1. J

    Date Filters

    In the dBase we use at work, that I have been working on for ever and a day, we have a lot of date filters built into queries. I was wondering if there is a simpler way to standardize them, so they all look similar, but perform the functions needed. They all need to be a greater than/equal...
  2. M

    If and then statement needed..

    I'm having a heck of a time figuring out a statement.... I need to know: if cell B4 is a NO, then 0 if cell B4 is a YES and cell C4 is a YES, then 10 if cell b4 is a YES and cell C4 is a NO, then 5 This is what I have, but it's coming up false...
  3. albertc30

    dropdown list in alphabetical order data validation...

    Hi all, again... I have been reading on this and have found a few good youtube videos. One in particular mentioned 4 ways this could be achieved, the best way being the new function SORT. Sadly, this is not available on my newly bought office 2019 professional. Just another way Microsoft has...
  4. gravanoc

    Trouble Understanding Which Formula is needed

    Hi, I'm having a major headache right now and can't think straight on this. I've tried a couple of solutions, but still can't wrap my head around what is needed. Basically, I am trying to return a value from the first tab contingent on whether or not the value underneath cell A1 on that tab...
  5. R

    How to VLOOKUP specific month and year to find a value?

    Hi, I needed help and appreciate if someone could help me. Suppose the "search key" is 2 Feb 2019, and: Column:A Column:B 1 Feb 2019 $1,000 2 Feb 2019 $2,000 3 Feb 2019 $3,000 How can I use VLOOKUP, or any other formula if needed to get "$2,000"? Thanks...
  6. B

    Vlookup with Match or Index/Match Approximate Values

    I'm at my wits-end with this one. I think the solution is staring me in the face, but I just can't get it. I have a cross table a1 = 0 b1=65 c1=45 d1=33 a2 = 50 b2=71 c2=52 d2=37 a3 = 75 b3=77 c3=58 d3=41 Column "A" is the percent of Economically Disadvantaged Students in the...
  7. A

    comment box/ Form for entering comments and it opens as a pop up

    Hello, I am trying to create a worksheet with a timetable and some time slot needs some action and the detail of the actions needed to be entered. Can i create a form that takes input and store it as a comment and when the cell is selected the pop-up/window can displays the comment in a...
  8. J

    Copy date from one WB to another based on matching ID?

    I'm sure I knew how to do this once :eeek: Ok so I need to take the date from workbook 1 column G to workbook 2 column c based on matching I.D'S in column A In workbook 1; Client ID is in Column A, between 40-60 records at any one time. Date of next meeting is in column G. <tbody> A B C D...
  9. G

    Surveys Needed Calculator

    Good Day! I wanted to make a calculator to determine the number of perfect surveys needed to reach the target. Please see details below: Current score: 96.77% # of Surveys: 31 (30 satisfied / 1 dissatisfied) Goal: 98% Appreciate any help ?
  10. H

    Multiple Modules?

    I have like 15 Modules in my workbook, I have no idea why 14 of them are there. I don't know that much about VBA so I don't know if they are needed. I do have a bunch of buttons connected to macros. Is this a glitch?
  11. S

    Two formulas needed

    Hello, I need help with 2 formulas please. Unfiltered data is in Sheet1!B2:BB1000 Sheet2!A3 is a drop down list of all country names (Sheet1!AW2:AW1000) First formula needed for Sheet1!A2: If the dropdown country on Sheet2!A3 matches the country in Sheet1!AW2, then put a "1" in Sheet1!A2, if...
  12. M

    How to create a protected worksheet with formulas?

    Hello, How do I create a protected worksheet with formulas so I can share with other people but make sure they can not change my formulas I have created. How would I go back and chance my formulas too if I needed. Thanks! Morgan
  13. K

    2 Lists From 1 With Dividers (Update Current VBA)

    How would I go about making the VBA split the data into 2 lists (Multi & Single) based on an X placed in a column? I have VBA to do the lists how I needed them, now a new criteria requires me to split the lists. See the OUTPUT tab to see what the VBA produces now, vs what I need as the new...
  14. B

    Qty required to get to the next 100th

    Hello, I have a a big list of varying numbers and I need to calculate how many are needed to reach the next 100. eg 145 result needed would be 55 (next 100 is 200) 23 result needed would be 77 (next 100 is 100) 412 result needed would be 88 (need 100 is 500) I've got around this by sorting...
  15. M

    VBA: Indenting cells in one column based off data in another column.

    So I have a list of values in a column with named "Rank". This has values of integers going from 1 to 10. In a different column called "Name" I want to indent the data in each cell according to the value in column "Rank." So if Rank = 1, no indent is needed. If Rank = 2, one indent (5...
  16. Jaafar Tribak

    Formula help needed (Total hours worked but skip blank rows)

    Hi all, I have the following : ______A____ ____B___________ C 1___Time In______Time Out______Total Hours 2 ____10:00______14:00__________04:00 3 ____23:30______01:45__________02:15 4 5 ____13:00______14:30__________01:30 The Formula I have in Column...
  17. D

    Plotting line graphs within excel cells without using sparklines?

    Sparklines are too limited in formatting options for what I need to do, and it would be really easy if I could just embed a line graph into a cell, with all the needed formatting parameters, then drag that over to cells below to replicate the same on other data sets. Is it possible to do this?
  18. J

    VBA compare 2 columns and return matches

    I thank in advance and apologize (for the simplicity) to everyone at the same time. I'm very rusty and need nudged in the right direction. I have 2 worksheets. 1 is part numbers need for a job and the 2nd is an inventory list. Obviously i'm looking to match part numbers and they are in a...
  19. S

    Combining Formulas

    Hey all, Hopefully a simple question for you lot but unfortunately not for me! =IF(INDEX(T:T,MATCH(E5,AF:$AF,0))=H5,"Yes","") =IF(INDEX(S:S,MATCH(E5,AF:$AF,0))=G5,"Yes","") I have the above formulas in two different cells but I'm wanting to combine them both together. So that if both are...
  20. N

    Can't get multiple criteria for SUMIFS to work like I want

    My goal is to modify (or change completely) the formula located in cells V3, W3, X3, Y3 within the CHEATER tab so that they look for the data in both column T and also the number we will enter into cell S3. What this chart does is count the number of ICP parts needed for each job. I want to...

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