nested "if statements"

  1. A

    Iferror miscalculation

    Interesting one for you all - Excel 365. If I use a simple formula to subtract 1-1 I get, as you would expect a 0 (Row 2) However, if I nest this inside an iferror formula I get a very strange answer (yellow cell). (Row 3) Anyone any thoughts on why this is happening?
  2. K

    Nesting 2 completely different IF statements?

    Hi, Hoping someone can help me. Currently i have 2 separate IF statements checking for separate conditions: First one checks if 1 cell is blank, and a corresponding one isn't and will result in a string of text: =IF(OR(ISBLANK(H2<>""),ISBLANK(A2)),"No Deal Reg - Contact Opportunity Owner","")...
  3. J

    Nested Function, Too many arguments error

    Hello, I tried to add this last line IF('[EUCOM Revised SEMA Training Matrix 20220219.xlsx]Conditional '!$D5-TODAY()<1,"OVER","" To a function that was working. Now it says I am getting an error for too many arguments. Here is the new formala below. Please help. =IF('[EUCOM Revised SEMA...
  4. J


    I have data in col A (item) I need to know if it is repeat or new. the thing is, all item starts with 302 are new (N) item number, but if this item is repeating(starts with 302), I have to tag it as Repeat (R). i have the formula to find if it is repeating. =IF(COUNTIF($A$1:A1,A1)=1,"N","R")...
  5. I

    Dynamic Nested If Formula Use dependent on Cell Text

    I have 3 categories (Priority, Less, None) that correlate to a specific NESTED IF Function but only differs in the percent within the calculation. Overall, the result of the use of the formula provides a Status of behind, ahead, on track etc. I currently have the status only populating with...
  6. T

    IF(Count not working for 2 values

    I have data in columns M through Z. Based on how many columns have data in a specific row, i want column B to give it a category. When trying to past the below formula into B2, I get window stating "there is a problem with this formula". =IF(COUNT(M2:Z2)=1,"1st to 2nd",IF(COUNT(M2:Z2)=2,"1st...
  7. P

    Generating a Unique, Sequential ID in Excel According to the String Value in Another Column

    In Column A of my excel sheet I'm trying to create a unique, sequential ID in each row according to the 'activity type' in Column C. Activity Title is in Column B, but the two relevant columns for this example are Column A and Column C. There are three activity types: Milestones, Tasks, and...
  8. riverspree16

    Chain of IF conditions

    Searching and trial and error have not gotten me anywhere, so hopefully, I can get a tip as to whether something is wrong with my formula, or if I'm using the wrong kind of formula(s) altogether. I'm working with a series of billing codes, and one has a different rate of calculation than the...
  9. J

    Nested IF, OR, and VLOOKUP formula is not distinguishing text.

    I built a PTO calendar dashboard where it automatically updates the employees availability for the day based on the calendar's data. The options vary from U (unscheduled), holiday, jury duty, covering, or a value over 1 is added. This is what it looks like: =IF(OR(VLOOKUP(N28,table...
  10. E

    Formula To Identify If Cell Dates Occur Within 30 Days of Adjacent Cell Date

    Hello y'all, I've got a simple formula to identify if a date in W4 occurs within 30 days of a date within X4: =IF(W4+30>X4,"Readmission Present", "No Readmission"). I'm trying to expand the formula to have it include this date comparison for the next 24 rows. As in, also including...
  11. A

    Please help with my runtime error '424' object required

    Here is my code: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Target.Address = "$E$70" Then If Me.Range("E70") = "Yes" Then If Me.Range("E9") = "" Then MsgBox "Please enter school ID at the start of the form to continue"...
  12. Z

    Years into groups

    Hi! I have column which has several termination dates and what I need to do is to group those dates into years as showing below: - Less than 1 year - 1 year - 2-3 year - More than 3 years What is the best formula to use? Thanks!
  13. B

    Multiply Cell by Two Different Numbers Based on Range

    I am attempting to create a formula in B6 that considers the following criteria: If SUM B1:B2 <100 then SUM(B1:B3)*28 If SUM B1:B2 >100 then multiply the first 99 hours by $28 and every hour worked thereafter by $32. Then add B3*28. * B1 & B2 are the only hours to be considered regarding <...
  14. S

    Nested IF

    I’ve done a nested IF, contains 4 or 5 criteria returning a Yes or No. Why would it return a True or False when adding an additional criteria if I’m returning a Yes or No and presenting incorrect results?
  15. U

    need to solution on more nested IF (error getting this formula uses more levels of nesting)

    Hi all, I'm having issues with the below-nested loop. (error getting this formula uses more levels of nesting) this is matching like below e.g: if the F4 value between 48 and 61 then 4000 need to print =IF(AND(F4>=48,F4<61),4000, IF(AND(F4>=61,F4<76),5000, IF(AND(F4>=76,F4<91),6000...
  16. L

    Nesting IF Statements

    I'm trying to get a nested IF function to work, but it's saying I have too many arguments. H I =IFERROR(SUM(F46/E46), "N/A") ----- This is my Formula in H =IF(H48<0.95, "FAIL", "PASS") ------ This is my Formula in I Why does =IF(H48<0.95...
  17. R

    IF [condition met] THEN copy paste then repeat again VBA code

    Good day, I have code that looks at the values generated from a random generator and once a condition is met then it stops. For example, it counts the numbers generated (for example 1, 2, 3) in range P1:P3 and once the condition value set in sheet1, A1 is met > 2, then it stops. I would like...
  18. F

    Nested If - Or something else

    Struggling, might be a Friday thing. Trying to come up with a function that provides me an answer to this Example cell 1: my environment 1.0 Example cell 2: my environment v1.0 Example cell 3: my environment 1 Example cell 4: my environment v1 Example cell 5: my environment version1 Example...
  19. E

    If Statement With Multiple Vlookups

    I can't figure out why my result is returning FALSE. Here's what I'm trying to do: If A1503 equals "System Certified", then perform the vlookup using the value value from cell G1503. If A1503 does not equal System Certified then perform the vlookup on the value in cell AX1503. Here's my...
  20. W

    Need help to find correct formula! Multiple criteria and range levels

    Trying to come up with a formula for a Sandbox that calculates an employee bonus's Criteria 1 - Type of Mgr - These 2 levels receive bonus based on % variance to budget * General Mgr * Asst Mgr Criteria 2 - Type of Mgr - These 2 levels receive bonus based on Store Level Sales (4 levels of Low...
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