today function

  1. Jyggalag

    Create macro that copy paste's data

    Hi all, I am having a huge issue at the moment with some macros i created (through record macro). Basically, I have this excel sheet: I tried to record some macro's, where once I press unfreeze, they post this formula: =IF(ISBLANK(B9),"",TODAY()) for the left one...
  2. A

    Ongoing form w/ TODAY() function

    I am creating documents that are ongoing data entry throughout the month but I want to be able to insert a TODAY() function based on text input into a certain cell (simply, once someone starts typing, that day's date gets input in the date column). So far so good, my IF function for inserting...
  3. D

    Formula for =Today() logic

    Hello All! I am looking for help with logic for a formula. I am looking to do formulas for =Today()+1 for all days except Saturday - on Saturday I need it to be =Today()+2. I'm guessing this can be done by building an if statement with weekday and today built in the statement but I need...
  4. R

    Trying to use Today() function in an IF loop

    I'm attempting to delete rows with dates beyond tomorrow's date with the following code: Do While Not IsEmpty(ActiveCell) If ActiveCell.Value = TODAY + 1 Then Selection.EntireRow.Delete Shift:=xlUp Else ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select End If Loop End Sub It doesn't...
  5. C

    How to calculate the number of Fridays so far this year...?

    Hi, I always struggle with dates and I'm having difficulty working out how many Fridays there are to date in the current year. I have a weekly paying tenant who regularly skips payments (due on Fridays) and then sometimes pays extra to catch up but I'm always having to calculate the arrears...
  6. M

    Highlight Based on Dates, but NOT Current Date

    I'm really having a hard time finding an answer to this, since every single post I check only uses "TODAY" in the formula. I have dates in two columns--Column F and Column G. I need to conditionally highlight Red any dates in Column G that are 5 days or more past the corresponding date in...
  7. H

    SUMPRODUCT(?) for 2 Criteria: 1st letter of last name (A:A) & days since date (B:B)

    Hello! I need a formula which will return the number of rows meeting 2 criteria. My data set: column A has patient names (Last, First); column B has Date of Appointment (mm/dd/yyyy) How can I return the number of patients (to a dashboard) with last names A-G with appt date <30 days ago? I...
  8. S

    Checkbox Copy and Paste based on certain criteria

    What I want to do is: If the checkbox in cell X1 is true then copy cell X2 and then paste in Cell X3 but only if Cell X4 is equal to todays date. If it's not todays date then check cell Y4 for todays date. If not then check cell Z4... And so on until the cell with todays date is found. So if...
  9. R

    Newbie Excel Question

    Hi guys, Im new here and not an expert in Excel and i have a simple question hoping you guys can answer. <tbody> SAP Quote Number Previous Quote Number Active Quotes Start Date End Date HSG/12345678 Inactive 1/7/2015 2/7/2016 HSG/12345679 HSG/12345678 Inactive 1/8/2015 2/7/2016...
  10. W

    Rolling 26 Week (6 Month) Compensatory Time Tracker with dates and associated information that roll off based on =today() function

    I am trying to put together a Comp Time tracker for use around our office for people to track their comp time individually for salaried workers that work over 40 hours. In cell A1 is =today() so that each time the spreadsheet is opened it displays today's date. There are 4 column headings...
  11. R

    Netwrokdays formula in excel 2007

    Gentlemen, I am a new user. I have an excel 2007 sheet where I am calculating number of outstanding days for an Item to return. This is how it looks like: <tbody> A B C Date Submitted Date Sent No.of Days 01 January 2015 05 January 2015 5 </tbody> If there is not date in B then I...
  12. M

    Multiplying two numbers then combining If with And functions including dates

    Hello, I need to see if anyone can help me with multiplying two numbers, then calculating a If plus And function. I'm taking my whole goods sales and multiplying it by my take rate. WG Sales (number) * Take Rate (number) and if my inventory is greater than my max, then I want my total number...
  13. J

    Automatically changing a cell value based on an annual date

    Hi there, I am a teacher at a high school and am currently creating an Excel workbook to record students who need learning adjustments made. On the table I have various columns of data, with student names listed in column B with their CURRENT year level in column A. I’m not sure this...
  14. C

    How to check if a date is in the current quarter

    I'm trying to create a formula to check if the value in column I is within the current quarter and return with a 1(true) or 2(false). The formula needs to update automatically based on the current date. This is the formula I'm using to check if the value is in the current month...
  15. C

    Excel - Sum values in a column if corresponding date is in current month/quarter

    Looking for the correct formulas for cells B2, C2, and D2. They should sum the values in column H (Deal Size) if the corresponding date in column I falls within the specified range, i.e. current month, quarter, or year. Thanks! <colgroup><col><col><col span="2"><col><col...
  16. T

    Today() Pasting Value of Format

    Hi all ... My supervisor told me that we needed to add two columns to our sheets, one being [=TODAY()] and second [=TODAY()+30] and we need it formatted as yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss We have to save our final files in CSV. Fine and dandy until ... you have to reopen the file for any reason. The...
  17. S

    Find months and days between todays date and another date that is the result of a function?

    I have tried to do this for the last hour or so and it's kicking my butt. I'm in Excel 2010, and the cell with the date I want to work from is H22, can anyone help me please? I'm trying to get the difference of the (date+12 months)-TODAY() to appear in months and days. Here's the latest...
  18. H

    How to stop "today" function from changing the date every day in excel

    Hi, Thanks in advance for you all I've been looking and searching for a solution to my problem for an excel formula from the last week but i did not find anything , I'm not that good in VB so I didn't know how to use the code , please please please pleas I need help I have an excel...
  19. D

    Macro to use everyday that moves rows from one sheet to another

    I have a list of properties that I constantly add to, and each of these properties has a column with a date expressing when its loan expires. I want to create a macro that I can run everyday that will automatically pull out the properties whose date has passed [not sure if =IF statements using...
  20. T

    Highlighting Due Dates

    Hi, I am trying to highlight due dates on a spreadsheet, but am confused as to how to use the TODAY function along with the conditional formatting (if that is even the most appropriate action). If the Expected Completion Date (E) surpasses the Due Date (D) or TODAY, I would like Column G to say...

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