nested "if statements"

  1. A

    Please help with my runtime error '424' object required

    Here is my code: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Target.Address = "$E$70" Then If Me.Range("E70") = "Yes" Then If Me.Range("E9") = "" Then MsgBox "Please enter school ID at the start of the form to continue"...
  2. Z

    Years into groups

    Hi! I have column which has several termination dates and what I need to do is to group those dates into years as showing below: - Less than 1 year - 1 year - 2-3 year - More than 3 years What is the best formula to use? Thanks!
  3. B

    Multiply Cell by Two Different Numbers Based on Range

    I am attempting to create a formula in B6 that considers the following criteria: If SUM B1:B2 <100 then SUM(B1:B3)*28 If SUM B1:B2 >100 then multiply the first 99 hours by $28 and every hour worked thereafter by $32. Then add B3*28. * B1 & B2 are the only hours to be considered regarding <...
  4. S

    Nested IF

    I’ve done a nested IF, contains 4 or 5 criteria returning a Yes or No. Why would it return a True or False when adding an additional criteria if I’m returning a Yes or No and presenting incorrect results?
  5. U

    need to solution on more nested IF (error getting this formula uses more levels of nesting)

    Hi all, I'm having issues with the below-nested loop. (error getting this formula uses more levels of nesting) this is matching like below e.g: if the F4 value between 48 and 61 then 4000 need to print =IF(AND(F4>=48,F4<61),4000, IF(AND(F4>=61,F4<76),5000, IF(AND(F4>=76,F4<91),6000...
  6. L

    Nesting IF Statements

    I'm trying to get a nested IF function to work, but it's saying I have too many arguments. H I =IFERROR(SUM(F46/E46), "N/A") ----- This is my Formula in H =IF(H48<0.95, "FAIL", "PASS") ------ This is my Formula in I Why does =IF(H48<0.95...
  7. R

    IF [condition met] THEN copy paste then repeat again VBA code

    Good day, I have code that looks at the values generated from a random generator and once a condition is met then it stops. For example, it counts the numbers generated (for example 1, 2, 3) in range P1:P3 and once the condition value set in sheet1, A1 is met > 2, then it stops. I would like...
  8. F

    Nested If - Or something else

    Struggling, might be a Friday thing. Trying to come up with a function that provides me an answer to this Example cell 1: my environment 1.0 Example cell 2: my environment v1.0 Example cell 3: my environment 1 Example cell 4: my environment v1 Example cell 5: my environment version1 Example...
  9. E

    If Statement With Multiple Vlookups

    I can't figure out why my result is returning FALSE. Here's what I'm trying to do: If A1503 equals "System Certified", then perform the vlookup using the value value from cell G1503. If A1503 does not equal System Certified then perform the vlookup on the value in cell AX1503. Here's my...
  10. W

    Need help to find correct formula! Multiple criteria and range levels

    Trying to come up with a formula for a Sandbox that calculates an employee bonus's Criteria 1 - Type of Mgr - These 2 levels receive bonus based on % variance to budget * General Mgr * Asst Mgr Criteria 2 - Type of Mgr - These 2 levels receive bonus based on Store Level Sales (4 levels of Low...
  11. D

    Trying to figure out nested IF AND OR statement... please help!

    Hello... I work as a Quality Assurance Analyst and I am needing assistance with coming up with a very complicated nested formula. I am creating an "accountability" track sheet for Agent's audit scored for each month. Here is our workflow with their Supervisors/Management: - Agent's monthly...
  12. H

    Nested If, countif, sumif, etc

    Long story short having problems figuring out how to do this. Does this look wrong or not possible? =if(Log!D2:D1000=B2,countif(Log!Z2:Z1000,"Over"),+0) In words If a cell on sheet Log in the range D2-D1000 is the same as cell B2 on the current page, count the cells in column Z on the Log...
  13. E

    Make this formula take more than three if statements

    I have a pretty complex formula and I would need it to take more than three if statements. Right now it it says: If first condition is met, "use this if" if true, and "use this if" if false. I need to chain 9 different ifs. So basically I need it to say "If first condition is met (this is one...
  14. F

    If Statement (maybe) that takes into consideration several factors

    Issue: Need to calculate the times per person, per day using minimum/maximum (or that's how i figured it out). Each day, there could be multiple timestamps. Need to figure out the oldest and newest, then calculate the time in between that based on person and day. Appreciate any help Example...
  15. E

    Formula to Find which category a value falls in

    Hi all, I have a spreadsheet that looks like the following <tbody> Benchmark Benchmark Benchmark Benchmark Benchmark Wages 10th 25th 50th 75th 90th 65,000 100,000 200,000 300,000 400,000 500,000 300,000 100,000 250,000 298,000 350,000 400,000 180,000 50,000 60,000 70,000 120,000...
  16. A

    help with if statement

    Hi all, I am having trouble with a nested if statement. I have several columns of data I need help with a formula that will look at the first column of data in column B if nothing found then go to Column C if nothing go to D if nothing go to E. If all the columns are blank then pull value from...
  17. B

    IF Formula - nested

    Hi, I need to create an IF formula based the following information (my goal is to have a column with hourly rate per employee, whether they are hourly or salary so I can do a vacation accrual - see details below): col BC this column says either SALARY of HOURLY on each line (by employee) col...
  18. reneev

    Nested IF statement, what am I doing wrong?

    I have a formula that is currently working: =IF(H3<>"PD 1 HMS W/DIFFERENTIAL","",M3*1.1) I need to add a second formula that does the same thing, but looks for "PD 2 HMS W/DIFFERENTIAL". I thought I knew how do do it, but keep getting an error that there are too many arguments for this...
  19. F

    Nested IF Statement - I think

    Trying to put together a formula to tell me the number of hours based on the following parameters: 1. Time between Online/Offline 2. Online always is first 3. How much time between Online and Offline for the day 4. Some times multiple entries for a person within a day 5. Sometimes Online will...
  20. J

    Nested IF AND/OR function

    Hi all, I'm trying to write an formula for an audit. The questions is, if a patient is on a particular drug 'A', are certain numbers within a certain range - for instance if they are on drug A, and they are over 80, or a serum creatinine of over 133, or a weight of under 60kg, or a creatinine...

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