1. C

    XLOOKUP on Array with Same Entity on Multiple Lines

    I am trying to add classifications to my leagues based on year. Some leagues change classifications on a year-to-year basis. I am trying to use XLOOKUP to look up the year and the league, and select the proper classification from a range. The problem arises when a league changes...
  2. P


    Hi, We are trying to build a basic dashboard that is automated having to only paste in a raw data sheet that is cleaned and then uses the data from the 'clean data' sheet. At the minute we are trying to work out MODE of a text string within a range per week client activity is live. The...
  3. S

    VBA: Nested counter within formula

    What I am trying to accomplish is increment my CONCATENATE formula by one. My issue however is that this is already located within a counter that applies the formula to every other row. I have tried to include detailed comments in my VBA code to follow what everything does. In short, in the...
  4. I

    Nested For Each Statement: Identifying Key words from Range within a Range

    Dear Mr Excel I would be so grateful for some help with this. I have 4 Sheets that contain data that i am trying to write a code for. MessagesSheet (Which is named "replies" followed by "date" and "time"): This contains text messages received. The data is organised as follows: Each row...
  5. I

    Nested For Next: Move to the next row after the middle loop

    HI All I would be grateful for the advice on the following: I have two "For Next" Statements nested inside each other. The outer loop takes a phone number from a spreadsheet, then looks the number up on a messaging service. The inner loop identifies the message conversations and drops each...
  6. B

    If column A and B have a match then multiply column C with D

    Hey guys I seem to be stumped! I have a spreadsheet and I am trying to get a value in an individual cell based on two rows of data on two different tabs and then multiply by another row of data :oops: Sheet 1 has column A, 63 lines with numbers column B, 63 lines with numbers Sheet 2 has...
  7. B

    Multiple IF Criteria

    I got a task in which i have 2 Files One is a Master File containing the names of the clients and the EMI amount with Payment 1 detail And there is Another file containing Daily Collection with payment 2 Detail In Master File there are two column Pay 1 Pay 2(Values Coming From Another File...
  8. T

    If Multiple Condition and Nested CountIf Formula Not Working

    Hi all, I would like to: Check if row value in Column AM = "APAC" Check if row value in Column AR = "APAC" Check if row value in Column AJ has partial string match containing "OFIA" Check if row value in Column AJ has partial string match containing "Intra-Asia" If all above...
  9. F

    How to simplify a nested "IF" formula with a test & reference to multiple VLOOKUP tables?

    Hi Excel geniuses, I'm looking for help simplifying this ugly (but working!) formula. First it performs a test to see if a PO is over or under a certain number. (Thank you @Peter_SSs and @etaf !) Based on that PO Number, I direct the next calculations to one of two VLOOKUP tables — one has old...
  10. T

    extract block of data delimited by parentheses

    hello, I have a text file with blocks of data defined by parentheses, something similar to ( asas dsdss ) ( wwqee weqqe ) I need to extract the content between the parentheses. the problem is that sometimes the parentheses are nested. any suggestions? Thank you
  11. F

    Shortening Long Nested Formula

    Looking for a possibility of making this formula shorter, any ideas? Thanks =IF(AND(INDEX('Tab2'!$F:$M,MATCH($F$3,'Tab2'!$J:$J,0),7)=0,INDEX('Tab2'!$F:$M,MATCH($F$3,'Tab2'!$J:$J,0),8)>0),INDEX('Tab2'!$F:$M,MATCH($F$3,'Tab2'!$J:$J,0),1),"") This formula is producing this The active cell is A6...
  12. W

    Add nested condition to existing excel formula

    Hello, I'm relatively new to more complex nested formulas in Excel (Windows, 2016) and would appreciate some assistance. I’m trying to add a condition to an existing formula that currently performs vlookups based on the text of another cell (H3); the new condition that says if cell H2 contains...
  13. C

    Check if cells are on the same row

    Hi all Need to check if both matches are on the same row =row(A6)=row(B6) which works, but i need it nested within my other formula =IF(AND(COUNTIF(INDIRECT("'["&$F$1&"]"&$E$1&"'!$A:$M"),A6),COUNTIF(INDIRECT("'["&$F$1&"]"&$E$1&"'!$A:$M"),B6)),"Match","No Match")+ Cant work it out, could...
  14. C

    Making sure multiple criteria on same row

    Hi all My formula is developing nicely, but i need to add in one last check but cant quite think how to incorporate in, hope someone could help. I need to be able to make sure that the matches im looking for are on the same row as each other. My formula looks like this so far...
  15. C

    Finding match using indirect to find workbook and tab name

    Hi All bit of a complicated one to explain, so bare with me. There are two workbook lets call them Book1 and Book2, i need to find if there are match's(multiple criteria) Each Book has a tab called Tab1, Book1 has more columns on then Book2, but the columns never change place. On Book2 i need...
  16. A

    Trouble getting a Nested If statement to work

    Hi there First post, hopefully I've followed the rules. I've had a good search but can't find anything specific to the issue I am having. It's very basic so I'm surprised it isn't working. I've attached an image that hopefully clearly explains the issue I am having. Basically I'd like to...
  17. F

    SUMPRODUCT IF value equals

    Hello, could you please kindly help me with the below, to make it so that it'd only consider values for the calculation if the corresponding value in column 'A' = "XX", and instead of specifying the range, sums up all the matched values in a given column? Please also note that values start in...
  18. J

    Compiling and accessing nested collection within a nested dictionary

    Hi, First time posting a thread, long time user/reader of threads. I need help solving a problem that I can't find the answer (or close to the answer) to. What I want to do: Given a table of data which includes Part number, quote date, quantity, price and supplier, I want iterate through the...
  19. B

    Nested IFERROR/ISERROR statement

    Trying to write this formula and keep flat lining. If G2 is a error (always #VALUE ), return blank...otherwise run the below if statement IF(ISNUMBER(G2),"1","0") Can anyone help I am really struggling.
  20. M

    Sum Levels of Nested Subtotals

    Hello, I am trying to write a macro that sums several layers of nested subtotals. The lowest level subtotals (subtotal 2) are already calculated and pulled from another tab. Subtotal 1 needs to ONLY be the sum of the individual Subtotal 2 lines. In my example below, the first subtotal 2 field...

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