1. K

    SUMIF where range and sum_range are in every nth column

    Hello! I would like to get result of 19 in B7 for sum up values where criteria is always banana (A7) but there are multiple ranges(A,E,I) and sum_ranges(C,G,K) which are in every nth column. A B C D E F G H I J K 1 apple n/a 1 cherry n/a 1 banana n/a 10 2 banana n/a...
  2. S

    Last row insert formulas

    I need some help. I get a few reports like this on a weekly basis the largest one only containing about 150 rows and 26 columns. What I would like to do is use a macro to add a few things to the bottom of each sheet. Each sheet is dynamic in its number of rows and columns. <tbody> 123465...
  3. M

    Remove empty rows from .txt file

    Hello all, I have created a VBA script that pulls data from one document, and exports that data into several different files. There is a blank row in my data (which I want to keep, row 17, i.e. the blank row in between the "Quad#" values and the PlateData value), but instead of showing up in...
  4. J

    IFANDSUM Questions

    I have 4 =IF(AND(SUM formulas that all work individually, but I would like to get them all to work in one cell. Can this be done? Here are the formulas: =IF(AND(SUM(D3:L3)>9,(SUM(D3:L3)<14),SUM(D3:E3)>0,SUM(F3:G3)>0),"$50","$0") =IF(AND(SUM(D3:L3)>14,SUM(D3:L3)>0,SUM(F3:G3)>0),"$75","$0")...
  5. D

    why giving me N/A?

    =IF(OR(G8=0,AB8>0),0,AB8) g8 is N/a....AB8 is 0.....shouldnt the if statement produce 0? it's giving me N/A
  6. B

    Vlookup formula for returning dates

    I am trying to use the vlookup formula to return dates, but it just comes up with an N/A error. I am using the formula: =VLOOKUP(A10,Master!$G:$M,3,FALSE). Am I doing this wrong??
  7. J

    Change Cell Button to apply to all selected cells

    I have had a request from management. I have the following macro assigned to a button Sub TaskNotDone () With ActiveCell .Value = "N/A" End With End Sub This changes the active cell to N/A is there a way I can have this work if there are multiple cells selected. The guys find...
  8. T

    Hidden column cells - data being added but formatting not applied

    Hi all, I have the following code which is supposed to add "N/A" to cells and colour them in green: If ch = vbOK Then Target.Cells.Interior.ColorIndex = 43 Range(Cells(Target.Row, twelvewl + 1), Cells(Target.Row, twelvewr)) = "N/A" Range(Cells(Target.Row...
  9. L

    match the second value if the result of first match is N/A

    what is the formula to match automatically the second value if the result of the first match is n/a or zero? thank you!
  10. schielrn

    Form for Checklist

    I am struggling figuring this out and thought it should be something simple. What I want to do is create a subform in a main form that is a checklist that needs to be marked as pass, fail or n/a. I have a table that based on the product they select will show the appropriate checklist items...
  11. K

    IFs, ANDs, and BUTs

    Need help finding a formula for the following conditions: If AV14="Yes" AND AV76 is a number, then enter the value of AV76, BUT if AV14="No" then enter "N/A". Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  12. I

    Blank entry in drop down list

    Morning, I have a userform which has many comboboxes with drop down lists. I have noticed that if a drop down list entry only shows N/A then below it is a blank entry also. Anything else where there are 2,3 or 20 options to select then the blank space at the end isnt shown. The sheet where my...
  13. R

    VBA for Auto Populating with Fixed Values & Shading

    Hello, Can you help me with a macro please? I need to auto populate certain cells in different rows with "N/A" and grey shading depending on selections made in column B from a dropdown list. For example, if we select "School" in cell B19, then E19 to P19 show "N/A" with grey fill colour and...
  14. A

    Macro to Stack rows in columns- ignore certain values

    Hello everyone! I am trying to write a macro which will stack data into multiple columns. For example, for this table: <tbody> mgn PPO Prem Eff 123 1 2 n/a 456 4 n/a 8 </tbody> I want the output in another sheet to be: <tbody> mgn metric value 123 ppo 1 123 prem 2 456 ppo 4 456...
  15. I

    Renaming files now obviously stops code working

    Hi, I have this code in use which when in my database & i press its button the corresponding invoice is then shown. At the time the invoice were saved like this, 1.pdf 2.pdf 3.pdf Private Sub OpenInvoice_Click() Const FILE_PATH As String = "C:\Users\Ian\Desktop\REMOTES ETC\DR COPY...
  16. B

    Excel Formula - compare two set of cells and find return the result based on the logic

    <tbody> A B C D E (RESULT) 1 10 10 5 50 Y 2 20 20 1 1 N 3 10 10 N/A N/A N/A 4 N/A N/A 2 3 N/A </tbody> Need help with this as well. Logic : C>A OR D>B = Y else N if N/A present in A&B or C&D then result is N/A
  17. B

    Need help: compare two cells for highest number, if text in one of the cell then return N/A

    Need help with the following if B>A result Y, if A>B result N, if text in any of the cell then result is N/A <tbody> A B C (Result) 5 4 N 10 100 Y N/A 10 N/A zero 100 N/A </tbody> <tbody> </tbody> Thank you
  18. I

    Data Validation Circle Usage

    Morning, I have 2 columns as explained below. Column J consists of values like Z159, R235, P004, N/A Column L consists of values like JHMCN129357842S87, N/A The columns have a drop down where the only selectable option is N/A When i use the Data Validation Circle Invalid Data option i see a...
  19. J

    TEXTJOIN with Multiple Conditions

    Hi all, Using Excel for Office 365 MSI 16.0.11 x64 version 1902. I have a scenario where I think TEXTJOIN would work, but I can't figure out how to concatenate several IF statements together. I have: - Column A (id) with hundreds of row entries, simple numbers 1-..... - Column B (category)...
  20. I

    Print code on userform

    Hi, The working code supplied below is what i use to view a saved invoice. What i am looking for is to now use the same code but with an edit. Once the button is pressed it will look for the invoice number & print it as opposed to viewing it. Thanks Private Sub OpenInvoice_Click() Const...

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