nested functions

  1. JEH105

    Nested IF, OR, and VLOOKUP formula is not distinguishing text.

    I built a PTO calendar dashboard where it automatically updates the employees availability for the day based on the calendar's data. The options vary from U (unscheduled), holiday, jury duty, covering, or a value over 1 is added. This is what it looks like: =IF(OR(VLOOKUP(N28,table...
  2. J

    Excel Expert Part 2 MOS 2013

    Hello, I am asking for help with a question I encountered on the exam. The question states to divide two columns Ex: Column D by Column B. Then to use a nested If function with the Roundup function to round up to the nearest integer. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you...
  3. P

    ALLEXCEPT Highest revenue and Category of the day per Customer

    Dear Dax Pro's i have a Case my DAX Knowledge exceeds. I have a Dataset, and i want to use the ALLEXCEPT in a more complex way. <tbody> ID Customer_id Order_of_n_day OrderDay Revenue Date Order no Category MaxCategory Revenue_of_max_category 1 100 1 1 27 29.07.2015 00:00 885689 V P...
  4. T

    For every multiple of - formula needed

    So I'm trying to write a program to automatically fill in specifications of parts at work for quality inspection. our general tolerances for parts are +/-.25mm up to 125mm, then .1mm for every 25mm thereafter. If the measurements are within specifications, nothing needs to be displayed. If they...
  5. S

    Help with nested if/and functions

    Hi there, I am in the process of getting back to doing some more advanced things with Excel and it seems some of my knowledge has got rather rusty! What I am trying to do is create a function to look at a range of cells and evaluate based on 3 possible conditions, if all the cells have value A...
  6. C

    IF - AND - OR Combination

    Hi, I am trying the following formula: =IF(AND(J6="Yes",OR(B6<>"Nigeria",B6<>"Togo")),30%,0) In order to do the following: If J6 = "Yes" and B6 does not equal "Nigeria" or "Togo" then return 30%, otherwise 0. But if I test it by having J6 as "Yes" and insert either "Nigeria" or "Togo" into...
  7. W

    NESTED IF FUNCTION HELP! TEACHER needs it to help students please!!!

    I am not an expert but I can get around excel through trial and error and tutorials. Trying to create an if function to assess student data. I have a ruberic for student scores that I am trying to turn into an IF nested function or some other way to be able to take the score in one cell and turn...
  8. R

    Formula help!!!!

    I have a rate in G9 on TAB 1. I have ranges on TAB 2. This is what I need: If this rate is within the min (A2:A14) and max (B2:B14) of the values in the table on TAB 2 then choose the amount of the corresponding fee in column C (C2:C14). VLOOKUP would be perfect only that the output of the...
  9. M

    Ranking Values with a nested Index+Match

    I have a sheet with economic indicators in column A, countries in B, and annual values in C-Z, and in AA I have the average annual value for that indicator. Indicators repeat for each country, and countries repeat for each indicator, so it looks like: Exports....US Exports....China...
  10. L

    Nested IF formula to pick up data from changing range

    Hi, i have a worksheet that will be constantly updated. In C60:CH60 i have an if formula which looks at newly added data (in D100:DH100) and updates the data in C60:CH60 to the most recent data inputted in D100:DH100. If there is no new data, i have it returning the sum of data from a table...
  11. G

    Adding contional formatting to nested SUMIF

    Hi to everyone, I`m new to this forum so please bear with me. In essence, i was trying to add conditional formatting to SUMIF so differentiate between cells in various colours but can`t work out how go about with entering the colour condition. Has anyone got any suggestions, please?
  12. C

    Problem with VLOOKUP where lookup_value is itself the result of a VLOOKUP

    I'm sure that I have seen nested VLOOKUPs work but I am unable to persuade what is essentially =VLOOKUP(VLOOKUP(firstdataset,E1,2,0),seconddataset,W1,2,0)) to return anything other than #N/A. The first data set has two columns, containing four digit ID codes for students in one, with an...
  13. R

    Nested if, or

    Hello, I have 2 columns with dates. Sometimes one column or both will have N/A in it or may be blank. I'm trying to figure out how to get: (IF A1=N/A or if B1=N/A return a value of N/A) OR (if A1="" or if B1="" return a value of "") OTHERWISE B1-A1 I'm sure this is some sort of nested OR...
  14. bobsan42

    [Example Code] Formula Nesting/Embeding / whatever ...

    i needed something to put multiple formulas or values in another formula so here is the result. select a non-blank cell when start inserting a new formula use xxx to indicate where the old one should stay. it is possible to make a simple equation also but first (sorry about this) a function...
  15. J

    ROW() within SUM() not working in named formula in Excel 97

    Excel is driving me crazy. I've been working on a formula in Excel 97 that ended up being pretty complex. To make it easier to read I started breaking it down into pieces using named formulas (Insert > Name > Define). Now I'm hitting a roadblock with Excel's handling of named formulas...
  16. L

    2 Dimensional Lookup using nested v and h lookup

    Hi, I am trying to use two values one table as indexes for rows and columns in the other table so that I can get the value at the interesection of these coordinates. This is the formula I'm using but it returns a #VALUE! error...
  17. A

    Matching data from 2 sources, based on two conditions using multiple VLOOKUP and arrays

    Hi all, Huge thanks in advance for anyone who spends any time on this. I have been a spectator of this forum for quite sometime and have been helped out immensely by people's queries and solutions... This is my first time actually posting so I hope my query (and potential solution) is helpful...
  18. T

    Countifs problem

    Hello, I'm somewhat new to Excel (used it before, but not heavily) but used to the concept of functions (I have written programs before). I'm trying to Count the number of Entries on a Sheet that match an Hour. Looking through the availiable functions i found COUNTIFS, which is exactly what I...

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