1. T

    VLOOKUP shows #N/A

    I can't get why..
  2. J

    Vlookup error

    I have a vlookup in one spread to look up qty's in another and is erroring #N/A. when I go to the lookup table and click in the cell and hit F2 and enter the error goes away. so I then try to copy this down and I have to go cell by cell hitting F2 enter. not changing anything. is there some...
  3. D

    #N/A error with Lookup and Min functions

    Good Afternoon everyone, I have run into an issue using Lookup with Min. I can use Lookup with Max and get the required results, =LOOKUP(MAX(E7:E1000),E7:E1000,D7:D1000) actually gives the date that matches the Max value. When I change the formula to =LOOKUP(MIN(E7:E1000),E7:E1000,D7:D1000), it...
  4. R

    VLOOKUP and extract #N/A rows

    Hello experts! I hope my question is as easy for you as it seems to me: I've got two tables I'm comparing. Both tables have the index, StudentID, a 10-digit number. I'm using vlookup to compare the tables to find which students are missing from either table (Table A compared to Table B, and...
  5. R

    Disreguard #N/A when adding a column of numbers.

    I have a column of numbers that come from a vlookup. I want to add this column up skipping the cells with a #N/A result from the vlookup. Thanks guys.
  6. I

    Value VLOOKUP is searching for is negative - returns #N/A

    Team, Trying to keep this example simple. I have a pivot table: <tbody> A B C 1 Aisle # Locations Units 2 001 229 1569 3 002 1 -12 4 003 12 214 </tbody> I am trying to combine information in a spreadsheet from three pivot tables using the VLOOKUP. However, when I try to display the...
  7. M

    Return value if there is an #N/A error

    Okay so I have a list of numbers that will be pasted next to an already placed VLOOKUP function, this VLOOKUP will lookup the numbers pasted in another list. This means the VLOOKUP returns a list of all the numbers that already exist in the 'lookup list' and then #N/A if a new number is there. I...
  8. C

    #N/A Values

    <tbody> 1 1 #N/A 2 #N/A 3 2 4 3 #N/A 4 </tbody> I have a bunch of #N/A values in columns. what's the easiest way to get the desired result (1234) in the adjacent column with no empty cells in between?
  9. G

    Formula N/A Error

    Good Afternoon, I'm getting an error with my formula... but only sometimes not every time. =INDEX(DlyRateCodes1!$D$27:$K$455,MATCH($CD11,DlyRateCodes1!$B$27:$B$455,0),MATCH(H$1000,DlyRateCodes1!$D$26:$Z$26,0)) If you could give me an idea of what's wrong, that would be great. I know this is...
  10. H

    Transpose formula returning #N/A in certain cells where values in source data is blank

    I have the following transpose formula which is an array =-TRANSPOSE('C:\downloads\[BR1.xlsm]Summary'!$C$3:$L$3) Where the cells on sheet "summary" C:L are blank , then the formula returns #N/A I have tried using iferror, but get the same result It would be appreciated if someone could...
  11. pcorpz

    help tweaking my formula ifna match index

    {=IFNA(INDEX(PO[Price],MATCH([@[SO Date]]&[@[User Name]]&[@[Item No.]]&[@[SO Qty]],PO[Posting Date]&PO[User Name]&PO[Item No.]&PO[Quantity],0)),INDEX(PO[Price],MATCH([@[Item No.]]&[@[Cost Exact Match]],PO[Item No.]&PO[Sales Exact Match],0)))} My formula works but I know it should be written...
  12. M

    Sumif with index and match if two criteria are met

    Hi, Looking help in constructing a formula to help me interrogate a large data area which if 2 criteria or met then sum the associated hours worked. Basically I want a summary report that gives me the total hours worked by a particular grade for each month as we go through the year. Below is...
  13. A

    Why this Match is not working, FILE ATTACHED

    Hey guys, can someone tell me please why this file is not working? https://sheet.zoho.com/sheet/editor.do?doc=2f316a5f957451ed09ebbb4a127947ccf5a1467f845cffe4c8a8094a66592afeb433327fda0a94208330b6f8e188e67294c4ed9a2e62d8dd325f910d1a209e47 am using (...
  14. N

    Formula problem referencing cells with #N/A

    Hi, I’m trying to create a formula that involves using IF and OR. The problem is that the columns the formula references have a lot of #N/A errors in them, so the result of the formula ends up being #N/A if there is an #N/A in either column H or column I. It just seems to disregard what is in...
  15. V

    Vlookup - multiple columns

    Hi, Every month a sales report is pulled showing all activity for each sales person from the beginning of the year. This tab is the total sales overview. It is sorted alphabetical per sales person. Then a tab is created per sales person. Each of these sales person tabs needs to reflect all...
  16. E

    Vlookup in a string

    I am trying to cleanse a user input list of countries of residence. in some cases the country is hidden in a string of other words like this "kobeshi hyogo japan" I want to lookup from a list of defined countries I have using =VLOOKUP(A4&"*",'country list'!$A$1:$A$165,2,0) but it returns #N/A...
  17. M

    INDEX and MATCH when there are blank cells in column

    I am trying to do an INDEX and MATCH where the INDEX column contains blanks. This formula works well until the column has blanks. Then I get #N/A {=INDEX(O6:O130,MATCH(TRUE,O6:O130<>0,0))} -- Column O returns #N/A =IFERROR(LARGE(P6:P1300,1),"") -- Column P also has blanks, returns #N/A...
  18. leopardhawk

    Index / match

    Here is the data which I am trying to extract the dollar amount in D4 from. <b>Excel 2016 (Windows) 32 bit</b><table cellpadding="2.5px" rules="all" style=";background-color: #FFFFFF;border: 1px solid;border-collapse: collapse; border-color: #B6AAA6"><colgroup><col width="25px"...
  19. E

    Formula for counting with two criteria, name and counting for baseball stats

    Guys, I have a baseball team and would like a formula to keep the stats. For example, I would like a formula in Cell F3 that counts how many 1b(from Cell F2) does Salvador Martinez(Cell B3) has in the range B33:F:40. So this formula would need to match B3 and find the rows where Salvador...
  20. M

    Refreshing web query creates #N/A in referencing cells

    Hi, I have a worksheet with one tab that has a web query retrieving data from an online table and another tab that uses a series of formulas that start by referencing the tab with the web queries. The order of the formulas is as follows: web query --> cells referencing the table created by...

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