1. G

    Date Format YYYYMMDD

    Hello, I have a Excel sheet in which dates are in this format : YYYYMMDD without "/" separation, So I used "Record Macro" - DATE -> Convert to change in to this format : DD/MM/YYYY, here the code it got me out : Range("A5", Range("A5").End(xlDown)).Select Selection.TextToColumns...
  2. D

    Convert date automatically to “mmm” format

    Hi all, Can I know how to get month in “mmm” format if I have a date in its previous column. For eg: column A contains date in short format. I want column B to show only the month in “mmm” format based on the date in column A. Similarly column C will show only the year in “yyyy” format. How to...
  3. B

    Excel Date Format is getting changed after running VBA code

    Hi, Can someone help me on my below issue please. I've my data from Col A to F. Trying to remove duplicates from Col A to D and copy the non duplicate data in to E with a delimator. Now the issue is whenever I run the script, the first 12 days of any month is converted from dd-mm-yyyy to...
  4. H

    Generate values and dates in cells based on custom condition using vba macros

    Hello, I have a task to generate a sheet containing following headers : Part Number, Quantity, Date The quantity to be produced is given in one more sheet and that quantity needs to be distributed in that particular month. For example: In the vba code, it has to refer the particular month...
  5. J

    Calculate finish date excluding non working hours + weekends

    Hi, I'm trying to calculate the finish date and time of a production run but excluding hours the factory doesn't work. I have the start date + time and the production hours needed, please help!!!!!
  6. K

    Need help with formatting a cell which uses a drop down to display status when the date is older than today

    Hi All I really need your help. I have an inventory in and out log. It logs date an asset was issued and date it was returned. I have everything in a drop down menu and i need the following. these assets are loaned out on a daily basis and returned on a daily basis. (Or supposed to be) there...
  7. L

    Formula to fill in consecutive months based on start month

    Is there a formula (not autofill) this scenario - I manually enter a month (lets say, March) into cell F2. Now I want to add a formula into cell M2 that will recognize F2 says March, and put the next month, April, in cell M2 where the formula is. I do not want the full month/day/year - only...
  8. WaqasTariq

    Convert minutes data into proper date

    I have a column of data that contains minute values. I am trying to; Convert the minutes into real/proper dates Starting from a Month that I will add to P1, date I add in P2, and year I add to P3. Example data: Minutes_Data.xlsx This is an idea of what I am trying to achieve. Raw Data What...
  9. charlesstricklin

    Calc difference between two dates without DATEIF

    I'm using a 2010 version of Excel (Don't judge!) and it does not have DATEIF as one of its functions. I know that I use: =INT(YEARFRAC(D2,TODAY()))&" years," calculate the years, but how do I add the number of months?
  10. Jyggalag

    Make formula return date instead of value

    Hi all, I have this very complex formula: It returns a date value from a different sheet. However, it is returned in a number format, rather than a date format. Any idea how to fix this? I believe that I can use the TEXT() formula, but I cannot figure out how :( If anybody can help me...
  11. C

    URGENT** - Macro Help

    I wasn't able to find anything re my specific need in the forum: I need a macro to assign to a button to track transferred quotes. I need this macro to reference today's date against a column's date cell, to add +1 to the corresponding count, up to a limit set in another cell. "TRANSFER"...
  12. L

    VBA to copy rows where Date is greater than mentioned in cell

    I have a excel file with two sheets. Secon tab stored all previosu data and in the first tab I am adding new data every day. I need to comapre dates in column from 1st sheet and 2nd sheet and then copy from 1st tab only those lines where date is greater then in second tab (of course copy and...
  13. E

    Conditional Formatting, Dates and Times

    Hey guys, ** Context ** I work in television advertising, where we have to make sure that none of our spots (ie. the times when our ads are showing) are playing on the same station (channel) within a 16 minute interval. Each week, we copy all of the spots (often tens of thousands) that we have...
  14. S

    Excel VBA how to search data from a date

    Hi, I'm trying to do a research in a userform from a date, I can search from a word but can't figure out how to do it from a date. Like here in the picture, from the textbox I have to enter the date of birth then click search and then the looked for data would go in respective textbox. Can...
  15. F

    Auto Populate Multiple Fields Based On Source Cell Data/Change

    Hey folks, Have been searching the web and this forum for the last couple of days, but can't seem to find the answer to my specific question. I have a workbook that contains sheets named as follows - Data, Monthly Rolling, Sheet1, Sheet2...Sheet31 This workbook has been designed as a template...
  16. J

    Macro to insert value based on date plus value in other cells

    Hello, I need a macro or formula (or both??) to insert an end date into column E. Here is my spreadsheet: Class ID Course Title Calendar Event Name Scheduled Class Start Date Scheduled Class End Date 06052022_GST_301 301 Administration Fundamentals 6/5/2022 6/7/2022 08102022_CET_401...
  17. D

    Date formatting interferes with formulas

    Hi! I created an Excel tool that utilizes basic DATE to TEXT formula to get a certain output format:TEXT(TODAY(),"yyyymmdd") I had to hand the tool over, but it doesn't work in the other PC anymore (some bogus output). Both are Win10 + Office365. Main difference - while my PC regional settings...
  18. J

    Macro to enter value based on start date's day of the week

    Hello, I have the following table for which I need a macro that enters a value into column G, SESSION_TEMPLATE, based on the values found in columns B, CLASS_NO and F, START_DATE: ID CLASS_NO STATUS COURSE DOMAIN START_DATE SESSION_TEMPLATE 06052022_GST_402 06052022_GST_402 100 11202V...
  19. E

    Textjoin dates and ignoring blanks

    Hello, I'm trying to use the textjoin function to combine multiple dates into one cell and ignore blank cell. I was able to get to work using this function =TEXTJOIN(",",TRUE,D8:P8) but it brough the dates over in a number format like 44655, 44683, 44718. I want it to look like this 4/4/22...
  20. T

    Vlookup containing a date condition

    Hi, I am looking for some help. At work i have a report containing product, quantity and dates. I would like to set up a formula to combine all qty's by weekly in a report listing all products. (See example of delivery report "attachment capture 1") I usually use Vlookup to extract total...
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