1. M

    Refreshing web query creates #N/A in referencing cells

    Hi, I have a worksheet with one tab that has a web query retrieving data from an online table and another tab that uses a series of formulas that start by referencing the tab with the web queries. The order of the formulas is as follows: web query --> cells referencing the table created by...
  2. B

    IF EXACT Formula with multiple chains

    Hello, I am attempting to do an IF/EXACT formula that contains two different values. Here is the formula that I've come up with, but it keeps returning a #N/A value: =IF(EXACT(G2,"B"),"Btl"),IF(EXACT(G2,"b"),"btl","")
  3. B

    conditional formatting

    is there a conditional formatting rule I can use that would highlight cells A268:d268 in red if F268 is #N/A? the rows will increase that's just where it's at now. I have a Vookup in column F to look at number in column D and it's #N/A people shouldn't add the information but they still do...
  4. S

    If Statement formula issue without picture issue lol

    Hi all, Last week I was completely stuck with this concept and Kweaver helped me out with this awesome formula, but since then I needed to modify the formula to add another condition and now I cannot get the formula to make S2 = 0 is the other conditions are "Non-Billable" and "No". Below is...
  5. R

    Return a Blank instead of #N/A and/or 0 with INDEX/MATCH

    Trying to return a blank instead of a #N/A or 0 with INDEX and MATCH. Formula Below... =INDEX(Data[GC],MATCH([Product Key],Data[Product Code],0)) Thanks in advance for your assistance and time. Regards Richard T.
  6. N

    Vlookup error

    I am using the below formula to populate a cell based on dates from a different worksheet. Everything is working properly, but I am getting error #N/A when the date is not available. How can I modify the formula to return a blank cell (no text) when an error #N/A is returned...
  7. N

    Trying to Write Excel formula in VBA

    Hi, I'm trying to write an excel formula in VBA which gives me a unique count of a certain column. However, I'm getting an #N/A when I write it in VBA. Any thoughts? Here's the part that's giving the #N/A in the code: .Range("B" & NumberofRows + 4).Formula =...
  8. Mel Smith

    Lookup formula - explanation please

    I have inherited a workbook and on some sheets the formula seems to work but in others the cell, Y11, shows #N/A. The formula is: {=Lookup(2,1/(Max(0+Substitute(AH3:AH15&1,”\”, “1/“))=0+Substitute (AH3:AH15&1,”\”, “1/“)} Could someone explain this to me and perhaps why some sheets are showing...
  9. P

    Reconciliation help/formula support required

    Dear ,I need a formula for doing Reco of un-adjusted entries on daily basis for large amount of entries. Please help me to do it with the help of excel formula . Sample as given below :- "Issue CN" Should be formula output :- <tbody> Document of type ZCR6 Formula Required Amount Sold to...
  10. R

    Index / Match to find column header

    I have a sheet named 'Diff' that has ID in column A and Difference in column K. I have another sheet named 'Udata' that has ID in column A and amounts in columns B:JG. I am trying to look up the code in row 3 (column header) of the UData tab, based on the ID number and Difference from the Diff...
  11. E

    Index & Match Multiple

    Hello, Any one can help how it will not result to #N/A ? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WzjH8N-G6Ygs2HLjqxz-CKgj-vKQ9nrSgdh4_zj8BMY/edit#gid=1123400327 Kindly send the correct formula because google sheet formula is not the same with one in the excel sheet in the computer Thanks in...
  12. S

    Cell Response based on receiving #N/A (Formula fail return) - Simple?

    Afternoon Trying to get a cell to return different messages based on if a Vlookup gets a return or not Ie, Vlookup in Cell G8 returns a result - B8 gives instructions on what to do next (Text in cell A13) Vlookup in Cell G8 returns #N/A result (Failed return) - B8 gives different instructions...
  13. R

    #n/A Help to make to blank

    I am get a #N/A when I use this to look up names if it can not find the name. it give me a #N/A. How do I get rid of the N/A. it work find if I am looking up number and if it does not find the number it leave it blank. I like it to do the same thing for names look ups...
  14. J

    vlookup returns some correct values, some #n/a and some incorrect values

    I'm doing a simple vlookup between two tabs in the same spreadsheet. Many returned values have #n/a but when I search the second tab they appear in the table. Some of the values are correct and some even return an incorrect value. Please help. I've had to manually lookup over 100 values in...
  15. H

    Vlookup issue

    Hi all, I hope you can help as I appear to be missing something. I have a value in CALC!C8 which I am trying to look up. =VLOOKUP(CALC!C8,VALIDATION!A6:C10,3,0) So in the VALIDATION SHEET A6 =0% B6 =50% C6 =1 A7 =50.01% B7 =60% C7 =2 A8 =60.01% B8 =65% C8 =3 A9 =65.01% B9 =70% C9 =4 A10...
  16. K

    VLOOKUP Not returning proper values

    I currently have a spreadsheet that aggregates values from other spreadsheets using VLOOKUPS. On this aggregated spreadsheet, I have numerous columns that I want to add a custom value to in a separate column. The values returned from the underlying spreadsheets are #N/A, 1, 2, 3, T1, T2, T3...
  17. D

    Delete rows using variable key words

    Hi Guys. Can someone please help me to consolidate/simply the following code. I have a need to delete a number of rows in a large sheet that contain variable keywords (10) within a range of text strings in column A. Each key word only appears in the cells of column a once, the remaining text...
  18. D

    Cross Tabulation

    Hi All, I have a question on what you think would be the best way to solve a problem that I have... I have attrition numbers for 12 months in columns and City_Tenure in the Rows, it looks something like this.... <colgroup><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Code ATTRITION_Jan_18...
  19. D

    VLOOKUP doesn't return values when cell is text and has duplicates

    Hi I have two worksheets, Unique Donors & Donations. I've assigned a unique alphanumeric code to each Donor and need to return that value against their Donations. VLOOKUP returns the first 3 values bu when it comes to a repeated value it stops. Amy help here much appreciated Unique Donors...
  20. C

    Conditional Formatting of a stacked chart that adds YTD totals

    Trying to Conditional format a Stacked graph for a YTD total. Sample data is below: <tbody> Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Target 506 476 491 495 501 489 508 503 519 487...

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