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    Creating sheets from filter. How to modify to start from row 2.

    Hello all, Can decipher this impenetrable code sufficiently to make it ignore the first row on the sheet on which it runs? I am changing the sheet so that the control buttons take up row one. This sub is called from a larger sub that also changes the button settings so that they are...
  2. K

    VBA to move predifined number of records to a new sheet

    Good day everyone. I have a challenging question on VBA. I have a table that contains approximately 3000 rows of customers (customer name in column F) that are allocated to about 20 different location codes in the US (location code is column B) Each week I need to move a predefined number of...
  3. C

    Copy and Paste into next available row.

    Alright folks, I am having an issue with copying and pasting into the next blank cell onto a new sheet. I currently have a macro in excel that adds a new row at the bottom of a data set and then sets the current date into the cell A1 of that new row and the rest of the cells are blank. What I...
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    VBA to copy a range of data and place it on a new worksheet

    I am in need of a VBA to copy range E2:O100 and R2:AJ100 and place them on a new worksheet starting at the third row Column E thanks in advance for any and all help
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    copy specific columns in series and paste side by side in another

    I have a sheet of 324 columns and 72 rows. I want to copy specific columns from sheet and paste them side by side in following manner 1,12,24,36,48.....(multiple of 12..... upto 324) side by side in new sheet1. then 2, 13, 25, 37,49(multiple of 12+1)...upto 324 side by side in new sheet2. then...
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    Excel VBA to Add New Sheet then Change Name to Current Date and Tab Color

    Hi, I am relatively new to Excel VBA and I am trying to create a personal template for my work. I already have the below code to insert a new sheet. But I don't know how to change the tab color based on a fixed cell value. Sub GenerateConf() On Error GoTo MyError Sheets.Add...
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    Can New Sheet Keep Formatting of Current Sheet?

    Hello, I am wondering if it possible (and if so, how) to keep formatting when creating a new worksheet in excel, similar to a template. For example, I have a sheet with a photo, text, and column headers that I want to keep on all worksheets within this workbook. Ideally, I would like to click...
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    Creating Named Worksheets from PivotTables

    Hey Friends! I am trying to figure out a way to create a named worksheet from clicking a value in a Pivot Table. The default of excel, of course, is to create sheets with your detail you're requesting titled "Sheet1" and "Sheet2" etc... I would instead like it to name the sheet to whatever it...
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    Enter formula from one sheet into different sheet

    I am working on an inventory spreadsheet and have multiple things that i have working. but the one thing i seem to be struggling with is that i have a sheet "RECORDS" which keeps track of how many of each item i have for the date the inventory is checked which is every other week). what i am...
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    adding a formula vba

    I am working on an inventory spreadsheet and have multiple things that i have working. but the one thing i seem to be struggling with is that i have a sheet "RECORDS" which keeps track of how many of each item i have for the date the inventory is checked which is every other week). what i am...
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    VBA split to new sheet

    Hello Everyone! I am trying to create an automated report and new to VBA. I would like to use the split function in order to split column (text) to several columns (according to delimiter) into a new sheet. For example (same workbook) Source sheet: Extraction column C (cell C2) H04N21/413 |...
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    ?? Code to Auto name new sheets as active sheet + 1?

    Hi. I'm hoping for help with a code in Excel that will copy and automatically name the new sheet as 'active sheet' + 1. For example, if I am on a sheet titled "3", I would like for the new sheet to be titled "4" Thanks to, I have obtained code that creates a desired quantity...
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    Please help. Macro for creating a specific number of sheets

    Hi. I need to create a large amount of sheets in Excel. Please help me by posting a macro that can do this. I would like to be able to type the quantity of sheets, and I would like for them to be automatically named in ascending order: "1", "2", "3", "4" etc. I would really appreciate any...
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    Macro: Given row with text "x" copy specific cells from that row to a new sheet

    After browsing the web, I've managed to find a macro to help me with the above task. Only problem is that it copies over the formula as well. I'm having difficulty in finding away for it to copy and paste special values. Can anyone suggest a tweak in the below code? Sub CreateOrder() Dim cell...
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    Cutting row is one cell has value "Yes"

    Hi All, Hoping you can help. I've got a workbook which keeps breaking. It consists of quite a few coloums and about 20,000 rows. I'm trying to make it so when there is a value of "Yes" in range X on sheet "Flightlist" it cuts the entire row that the "Yes" value is on and pastes it another...
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    How t loop through all columns and create a sheet of each specific sheet

    Hi guys, I have created following code, the code looks for a certain value of a colorINDEX=23 I got a Msgbox that tells me the correct value of a certain cell, then I recieve the first cell in the column, now I need a loop through all columns in each sheet, then create new sheets with name...
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    Pivot Table Macro For Weekly Stats Updates.

    Hi everyone, I am very new to programming, only having dipped my toe into Python and VBA recently. I have a data set from work that I plug into my first sheet. In my macro I: 1) Create a filter and filter the data. 2) Copy and Paste Special to a different sheet to only have the values...
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    Drop-Down List In Expanded Data from Pivot Table

    Hello everyone! I'm creating a report using a pivot table that when users double click their name and dollar value, a separate sheet will be created with data only pertaining to their name. This part is done. However, I also want one of the columns, dubbed "Action List", to have a pull-down...
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    Macro - For copying columns from one sheet onto another is failing and instead insterting a Picture???

    I have a sheet made into a form with some check boxes included. If I select all the relevant columns, create a new sheet, and paste into cell A1 - all of the information carries over just fine. You can still select cells and check the boxes in the new sheet. However, when I record this action...
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    need to move data to another worksheet

    I have a Sheet called Master... which is a report with 9 task. is there a way to move each task to another sheet that is named for that task... the names are shortened to the two Words because of size restrictions. the task name is in D:D (the lengh of the report is longer some weeks) i need...

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