1. G

    Split items into Rows

    Greetings Excel Community, Below I have some Test data where the Unique ID has a relationship with the "Value" column. For each UniqueID, there must be a corresponding row from the "value" Column. What I am trying to accomplish is a formula or VBA Script that will split the UniqueID into its...
  2. B

    IsNumeric giving error if variable is a text

    Hey guys, I have an excel file where I have a button to start a new month. When the button is pressed, it opens an InputBox, where the user has to insert month number. In vba, I have code to check if the input is a number, anf if that number is between 1 and 12. When I type a number...
  3. E

    IF cell does not start with a number, then..

    Hi All, Do you know a formula that can return the word "include" if the cell in column A does not start with a number ? Here is an example and result A1 345C5T64 B1 A2 C8744343 B2 include A3 B3 include A4 Non CI B4 include A5...
  4. ibmy

    Find Number Pattern in Data - need 1 Column solution

    Hi Mr Excel, How do find Number Pattern in data which is : 1. Starting a Negative value ( - ) 2. Follow by at least a Zero ( 0 / 00 / 000 / 000..... ) 3. Follow by a Positive value ( + ) 4. End with a Negative value ( - ) Number Pattern : - 0 + - When Number Pattern found, assign "1" at...
  5. S

    Looking for a code or formula what can identify any text and change this into a specific word

    I am looking for a macro or formula what can identify a cell what contains combination of numbers and letters into a word The combination of letters and numbers is on another sheet than the destination word. The sheet with the combination is in sheet what is called "Ullage Report" and this is...
  6. S

    forcing to enter a specific format of numbers and symbols in a cell

    I am looking for a way - preferably hidden in the sheet as a macro - to force users to enter a specific format for latitude and longitude (2 different cells) The format must be: 00-00.0 N/S - where the 1st 2 digits max 90 separated by - and then a max of 99 separated by . [not comma] and the...
  7. B

    Conditional formatting the number format of a chart

    Hi all, I'm trying to find a solution for a chart in PowerPoint, but I assume that if there's a way to do it in Excel it would also be applicable to my query. I'm trying to achieve the following. I have a column chart and I want to force it to show only the values <3% with 1 decimal place, and...
  8. ibmy

    Mark "1", Range of ±0.00001 & custom ±0.0000x value

    Hi, ABCDE1± 0.00001explaination : ± Custom (in this case ± 0.00005)explaination : 21.22122Valid Numbers : 1.22121 , 1.22122 , 1.22123Valid Numbers : 1.22117 , 1.22118 , 1.22119 , 1.22120 , 1.22121 , 1.22122 , 1.22123 , 1.22124 , 1.22125 , 1.22126 , 1.2212731.22127RESET. New Valid Numbers ...
  9. A

    IfError VBA Returning 0 as text and I need it as a number

    I have been at this for over an hour now and can't seem to find an answer or figure it out. I have this IfError VBA code I've been using that will return a 0 for me. Sub WrapFormulasWIthIFERROR_0() Dim Cell As Range For Each Cell In Selection If Cell.HasFormula Then If...
  10. R


    MATCHES is a powerful enhancement to the Excel's built-in MATCH function and returns the relative positions of all items in a one-dimensional array that match a specified value Excel's built-in MATCH function returns the relative position of the first matching item in a one-dimensional array...
  11. R


    ISXTYPE, companion to XTYPE, is a powerful alternative to Excel's built-in type-based conditional functions such as ISNUMBER, ISTEXT, etc., while packing other useful features as well ISXTYPE was designed to provide conditional output after assessing the precise and high-resolution data type of...
  12. R


    XTYPE outputs the precise data type of a cell/range or the elements of an array beyond the resolution of Excel's TYPE() or CELL("type",) XTYPE was designed to provide detailed and high-resolution information about the data type that a cell or cells of a range/array contain. Thus, it is...
  13. G

    Convert Numbers to Date Format

    Greetings Excel Community, I have numbers formatted in the following Text or general format: 20221026.. I am trying to format it as mm/dd/yyyy.... I have used a formula as follows but it is not generating the correct output: Formula is =DATE(LEFT(G2|4)|MID(G2|5|3)|RIGHT(G2|2)). I am including...
  14. ibmy

    Count occurrence of specific value in a list, upwardly of given number

    Hi, Specific Value = 0.1 BCD1DataNumberResult20.430.140.250.13260.570.11180.590.1100.2110.2120.1130.1140.3150.1160.284170.9Description: 1. C5 number is 3, so count 0.1 in B5,B4,B3 2. C7 number is 1, so just count 0.1 in B7 only 3. C16 number is 8, so count 0.1 from B16 -> B9 No count if there...
  15. ibmy

    SUM/COUNT of value 1 at the end of set

    Hi, Data contain just 2 value which are 1 and 0. AB1DataResult20311405061718139010111121201301411150160170 Thanks advance.
  16. S

    Formula to make queue with text

    Question is there a formula for the below example? From this: Queue Name Order No. Jack N01 Jenny N02 Jenny N03 Kimmy N04 To this: Queue Name Order No. N01Q01 Jack N01 N02Q02 Jenny N02 N03Q03 Jenny N03 N01Q02 Kimmy N04 1. So A2 gets the value of C2 and add...
  17. A

    Turn numbers written as words into digits (two - 2, three - 3...)

    Hello, I would like to find a formula to turn the right column into the left column. Is there a way to turn the word twenty four into 24? This would significantly speed up my work so I would appreciate your help! Thanks in advance.
  18. S

    How to split numbers separated by semicolons in a cell?

    I have a number string in cell A1 that looks something like this: 12; 34; 56; 78; 90 I would like to extract each number into cells A2, A3, A4, A5, and A6, respectively. After extracting, cell A2 should contain 12, A3 34, and so on. Thank you very much for your help.
  19. A


    Hi, Can anybody help me, i am trying to sum numbers base on their first numbers, i find a formula in the forum and when tried it, it gave value error because of blank cell but i tried to modified but couldn't overcome, any help will appreciated.
  20. ibmy

    Identify Number Pattern of Positive(+) -> Zero(0) -> Negative(-)

    Dear Smartest Excelers, Some of sample from my 90k row data: ABCD1DiffResult2030.440.552.36070809-3.91B5(+) -> B6:B8(0) -> B9(-)10-0.1Rule 4: Start new find110120.4No count : B10(-) -> B11 (0) -> B12 (+)13014-0.51B12(+) -> B13(0) -> B14(-)150Rule 4: Start new...

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