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    Cell Reference Named Ranges as Arrays

    Hi, In an excel file we have various named ranges. Ideally in a column we could reference these as arrays in an INDEX formula as a name so the array would change depending on cells in a column, just like how the row or column reference numbers can change. Do you know if this is possible as...
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    Name Range across multiple (200+) sheets

    Hi, I have an excel workbook with 200+sheets of data tables. I need to create a named range for each table. That is for each table, I go in and highlight a range - say A22:S50 and then name it Table1, Table2 in the name box or I can do this for name manager. Is there a way to automate this...
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    Return cell value based of row Named Range and Column Named Range

    Hi All I want to return the cross reference of 2 named ranges. There is a sheet called Front Page where i want to return the result and the information is on a sheet called Commission Row named range = Partner Column named range = Finance Both of the named ranges will be referenced in as...
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    VBA Code to Copy and Paste 100+ Named Ranges with Looping

    Hi- I am new to learning VBA and I need some help! I am looking for a VBA code that will loop through all 50 tabs within an excel workbook and search for any named range that starts with EQUITY and copy and paste all named ranges into one single tab within the workbook. In this case we can name...
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    Help with VBA combobox references

    I am familiar with the basic functions of excel but do not have extensive experience with VBA--I have been trying to learn but I cannot seem to find an answer to a specific task which I am trying to complete. I am working with a data table (shown above) of Units with a set number of designated...
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    Excel Named Ranges

    I am stuck, and I am not sure if there is even a solution for my block. This is what I have: I have numerous named ranges. For example, I have named ranges for vendors, the named ranges are: Vend1Eval, Vend2Eval, Vend3Eval....etc. I want the ability to set the appropriate named range in a...
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    Shared workbook - Issues with Dynamic Ranges & Tables

    I have a number of different workbooks, let's just call them workbook 1, workbook 2, etc.... Each workbook has multiple worksheets referencing different data from the other workbooks/worksheets. I originally had different named ranges (static) in each worksheet, to make things easier to...
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    Moving sheets between workbooks with the same named ranges

    I have two workbooks, each containing a similar "Reference" sheet of global constants, which are defined in about 100 named ranges. The named ranges are the same in each workbook and are scoped at workbook level so they can be used by other sheets in each workbook, but the global constants...
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    Naming Ranges using VBA

    I have a database that will be constantly changing in length and for purposes of conditional data validation, I want to name hundreds, potentially thousands of ranges. I have made it far enough to get a table on a separate sheet with what I want the name of each range to be in column A and the...
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    check if cell in named range

    Hello, I have two sheets sheetA and sheetB with two names ranges rngA and rngB respectively. rngA in sheetA has one column and contains cell addresses (like, $F$6, $H$2, $G$3, ...) rngB in sheetB is say $F$3:$H$9 I need to delete cell addresses in rngA that are not in rngB. For example, $H$2...
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    Selecting a range using name box

    So I'm using the Name Box and Defined Named Ranges as an index to jump around to different areas on my worksheet. I have noticed that some of the ranges, when selected via the name box, will put the top left cell of the range at the top left position on the screen (like cell A1 is on a new...
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    Long processing times...Named ranges with dynamic data?

    I have a workbook with lots of formulas and sheets. It is updated weekly and the data grows irregularly with every update. As of right now I have my formulas referencing entire columns in order to capture all new data. This is starting to catch up with me, as the processing time is detracting...
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    Adjusting Named Ranges Dynamically

    Good morning, everybody! I have to update a *ton* of tables in an Excel spreadsheet, rolling them forward for the new year. For example, if WRSState is in cells A6:H15, I need to copy rows A7:H15 into A6:H14, clear A15:H15, and then make a couple of other edits that i should be able to figure...
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    find all named ranges that contain the selected cell?

    How do I find out if a cell I have selected is included(or not) in one of the numerous named ranges in my workbook? It would be nice to do this outside of coding. Ideally I would like to select a cell and have a list of named ranges that include that cell. Why.. because I have inherited a huge...
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    Execution error 424 object required

    I had a simple marco to hide a sheet and some rows when a listbox is clicked. it ran fine in the listbox's sheet's code but I had to move it to a global module in order to go hide rows in another sheet. Now it says the objects don't exist. Here is my code Public Sub ActiverLait()...
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    Sub Worksheet_Change with named range is not does not work!

    Excel Friends, I set up C4:C12 to have some values that are added up at C13. I named C4:C12 as SelectedValues, and I named G3 as TotalValue and made it equal to C13. The following worksheet event does not work. Can somebody tell me how to fix it? Just one requirement, the ranges need to be...
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    Named Ranges changing references with VBA

    Hi, I have worbook with plenty of defined names, each for different sheet. Now i want to increase the range of each of them (they should contain two columns more than they already do). Is there any way that I give list to VBA to go through each of them and adds two more columns?
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    Dynamic range in to word bookmark

    I've been trying to populate an excel template .dotx and saving it as .doc I managed to get most parts of the code working. But its 4 in the morning and i cant figure out the last part; Dim LastRow As Long LastRow = Groslijst.Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row...
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    Using a macro to add chart series

    Hello all, I am trying to write a macro that creates an X/Y scatter chart. The series will be named ranges (ex: Series X Values ='GraphTool.xlsm'!XValues1'; Series Y Values ='Graph Tool.xlsm'!YValuesTemp1". I have several named ranges that I plan to use a for loop to insert them as series as...
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    Potential Use Indirect to create dynamic named range

    I have built a spreadsheet where I export date from a database and paste into Sheet1. I then run a number of formula and graphs etc. The issue is that the column position change, although the column header obviously doesn't. e.g. Price could be in Column A then next time I export in column B...

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