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    Print code on userform

    Hi, The working code supplied below is what i use to view a saved invoice. What i am looking for is to now use the same code but with an edit. Once the button is pressed it will look for the invoice number & print it as opposed to viewing it. Thanks Private Sub OpenInvoice_Click() Const...
  2. O

    VBA Code for Formula

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions for which I will provide feedback. I am getting an error on the following formula as it's when i added, the "N/A" part for the IFERROR. Cells(i, 4).Formula = "= IFERROR( MATCH(TRUE,INDEX(Sheet1!E" & i & ":" & LastColumnLtr & i & "<>0,),0)," & ""N/A" )"...
  3. T

    How to perform SUM of multiple VLOOKUP values by ignoring N/A values (or treating them as 0)?

    Hi all I am trying to SUM multiple vlookup values as below: =VLOOKUP(A3,Academy!A:M,13,FALSE)+VLOOKUP(A3,'AJ Blunt'!A:M,13,FALSE)+VLOOKUP(A3,BUILT!A:M,13,FALSE)+VLOOKUP(A3,Carbridge!A:M,13,FALSE)+VLOOKUP(A3,'Carter Corp'!A:M,13,FALSE)+VLOOKUP(A3,'Cleanaway - Transpacific'!A:M,13,FALSE) Column...
  4. A

    Counting Rows Meeting Multiple Criteria with a Formula

    Hi, I have a table with various columns. Cells in Column A can contain one of "First", "Same", "Last", "Unique". Cells in column B specify whether or not a client is homeless. So cells in this column can contain any one of "Homeless", "Not Homeless", "N/A" Finally, Cells in column C specify...
  5. S

    Find & replace up to certain row

    Is there a way for this code to only look until the last populated row in column A vs the entire columns D:K. IE, the data stops on row 84, but the following populates ' N/A' all the way down D:K where a cell is blank. Thanks in advance! Columns("D:K").Select Selection.Replace...
  6. B

    VBA for loop to loop through index/match Array

    I have the following array formula: ={INDEX(r_base_liability,MATCH(1,("Liability"=r_peril_liability)*(i_score=r_score_liability)*(i_liabilit_bucket=r_terr_liability),0))} This performs a 3 way look up, and so far it is working fine. However, I want to loop through the parameters i_score, and...
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    Sum that returns a statement

    Hi All, I'm calculating the number of days between 2 dates which is really easy, however some of the cells don't have dates in them and I'd like it to return something other than value, maybe "N/A" so we know it's been seen to. Currently it's just "AS2-AC2" Is there an easy way to do the...
  8. B

    If(or) with vlookup getting n/a

    Can anyone tell me why this code will return N/A even though when I walk through it the steps look like it should return an actual result? =IF(OR($I$3="RHP",$I$3="LHP",VLOOKUP($G$3,STATS19pitch,16,FALSE)),VLOOKUP($G$3,STATS19sb,15,FALSE))
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    Index , Vlookup Average Formula

    Hello, I am trouble creating a formula to go into Cells B2:I2, Im trying to have Excel say Find the Text "Scheduled Date" match the date below with a date in Row 1 and provide the information in Column M for Test 1 , Only Information from the Text "Scheduled Date to Subtotal" Belongs to Test 1...
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    Finding best combination for machines

    Hi, I have a list of machines that can produce diffrent types of products. some machine can produce same part but there is diffrent between machine in the quality performance. also not all macines can produce all products. I would like to get the best setup in order to set the product that will...
  11. G

    vlookup not working

    Hi, The top table is my excel sheet named Vlookup. As you can see the value I am trying to get is on the 13th row. It is still returning N/A. Please help. Thanks
  12. I

    Make N/A exempt from duplicate code check before save to worksheet

    Morning, I am using the code supplied below. The code checks to make sure that the value entered in TextBox4 doesnt already exist on my worksheet before it then makes the save. If there is a matching invoice number alreay then i see the msgbox show up advising me "Already Exists" I would like...
  13. T

    Pivottable for Yes, No, N/A Responses - Why is it so convoluted?

    I have a table where rows are individual submissions, and columns are questions within those submissions. Submissions contain information such as name, month & location, and questions are answered with either Yes, No or N/A. <tbody> A B C D E F G 1 Name Month...
  14. F

    Auto populate sheet with information from another sheet

    Hello, I have a sheet that has a number of three column groupings. In each -- The first column is people's names. The second column is a range of numbers that also includes N/A (i.e. N/A, 1, 2, 3, 4... 20) The third column has another number. I have another sheet that has two columns: Name and...
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    How to calculate number of due on weekend exclude N/A and blank in that range

    i would like to calculate how many item outstanding will be due on weekend in N/A and blank in the range. <tbody> Item Mail No. Date Received Type Forwarded Date Response Response Date Due Date Day Process Status Days Overdue Remarks 9 SSP-PDP2-WTRAN-856277 01/01/2019 Workflow Transmittal...
  16. D

    Option buttons are kicking my tail....

    I have a series of 8 option buttons and 1 text box in a frame. Whichever button or text box is selected. Enter yes or result (text box) and the remaining will show N/A (They all have their own cell in a row on the worksheet. When I run the code now. I get True or False for the option buttons...
  17. B

    help with excel

    im a newby to excel ..trying to work something out. If date in G1 = H1,then return yes in K1 and N/A in columns L1 to Q1 if false, leave k1 empty and allow input yes or no or n/a date is dd/mm/yy thanks in advance
  18. M

    Find N/A and fill same "N/A in next available blank cells

    <colgroup><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Holdings - - Duration N/A N/A N/A Meets Expectation N/A - - Meets Expectation Meets Expectation - - Meets Expectation N/A - - Meets Expectation </tbody> "There is N/A under Holdings and I filled N/A in next columns manually, before...
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    Need Help with VBA Code

    Hi, I have been struggling with this VBA code for quite some time now and would appreciate any help with it. I have attached a sample spreadsheet I am working with. First sheet shows the raw data that comes from the SharePoint and second sheet shows the report I am trying to build form the raw...
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    Index Match - N/A

    Hello - How do I get the following equation to return 0 instead of N/A if no match? Note - I'm on excel for Mac. Thank you in advance {=INDEX('OPEX Detail'!$Y$2:$Y$927,MATCH(1,('Updated Budget Upload 2019'!J16='OPEX Detail'!$F$2:$F$927)*('Updated Budget Upload 2019'!F16='OPEX...

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