1. S

    Seperating music titles

    So I would like to make spreadsheet of my music titles. But all I can do is copy the text so it all reads in one column. What i want to do is to parse the data into separate columns. so this "3 Doors Down - The Better Life - 01 - Kryptonite.mp3" wood split at the "-" to have 4 columns. Can...
  2. G

    Help with dropdown list

    Hi all Can anyone help me figure this out please. I have 3 dropdown lists. List1 at cell F9 shows 2 options. Music and Videos. List2 2 then shows either movie types ie: action comedy etc. Or music type ie: rock jazz etc. List2 changes depending on selection in list1. What i would like is list3...
  3. P

    Is it possible in excel?

    Hello everyone , I would like to ask if it is possible in excel to have a list ( description , code etc ) and in an other list a description similar to the first list description but written differently , compare them and try to find which item from the second list matches which on the first...
  4. O

    Play music when i click a button in excel

    HI I want to play music while a form is open, and when someone clicks on a text box in the form for a sound effect to play like a bell chime or something, and when they click another button on the form another sound effect. Is there a simple line of code that can do this? THanks
  5. J

    Excel VBA To Play Specified Sound Extension File Type Without Visually Showing Any Music Player Program

    Good Day Everyone, I am trying to understand the limitation of Excel, In The Year 2017, as it relates to playing music/audio extension files via VBA. I have seen successful ways of playing WAV sound files without visually opening an additional music player program. Can someone PLEASE tell me...
  6. D

    vba music

    How do I play a song from a macro
  7. G

    mp3 or wav in code - how do I stop once played

    here is code that works good until it repeats and does not end until manual stop - help Sub PLAYSONG() REQ_B = 100001 'skip1 for PLAY_Q test ' GoTo NOK 'skip1 end Application.ScreenUpdating = False If REQ_B > 199999 Then GoTo NOK Else DR_L = ActiveCell.Address...
  8. C

    Excel - Barcode - Music

    I belong to a chorale that is 40 years old and we are having a problem with our printed music not being returned. I'm looking for an inexpensive solution using excel. I've retired from the programming/analysis business for over 10 years and my skills are very rusty so please be clear in...
  9. MrExcel

    AC/DC Music Video in Excel

    Saw this on twitter today... an AC/DC music video in Excel. The creators nicely left all of their code unprotected, so you can check it out. It does extract two files... the .wav file and the image files. I had opened it with events turned off, so I had to run ExtractWav manually to get the...
  10. M

    Something a little different - the world's first music video in Excel (AC/DC)

    Hi all, I've just finished an interesting Excel / VBA project which is a little different than the usual. We've created the world's first music video in Excel format. You can see it in action on YouTube here: And you can download the spreadsheet...

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