1. R

    Multiply IFS Function

    Hi, I am wondering if there is a Multiply function that replaces the SUMIFS? Basically the formula will look for 3 critertias and will return 4 different values. In a SUMIFS formula it will add the values however I need each of the 4 values to multiply. Example 2, 3, 4, 5 in a SUMIFS will return...
  2. R

    Multiply & Sum Columns

    Hi All I need to be able to create a formula to find out the number of units that are ordered on each day of the week. When a customer inputs a number into the day of the week column (MONDAY/TUESDAY) they are inputting the number of cases they want to order. I need this to then multiply by the...
  3. H

    Multiplication is not correct

    Hi, I don't understand why my formula is showing an incorrect number in H12-H13 but H14-H15 is correct. They all use the same formula by looking up a value from the table, in another sheet, then performing a multiplication, some additions, then another multiplication to convert the number from...
  4. L

    Formula to only multiply 2 decimal places

    How can I get excel to round down to 2 decimal places when multiplying? I have a $ amount in column C, and then in column D I need to multiply the value in C by 1.4. So for example, if C4 = 124.11, then D4 would be =C4*1.4 The value it gives me is 173.754, but I need it to give me only...
  5. C

    Sumproduct, Isnumber & Match Multiple Columns Query

    Hi all, first time post to the forum and I was wondering if any excel genius could help. I need to match match match multiple and sum against multiple columns of information, I'm nearly there but cannot figure out how to finish the formula. Here is where I am so far...
  6. S

    Calculating how many times two multipliers match

    I want to calculate how many times two values match. For example, I have the values 1 and 2. I want to multiply both until the value of both is 10. AB1122233444556667788899101010 So, in this situation there are 5 matching numbers. I want a function that returns 5. The usecase is to calculate...
  7. K

    Tough one this !

    Hi guys, desperately seeking help :-) I am attempting to Multiply a cell in another cell by using PRODUCT, my problem is this . . . A1 is a currency format cell which is then multiplied by A2 with a number format, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to have A3 show a zero in currency...
  8. E

    Excel Macro to pop-up message based on if and multiplication

    Hello Everyone! I ran into an issue with macros and I could use some guidance! I attach a sample excel file for ease of reference. I need to write a VBA code which needs to: 1) Check if a condition is met ("Other" or "Building") -> Column D If "Other", then multiply OMV (Column C) x 0.30% If...
  9. P

    Efficient multiplication in VBA with macros

    Hello friends, I am trying to create a code that is as efficient as possible. What I need to do is Multiply a range of cells by a fixed value and then replace the value that each cell had with that new value. For example: In the "D5: 25" range I have different numerical values in each of the...
  10. H

    Multiply then copy

    Hi - Is there a way to use a macro to multiply .Range("P" & .Rows.Count).End(xlUp) and ws1.Range("A10") then paste the value in ws1.Range("C10")? I guess I could use .Formula, but I was also reading about PasteSpecial and xlMultiply. I just haven't been able to figure out how exactly to use...
  11. A

    excel 2002 convert numbers to mathematical

    i copied numbers from an online account. pasted them into excel 2002. how do i convert the numbers to numbers i can multiply etc? i tried putting a 1 into a cell then copying and paste special multiply tried converting the cell to numbers thanks all
  12. I

    How do I look up two criteria and then multiply the result?

    hi all, i am looking to match two separate criteria listed on tab 1 to a table of rates on tab 2. i would like to find the rate and then multiply by another number back on tab 1. hopefully that makes sense. i assume an index, match would work, but not sure how to take advantage of 2 criteria...
  13. M

    Nested ISBlank

    Hello I have 3 cells I would like to check if blank So if Cell B19 is blank check Cell B25 if not blank multiply B19*15 (then equation is done if its not blank, if blank go to next cell) If B25 is Blank go to Cell B27 if not blank multiply B27*10 (then equation is done if not blank, if blank go...
  14. M

    Multiply Input Cell by Another Cell

    Hi There, I'm trying to multiply a cell within a table that I would input a number into by another cell and struggling with the VBA formula. For example, I would input 5600 into F2 and want it to multiply by D2 and display the result within F2. <tbody> A B1 C D E F G 1 material Desc...
  15. S

    Formula in excel

    I think I need to use an IF formula but can’t work it out. I have F4+E4 to give me the G4. So i have a few different hours so I need the formula so that if G4 is equal to or greater then 8 then the remainder hours calculate to multiply by 1.5 Can anyone help please?
  16. F

    Complex IF formula

    I'm struggling with a complex IF formula, hoping someone can help. In D2 I have a category number 1-4. In F2 I have a number which could be positive or negative. I need a formula in G2 to work out the following conditions: IF F2 is 0, G2 = 0 IF D2 = 1 AND F2 is GREATER than zero MULTIPLY...
  17. P

    Multiply a number by a range

    Hi, I am not sure how to proceed with the formula as I want to multiply a number by a percentage range ie: 65%-85% of 200, I would want the cell to populate with 130-170. Thanks for your help! :)
  18. A

    using VLookup tables and then multiply another number

    Hi, everyone!! I'm excited about this forum!! I love Excel and it's endless features! I was wondering if anyone could help me out ... hopefully this is an easy question/answer! I'm trying to create an Excel Spreadsheet with a vlookup table, and I can't figure out the correct formula - but i'm...
  19. M

    Multiply each row with another all rows

    Hello,</SPAN></SPAN> I got some results in the columns C:E in this example there are 4 rows</SPAN></SPAN> And some results in the columns G:I in this example there are 6 rows</SPAN></SPAN> I need to multiply each row of Column C:E with all rows of column G:I so it will be 4*6=24 rows as shown...
  20. G

    IF? for a result?

    Sometimes a formula that should be so simple really gets the best of me. Can some advise me of what I'm doing wrong? Below is the formula.... =IF(H9="2",(D9*13)),IF(H9="3",(D9*20)) All I'm trying to do is where ("H9="2") is to multiply the formula, then if (H9="3") then multiply that formula...

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