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Nov 3, 2017
I am creating documents that are ongoing data entry throughout the month but I want to be able to insert a TODAY() function based on text input into a certain cell (simply, once someone starts typing, that day's date gets input in the date column). So far so good, my IF function for inserting the date is working lovely. However, I don't know how to convert that date into text automatically as well, without creating a macro or manually copying and "paste value" each time. I'd like to be able to write an IF() function in the box I'd like the date to go in... something along the lines of =IF(C6>" ", TEXT(TODAY(), MM/DD/YYYY), 0) but without using the TODAY() function since a) that doesn't work and b) that defeats the whole purpose.

I thought maybe there might be a function that I could write that would be something similar to =IF(C6>" ", "A5", 0) but it would write what was written IN A5 (the value, not literally "A5" as formulas for Excel dictate). Then I could put this formula where I want the actual date to be, put a form of the TODAY() function within an IF function in a box with the font color white and be on my merry way. But then again, maybe it would still change every time the document was opened or edited....

Short of writing something in VBA or even a simple macro button, is there a function that I can nest in the IF function to make this work? Simply put, I need today's date to be input in a cell but not change tomorrow when I open the form again.

I'm not making these forms for myself, so even though I know how to do this the easy copy/paste way and I realize that a macro would be the easiest thing regardless, I am working on building forms that have functions only. Personally, I go between 2016 and 2007 so I have to exhaust every single option before doing anything macro/VBA so that fixing them is easy for me as well (we all know that even when you protect your doc, someone will find a way to mess it up), which makes it extra difficult.


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