending at a specific location by analysing satellite data. This would be easy if the ship gave out consistent data, but due to technical issues it gives out inconsistent signals giving incorrect results. The satellite data also gives time...
  12. K

    VBA/Formula - Max values including Indexing, offset, match etc.

    Hello all, I'm quite new to excel, and i need some help figuring out a specific formula, and if not possible a VBA code instead. The following picture shows the visual setup: Color indications Orange - Variables/conditions: Orange is the variables. i want the Formula/VBA to match B23:B25...
  13. L

    Looking for a wildcard in a SUMPRODUCT function

    Good Afternoon! So - I have two columns of data. Column F contains a regions (Africa, Middle East, Europe or UK) and column G contains a month and date range of an event occuring within that region, hoever not all cells in column G contain data. I would like to create a formula that will count...
  14. A

    Excel Formula to check three variables and return value

    Hello, I'm to the point of pulling my hair out. I've tried this in formulas (if, if/and, if/vlookup, if/vlookup/and) and I've been trying to write a macro for this (which I'm thinking needs to loop). Problem: I have a report that is broken into three categories. Column A includes locations...
  15. D

    Average of multiple ranges based on specific variables

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to come up with a simple macro that will scan through a list and calculate the average for a range that has a specific variable. So it would go through the following table and give me the average for all the red's and then the average for the blue, and then the green...
  16. R

    Sum data based on Row and Column variables (Excel 2007)

    Hello all, Glad to be back on posting. I'm working on a workbook that will combine a cash flow report by category and also by date. The categories can change (which I think is the easiest part) but so also can the frequency of data. For instance, you choose how you want to see the data...
  17. C

    Call Sub using Print Range Variables

    I needed a sub that could be used for various range on various sheets. each sheet has different buttons to initiate a print dependant on parameters in the Action for the button sub. It took a few days and several headaches to figure it out. There may be other short cuts but this does work. I...
  18. M

    Formula to count how many cells have 2 diff variables

    My work has a "Termination Report" where we keep track of how many employees quit/were fired for whatever reason. I'd like for the cells to automatically count this for me. This is how we have it set up: The list of stores are in Column A on the left and the list of reasons are at the top in...
  19. T


    Hi all- I am wasting time on this when I know there is a better way. Trying to analyze various scenarios- two customers we make sales (max capacity to make sales is 3.5 million TOTAL) and recognize net profits at two different percentages (constraints for both go from 0-10%)) One customer has...
  20. H

    [SOLVED] Using OR statement in FormulaArray

    I seem to be stuck trying to use multiple variables in an array statement. =SUM(IF(Hours!$A$2:$A$13189=HR!$A5,IF(OR(Hours!$B$2:$B$13189="ENG",Hours!$B$2:$B$13189="SNRENG"),Hours!$D$2:$D$13189,),)) Right now it sums everything if the first expression passes, so if the Hours column A matches...

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