1. L

    Need help creating a formula thats able to do multiple things

    Hello everyone! I was wondering you guys could help me out with creating a formula with an excel sheet that I've been having trouble with. So this is what I need: 1. If "TCG low price" is greater than or equal to 26, multiply it by .70 and put it in in "Offer" column 2. Find a way to replace...
  2. D

    Outlook VBA to list the text strings of all folders and subfolders i.e., beyond two levels

    Hi Folks, The code below is listing the Outlook path for all my Outlook Folders but only two levels deep. e.g., \\\Inbox\01) doug's jobs\completed jobs I've tried to nest a third For loop into the code to pull out the next level of folder e.g...
  3. D

    Pivot tables with nested fields when not all values have same level of nesting

    I'm an experienced user of VBA in Excel, bur pretty new to pivot tables. I've been catching up lately, and I'm even gonna have to use Power Query extensively, but so far there's this thing I can't figure out how to solve. I've been researching, but I either I can't hit the right search string or...
  4. F

    Nested subtraction in SUMIFS

    Hi, I'm trying to populate a formula that sums all the sales of a particular item with few conditions: =SUMIFS(Table1[Sales New] - Table1[Sales Change]; Table1[Sales New] - Table1[Sales Change];">0";Table1[Sales New];">0";Table1[Item];"Blue shirt") --> Table1[Sales New]-Table1[Sales Change] =...
  5. S

    Nesting Sumproduct and Sumifs not working

    Hi I am trying to change this formula to use Sumifs to make it faster (trying to use better formulas to speed up my spreadsheet) but i cant seem to get it to work I am trying to do a multiple or with sumproduct my current formula...
  6. N

    Nesting LEFT into an OR formula

    Cheers! I'm trying to incorporate a LEFT function into the following formula so it will look at only the first two digits of CSV!J3 for the numbers 4,5,8,10,11. =IF(OR(CSV!J3={4,5,8,10,11}),((0.1005*TAN((PI()/180)*(90-(CSV!Z3/2))))-(0.0693*SIN((PI()/180)*(90-CSV!Z3/2))))*2,0) I tried...
  7. N

    Nesting 3 functions IFERROR, VLOOKUP, ISBLANK

    So I hope that I can explain this clearly. So I am trying to nest three formulas, IFERROR, VLOOKUP, ISBLANK. The goal that I am trying to achieve is use the vlookup function along with the IFERROR to not get N/A where there is nothing for the function to lookup. That has been achieved but, if...
  8. R

    Help make my formula work (please)

    =IF(I8="No"),((SUM('All Distrib'!J3:J810),If(I8="Yes"),(SUM('All Distrib'!J3:J810)*I$9)) I need this information but parentheses are wrong (sigh). Very bad at nesting. Help would be so lovely. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. M

    Formula uses more levels of nesting than allowed

    As you can see from the formula, I'm attempting to get point values from one time to the next in half-point increments. Not even halfway through the formula, I ran a test and it said there were too many levels of nesting. It will place the point values up to about the 9 point mark, but not...
  10. HomeTek

    Nesting Limit Hit Using IF and AND functions

    Hi all, Using Excel 2007 I have Googled and Googled and tried to use various examples to help me with this but to no avail. I know nesting isn't ideal, but I need to possibly nest around 10 statements. However I have hit the limit of 7 and can no longer add any more conditions. Below is an...
  11. K

    If isblank today()

    Greetings to Tech Gurus, I'm seeking help in nesting a formula but ending up with an error. Please see below details for my formula nesting. C3= % (this cell will have number up to 100 in %) F3= Date (this cell will have date in MM/DD/YYYY format) G3= formula (below is the formula which i'm...
  12. F

    The specified formula cannot be entered because it uses more levels of nesting than allowed in the current file format

  13. S

    Nesting ifs combining with and, or, multiple conditions, results

    Hello Excel Gurus, I have been redoing my companies time sheet to make it easier to fill in but I got stuck at this. The left and right sections represent two different sheets. What I'm trying to do is: If Tuesday's job number is the same as Monday's put the hours in the same row. If not put it...
  14. J

    IF, OR, AND formulas using dates?

    Hello all! I am trying to set up a formula for the purpose of alerting me when a client's reminder email should be sent (14 days after acceptance), and when they are past their payment deadline (21 days after acceptance). To do this, I was trying to reference their acceptance email sent date...
  15. I

    The specified formula can not be entered because it uses more than 64 levels of nesting.

    Dears Group Members, I have very long excel (IF) Formula with 292 criteria, a message appear tells me that: (" The specified formula can not be entered because it uses more than 64 levels of nesting"). I ask for your prompt advice/reply in order to overcome the above mentioned error...
  16. P

    New to =IF and ran into a problem

    Hello, I am new to Excel and have to tackle a problem out of my league. Any help would be appreciated... I spent the day (8 hours to be exact - lol) writing out my =if(and( formulas only to receive this message: The specified formula cannot be entered because it uses more than 64 levels of...
  17. A

    Ongoing form w/ TODAY() function

    I am creating documents that are ongoing data entry throughout the month but I want to be able to insert a TODAY() function based on text input into a certain cell (simply, once someone starts typing, that day's date gets input in the date column). So far so good, my IF function for inserting...
  18. C

    Conditional Weighted Average with Multiple Variables

    Hey guys, Spent about 5 hours or more trying to figure this out.. I don't see myself completing the formula without help. I need the weighted average for [(P) Storeys] where the following criteria are met: 1: [(C) Approved] = "Pending" 2: [(O) Approved] = "Pending" 3: [(O) Approved]...
  19. S

    Substitute Nesting Limit Reached (Nested 64 Substitute Formulas)

    Hi, I've been trying to find an alternative to the substitute function where im not limited to the 64 limit nesting rule. At the moment my current forumla has hit the cap. I've tried using vlookup with a table but it doesn't give me the same desired result. What the forumla does is this, in one...
  20. B

    VLOOKUP for partial value search and multi worksheets.

    Im close but still not quite there. This is what I have so far. =VLOOKUP(A2003&"*",Lists!B4:J68,1,FALSE) I have sheet 1 that I enter a code and sheet 2 (Lists) that has all the corresponding codes to customer data. The problem is that I want to look through several column's in sheet 2 with...

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