nested if

  1. iosiflupis

    Nested If statements using IFS()

    I am working on a table with arrivals and departures for airlines at my airport. I have two columns, a time column (HH:MM) and a delay column. I want to annotate in a third column whether the airline departed early, late, on time, or was canceled. I can get the early, late and on-time ifs...
  2. I

    Nested For Each Statement: Identifying Key words from Range within a Range

    Dear Mr Excel I would be so grateful for some help with this. I have 4 Sheets that contain data that i am trying to write a code for. MessagesSheet (Which is named "replies" followed by "date" and "time"): This contains text messages received. The data is organised as follows: Each row...
  3. L

    Is it possible for excel to display one of the two different false statements in a cell?

    Hi All I would like to have one of the two different false statements to be displayed in cell C29. Not sure whether nested if is applicable for this criteria. 1. IF(OR($C$16="Sole Proprietorship",$C$16="Partnership",$C$16="Limited Partnership",$C$16="Limited Liability Partnership"),"No Credit...
  4. E

    Formula to identify if a common account number has a corresponding date within range of another date

    Hello y'all, I have a convoluted spreadsheet that has many rows of data that includes a common identifier in column A, a unique identifier in column D, and a unique date in column F. All the way over in column AY and AZ I need to conditionally populate the cell if the common identifier in...
  5. Dad_x6

    Trouble with Nested IF Excel Formula

    Hello. I am trying to do a Nested IF (or maybe SWITCH???) for a cell in Excel. My cell that I am looking at could have 3 values (11+ Years; 5-10 years; < 5 years). One of the troubles is that they could put more than those values in the cell (such as "We have been in business for 11+ Years")...
  6. S

    if error nested formula

    Hi, I have a nested if and I am trying to add an if error message and I am not getting the context right can you please help.. Basically if there is an error in I3 return review, If B3=nothing return nothing if I is not greater than .01 or lessthan -.01 return review else nothing Sample"...
  7. H

    How To Properly Nest IF Statements

    hi I have 3 consecutive columns which will either have an X or be blank. I have 3 IF statements which cover all possible scenarios, but am struggling to nest them properly into one formula. This first one tests if the sequence of the 3 columns is XX =IF(AND(T2="X",U2="X"),"**","") This one...
  8. A

    Nested if

    Hi All, In Column G I have customer PO's listed- When Order Entry types in the PO description each person has their own style. I need to identify when the PO field has the term No Charge.. They could type No Charge, NO_Charge, No-Charge, NCSO, NSO, nc..( and others but these are the main ones)...
  9. G

    Countblank and If statements

    =IF(ISBLANK(Q22),"FAIL",COUNTif(C27:Q27)"=>"&$Q$22),IF(COUNTIF(C27:Q27,">"&$O$18),"FAIL","PASS") I think I got myself twisted up here. The idea is to replace one of the Pass/Fail columns on the right with a code that leaves the portion IF(COUNTIF(C27:Q27, ">"&$O$18), "FAIL", "PASS") intact...
  10. J

    Nested IF in Sliding Scale Formula

    Sorry. I know there is a simple solution to this and I’m just blind to it. Calculating Sliding Scale Percentage Current Formula in cell A46 =IF($B$33<5000,”.007”,IF($B$33<10000,”.006”,IF($B$33>9999,”.005”,””)))*10 This works perfect, however I need this formula to consider the value of A43...
  11. D

    Calculating NETWORKDAYS considering leaves and holidays for each employee

    Hi, I have some data where the networkdays to be calculated for each activity. Also, the leaves of each person and the common holidays are to be considered in the calculation. <tbody> Row Col A Col B Col C Col D 1 A B C Common Holiday 2 3-Sep-19 19-Sep-19 16-Sep-19 9-Sep-19 3 13-Sep-19...
  12. M

    HELP with IS BLANK statements

    Hello, I am trying to create a formula that will do; If C2 AND D2 AND E2 contain text (date format) then "READY" else "BLANK" in another cell. If any of the three cells have a date it still needs to show blank, only when all three have a date can it show ready. I have tried various If...
  13. H

    Nested if loop

    Hello, I am relatively new to VBA and am making a tool for work. In this particular part I am trying to pull the correct email from the sheet 'Active Contacts' by first looking for an exact match, then an exact match of the next column over (another contact name), then approximate match in the...
  14. M

    IF with 3 conditions

    Hi I'd like to write a formula that i) checks that J1 is not blank i) checks if the word "for" is NOT in a cell J1 ii) checks if cell K1 is equal to 0. I've tried this formula but it's not returning the result expected. =IF(AND(J1<>"",K1=0,COUNTIF(J1,"*for*")),"Code","Blank") Please...
  15. L

    Nested if statement to look in between multiple date columns to see if tag is applicable based on 1 date

    Hi everyone, I need help writing a nested if statement to solve for the "desired result" column. I need to look in between each of these dates and determine which was most recent to the "comparison date", and display the "desired result" tag. The combinations on this are driving me crazy and I...
  16. K

    Nested If Formula Problem

    Hi all, I have a problem with a nested if formula where what I need is a number to appear i a column depending on the numbers founds in another column. I think I have something wrong in the formula because it does not work like that. If someone could help me it would be much appreciated. The...
  17. K

    Nested if

    I am new to excel. I am trying to categorise numbers of employees in groups. In one column I have numer of employees and other has nothing in it and I am writing formula like this in the second column, if the number of employees is less that 10, then write 4-9, if less than 50 then 10-49 etc and...
  18. C

    Nested IF with Vlookups

    Hi, I built a table (PriceTable) that keeps pricing based on volume ordered as follows: ColumnA ColB ColC ColD 1 ProductName Sign Qty Price 2 ProductA > 10 $3 3 ProductA < 10 $4...
  19. S

    Vlookup, Match, Index, Nesting If's....

    I've been trying to figure out the best way to get data based on a current date and typically use vlookup but it won't allow 12 conditional statements to look at each month. I want to populate based on the current date retrieving from tables from each month assuming the table was extended out...
  20. B

    If formula in excel

    If a1=u, a1=t, a1=v, a1=x and a1=y, then b1=z. How can i use the logic in excel formula?

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