1. L

    Perform operation if today is the first of the month VBA

    Hello, I'm building a macro that will perform a data pulling operation each day when I run it. This part of the macro runs great. But, at the start of each month the data should be scrapped and the data storage worksheet should start again from zero. The idea that I have is to bracket my...
  2. E

    Extract cell content into separate columns

    I've got a data set of 6,133 rows with cells of dates in the following format: Cell A1: Status A-2022-02-03; Status B-2022-03-11; Status C-2021-09-10 This is an example of the content in a given cell and I want to separate the statuses and their respective dates into separate columns (by using...
  3. G

    Split items into Rows

    Greetings Excel Community, Below I have some Test data where the Unique ID has a relationship with the "Value" column. For each UniqueID, there must be a corresponding row from the "value" Column. What I am trying to accomplish is a formula or VBA Script that will split the UniqueID into its...
  4. N


    Hi all, I am very new and very inexperienced, I hope someone can help me. I have 2 questions see below first one: I want to find duplicate dates for my database, but not working. I want to show how many duplicates too. Private Sub Textbox3_afterupdate() Set rng = Range("E2:E3000") Dim ws As...
  5. H

    Display month based on calculations

    I need a formula that will display “if a selected date +21 days is at least 30 days from the 1st of the next month, then display the next month. If less than 30 days from the first of the next month, then display the next month + 1 month.” For example, if a selected date is 9/11, then 21 days...
  6. Z

    VBA: Select Range in Current Week

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out how I can select a range based on a date within the current week. Example of selection… The order I'm trying to step through is the following: 1. Declare Friday as a variable to store the date using a formula: =TODAY()-WEEKDAY(TODAY(),16)+7 As of today...
  7. H

    Group and UnGroup columns based on user input of a current date

    I have a spreadsheet that have pay period dates, that run from V5 to AT5. We have the past pay months within 1 month grouped together and the future months within 1 month grouped together. For instance this month is August, so all the columns with dates in July, August, and September are not...
  8. R

    Excel spreadsheet- Date issue

    Hi all, I have a very large spreadsheet with value dates for each row, I normally filter it by dates and also use the “newest to oldest” filter but for some reason my dates are not formatted correctly so some are not included in the year drop down and instead are separate to the other dates...
  9. N

    Excel Macro how do I filter time using VBA to copy/paste to different sheet

    I'm trying to use VBA to automate a process I perform multiple times a day. I've figured out a little bit but I've got 2 different columns containing time. The estimated time is sometimes populated so I want to be able to filter on 2 conditions: either ET (Estimated Time) is populated and...
  10. W

    Calculating dates

    Hi all, Finally getting somewhere with my data sheet but have come unstuck with calculating dates in VBA. I have a UserForm set up that the user can enter a "New User" name and then go through a series of 55 text boxes and enter the days remaining before they need to complete individual online...
  11. S

    How to shade a cell within a column if the date is in the next 6 months or less?

    Hi there, I am having problem creating a formula that highlights/shades a cell that has date within the next 6 months. For example todays date is 1 Jan 2023. I have two lease expiries, one on the 1st Apr 23 and the other on the 1st June 23 how do I have those cells highlighted? Both these...
  12. S

    Finding first date prior to another which is a multiple of a certain number of months.

    Hi, I have the following fields / inputs: 1) 'Start date' - in this example 9 June 2023, cell AV11 2) 'First date' - in this example 1 July 2013, cell AU16 3) 'Frequency' - 365.25 (in days), cell AV14 --> this can take any numeric value, and would typically range from 1 to 365.25 I have...
  13. H

    VBA: auto-wipe all data when date is reached

    Is there some VBA code that can password protect a workbook when a certain date is reached so the data cannot be viewed or edited by anyone without the password?
  14. J

    Find date from one cell in selected workbook and select matching column from other workbook

    Hello, I am having some problem with dates I have 2 workbooks First workbook name is Test, there in sheet SQL2 in cell H2 I have a date I want excel to jump to specific column in other workbook (Data) which has same date as my number in cell H2 from Workbook test All dates in second workbook is...
  15. Sweedler

    Getting date from Userform (formatting issue)

    Hello I have a Userform that I am using to enter data into cells in a row. One of those cells is to include a date. I want the date to be formatted "YY-MM-DD" (January 5, 2020 = 20-01-05). When I have the value from the userform entered into the cell it does not act as the date that it visually...
  16. IIII

    Find Saturdays that are within a set of dates

    Hi All, I currently have a function that identifies which dates between two dates are Saturdays. What I also need to know though, is how to work out if any of those Saturdays appear in a list of specified dates e.g. Leave//Holidays list of dates. So the below example shows what I'm trying to...
  17. M

    vba range.replace not setting date format properly

    I have a range (let's call it the A column) that has dates in this format: so I want to change the format to short dates d/m/yyyy Instead when I use range.replace, it takes the values as if it is in the mm/dd/yyyy format. How do I replace it. Sub format_dates()...
  18. R

    Calculate task date by skipping non-working time.

    I am making a task tracking grant chart using 2 input value Start(Date and time) and Duration(Hourly), to calculate their Finish by simply just Start+Duration/24 as you can see in this sheet. ABCD1TaskDurationStartFinish2Task11201-Oct 06:0001-Oct 18:003Task21301-Oct 06:0002-Oct...
  19. B

    Open worksheet based on this week's Monday date

    Hi all, I've put together a management information workbook which has a master sheet called 'Performance.' All of the remaining sheets are titled as the Monday of each week with a format (''), i.e. today is 17.05.23, so this week's sheet is called '15.05.23.' I'm looking for code for...
  20. S

    VBA insert Week number and Date

    Hi All, I have the following code to generate a Week number in column A and a date in column B every time a cell is changed in column C of my spreadsheet. Unfortunately it does not work for multiple entries. For example, If I copy and paste a group of eight entries, it only updates the first...

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